Midtown Memorial Lights The Way


August 25, 2010

The skyline of New York City is going to change in one week's time, when the Midtown Memorial Light is turned on for the first time. Originally planned in 2009, the construction of the powerful spotlight that will shine into the skies over Midtown's ground zero had been delayed due to the dangerous working conditions of Midtown's ruins. Thanks to the efforts of the Maxwell Construction Company and funding by the Linderman Group, lighting of this memorial is once again underway.

The Midtown Memorial Light will shine up from the center of the 2006 nuclear explosion that took the lives of an estimated three-hundred thousand in an instant. The beam of light will be composed of 45 floodlights arranged in a circular pattern within the perimeter of ground zero, creating the silhouette of a single shaft of brilliant light that will shine for miles above the city. The Midtown Memorial Light will be visible from across New York City and as far away as Long Island and Jersey City.

Groundbreaking on the Lights' construction was made last summer, though worries of targeting by Humanis First and other terrorist organizations delayed the ignition ceremonies. The lights will be scheduled to be turned on at 12:01am on August 31st and will remain lit indefinitely through to the five-year memorial ceremony planned for November 8, 2011 when the physical Midtown Ground Zero memorial will be finished.

A memorial ceremony for the fourth-year anniversary of the 2006 explosion is still scheduled to be held, though details on the location of the memorial are at this time unavailable due to security concerns.

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