Midtown Undie Strangler


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Scene Title Midtown Undie Strangler
Synopsis Lucille and Delia get in a pseudo fight over a guy.
Date May 5, 2010

Lucille's Apartment

For days Delia has been flying on some unknown high. She's been pleasant to Lucille, almost sickeningly so, there has to be something wrong, right? Waking up early in the morning to a wonderful blizzard has put a little damper on her mood, but that was quickly relieved when she opened her American Idol game box to find a precious note tucked into the cover.

'Had a good time, thank you for the company. Will try to stop by again when I have the time. -Ash'

She lets off a deep sigh and smiles wide as she reads it over and over again. Then, without a word, she tucks it back into the game box and drops that on the coffee table.

"So.. we'll stuck here." Lucille says softly as she looks outside the window at the world below them. Dressed in a pair of black sweatpants and a white tank top. Lucille is around cleaning the house because her sister is dirty as hell. Lucille might be the one that can't really cook.. but Delia is the pig. Ew, are those undies?

"Okay, get to cleaning you dirty whore." She says to her younger sister and she picks up the idol game. Ready to place it on the floor.

"Hey! Don't touch my stuff!" Delia cries out as she grabs the undies, her pillow, and the game right out of her sister's hand. The case flips open and the note flutters out and twirls to the floor. The redhead's hands are full, she can't just scramble after it and so she stares at it, her face getting a little redder as that name seems to pop up against the background.

Lucille's never mentioned Ash, so Delia doesn't even know how serious she is about the man. He could very well be just a passing fancy. In her mind, Lucille's got a different man for every day of the week. "Uhm.." She tries to start but then pauses and stops.

"Love notes?" Lucille smirks and bends down to pick the note up. Ash. What the fuck WILLIS?! "Delia.. how do you know him?" she asks with a tilt of her head and eyebrows raised. "And why was he here." The last one was a statement.. not really a question.

Nostrils flare and Lucille inches closer to Delia and looks at her neck, maybe quick strangle with her undies. That'll be a nice way to die right?

"I.. uhm… I met him in Panucci's with these other people I know," Delia begins quietly, reaching out for the note. "He came over the other night — You were out with some guy… We had pizza and watched a couple of movies."

Even though she's bigger than her sister, Lucille can still be pretty imposing when she's angry. To this end, Delia is cowering, maybe just a little. She hasn't been herself for at least a week now, heck, she bought an Americal Idol game. "He — He's a nice guy. I didn't think you'd mind because… You've got everything."

"Delia.. I was with one of the fashion coordinators at the agency.. it was business." Lucille looks at her sister and rolls her eyes and then she's leaning against the wall. Staring her sister down, her expression relaxes. "It was nothing serious with him. At all, I'm not mad Del." She says softly as she sighs.

"But you.. really need to stop blaming me for everything. You really think I have everything? Come on Del, you know better than that." Lu runs a hand through her hair. "I.. I don't have it all. Not without you and dad. We' re all each other has and we have to just stop this feuding.. it's not helping. Mom wouldn't have wanted this.. we both know that."

"You do have everything. You're pretty, you're smart, you're popular — You're skinny. Do you know how many pilates DVD's I had to do to get rid of the one slice of pizza from the other night?" Delia grabs the note from Lucille's hand and her face reddens even further as she tucks it back into the game box. "Sorry, I should have told you he came by."

Then she lumps the pillow, undies, everything on the couch before shrugging her shoulders lightly. "He came here to see you anyway… I was just here." Giving Lucille a little grin, there's somewhat of a hopeful expression on her face as she places the game carefully on the entertainment center. "So serious? You're not mad? Does that mean I can go for it?"

"You can't blame me for that." Lucille says and she ruffles Delia's hair. "No, not mad. And yes go for it. Though.. I don't know, I was curious to learn more about him. There's something there.. I don't know what it is." Lucille shrugs and throws a few things into the trash can. "Don't worry sis, just go for it."

Now she has something to throw back at Delia if she calls her a bad sister. You see? Sibling rivalry is a war and Lucille is the best strategist.

"Really? Seriously?!" Delia doesn't even mind as her already frizzy hair is messed up and knotted at the top. "Oh my god Lu! Thank you!" She's practically bouncing through the apartment as she picks up odds and ends and tosses them in new places where they don't belong. Hey, at least she's cleaning.

"So, can I borrow your new sweater if he comes by again? And you'll like.. pretend you have a date or something and leave?" Bargaining chips, they're what make the world of sisterhood go round.

"Yes hun." Lucille says with a chuckle and then she's wiping crumbs from the table. "Don't worry, I'll go babysit Mrs. Wilson's kids, two floors down. She and her husband need some date nights." Lu winks at her younger sister and then she's moving away from her sister to clean some dishes.

"Sweet!" Delia just about sings out as she swings her hips and fists in opposite directions in some strange hip hop dance. Then she straightens up and gives Lu a really big smile, "Hey! There's some guys that I want you to meet! I mean… since you let me go for Ash… There's this one that I think you'd really get along with. A real fixer upper.."

Racing to her coat pocket, she pulls out a few loose pieces of paper and even a folded napkin. "This guy, Magnes, you'd totally love him. For real. He's got this thing wrong with his head where he really doesn't censor what he says."

"I know him.. and uh.. no." Lucille snickers and waves her hand in front of her face. "Not gonna happen, if that's the Magnes I'm thinking of. He isn't really my type Del." She says with a bright smile and then she's moving over to walk into her room. Door open though, "And listen, take whatever you want but my good shit. Don't even touch." Like all the special clothes she gets from designers. "Or I'd have to cut your hair and fingers off."

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