Miller Airfield
Miller Field
Owner United States Military
Employees National Guard
Hours of Operation 24/7
Current Status Open for Operations
People Come Here For… Staten Island Reclamation Forward Base

Stretching inland from Staten's eastern shore is Miller Field. Its western expanse is little more than a grassy field, mowed flat and then freshly chalked. Broad lanes course their way down the field in perfect symmetry. Toward the more southern border lie other, far thinner lanes and four broad circles over forty feet in diameter. All of these chalk lanes, lead eastward back toward the shore and an assemblage of structures.

By far the most notable of these structures is a massive double-bay hangar, recently painted with a fresh coat of paint with sheets of heavyweight plastic stapled over its once vacant windows. South of the hangar itself is a large paved lot and two large concrete towers, which now feature floodlights to illuminate the surrounding area.

To the north lies a squat concrete tower topped with a heavily armored bunker. Running from either corner of the hangar are massive earthen walls that intersect at a huge steel security gate facing west into Miller Field proper.

Major IC Events

Jus Ad Bellum
Operation Heavy Lantern: Debrief


Miller Army Airfield, on New York's Staten Island, was established from 1919 to 1921 as part of the aerial coast defense system formed to supplement existing coast defenses, and reflects early, experimental years in aviation history. The field was well located for harbor defense purposes as it was centrally situated between Fort Wadsworth and Fort Hamilton on either side of the narrows, Fort Hancock on Sandy Hook and Fort Tilden on the Rockway Peninsula.

In 1973, Miller Field was acquired by the National Park Service as part of the Gateway National Recreation Area.

In 2009 Miller Field was occupied by Fedor Ibragimov and the company Chicago Air. Following a ploy by the United States Government, Chicago Air folded when Fedor abandoned his cover identity and went into hiding, and Miller Field was reclaimed by the United States Government to utilize as part of the Staten Island reclamation initiative. It is now home to 1,500 National Guard members from around the northeast and a rotating shift of NYPD officers whom are slowly working on reclaiming the neighborhoods surrounding the airfield.


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