Mind's Eye


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Scene Title Mind's Eye
Synopsis Claudine goes poking around inside a scary place.
Date October 3, 2008

Inside Niki's mind.

With the permission given, Claudine headed off to get a bit of coffee. It seemed like it would be a long night and soon she comes back in, taking a sip as she smiles warmly towards Niki. "Miss Sanders,this might feel awkward at worse, but I need your trust if I'm going to truly delve into your mind. We are going to explore your subconscious. Remember, it is your mind. You may see strange things, or things you dont even remember. In fact it might even be quite scary, but remember, you have control of your own mind. If things go wrong, I will take over your mind for our own safety, but I want you to be in as much control as I am.."

The blonde woman nods. "I understand. Just please be careful, Doctor. I don't want to see anything happen to you." She's tense…and the restraints are making her moreso. But there seems nothing else she can do.

"You mind is fractured, but that does not mean I cannot put Jessica away. So, let us do this.." she says with a smile as she steps behind Niki and places her hands on the woman's temples. Of course, she's being watched by several guards who are just outside the door. Claudine then closes her eyes and takes a deep breath as she starts to delve into the woman's mind.

The scene is hard to navigate; Niki's fragmented mind prevents a smooth normal flowing. What it finally seems to resolve into is nothing more complicated than a street in New York City. One of the blondes is standing there, looking off in a distance, down the street.

Which blonde might this be? Claudine hrmms for a few moments as she keeps her distance, peering around and examining the landscape. Interesting. She takes a deep breath and calls out, "Miss Sanders? Niki?"

Hard to tell, since they all look alike. But she turns. "Doctor?" That means it's probably Niki…Jessica would call Claudine lots of things, but her title probably isn't one of them.

"Shall we look for your other personalities then? I know there is at least Jessica, but people with DID typically have more than one. So shall we?" Claudine replies with a warm smile as she starts to head towards her.

Niki frowns. "You should be careful. She's close." And then there's another voice not far behind Claudine. "I'm always close." Jessica. Within the mindscape, she lashes out at Claudine.

Physically, atleast in the real world, Claudine would be not quick enough. A wry grin curls onto her lips as she manages to dodge the surprise attack. "Jessica, I am a telepath. We are in the landscape of your mind. If I wanted to, I can destroy you." surely, she's bluffing right? Much like a lucid dreamer, the young Filipina snickers softly as she moves quite quickly. "Niki..this is YOUR MIND. You are in control. You are stronger than her right now. Prove it!"

Niki hesitates a moment, but then moves to step up next to Jessica. "Stop it! She's trying to help!!" Jessica sneers back. "Yeah. Help you be a guinea pig? Help take your powers away? You've never been able to take care of yourself, Niki. Now get out of my way. Move or I'll move you." She takes a step forward, the two twins squaring off.

"Niki. You are stronger. You have to believe you are stronger." Claudine can easily restrain Jessica with her own powers, but even she believes this is something Niki has to do for herself. "Jessica is just a scared bully. That's the only reason why she threatens you and others. I promise that what she says are lies. You will not be a guinea pig, nor will I allow any harm to come to you."

Jessica looks over at Claudine. "I warned you once, bitch." She sidesteps, and punches out at Claudine…and Niki's hand shoots out from the side, catching Jessica by the wrist. "No!" There's a moment as the two struggle, Jessica unsuccessfully trying to get her wrist free. "She's right." Niki said. "All my life you've been doing things. "Protecting" me. Your protection cost me my husband. And my son. Your protection costs too much."

Claudine doesnt even flinch. She had confidence in Niki. Perhaps it might have been misplaced, but considering Niki just saved her from a thrashing, a wry grin just curls onto her lips. "This is your mind Niki. Own it. Put her away in a mental prison. You can do it, Niki. This is YOUR MIND, Niki.." she emphasizes.

Jessica looks back to Claudine, and hisses a bit at her, but she can't seem to break free. The presence of the telepath on Niki's side changes things too much inside the mental landscape. Niki shoves hard, and sends Jessica flying across the street to land with a hard thump on the far side. "No more. You're not taking anything else away from me. I'm not going to have it happen." She looks back at Jessica. "You did what you thought was right when we were little. But you've been doing it ever since. I have to live my life. Now go away. And leave me alone."

"This is your mind, Niki. We are in the streets of New York City. Bring her to the precinct and put her away and throw away the key.." Claudine says matter of factly. Hey, they're near a jail now. She beams with pride as she looks towards the woman, lending her own mental strength to Niki at this point.

Niki shakes her head. "No." she says quietly. "There's been enough locking people up." She remembers herself, beating helplessly against the mirror. "Go, Jessica. I have to make this work." Jessica glares back. "You'll see. You'll see that you can't take care of yourself on your own." And then the assassin blonde runs off into the alleys and shadows.

"Will you be strong enough should she vie for control once more?" Claudine asks as she looks towards Niki, wrinkling her nose a bit.

Niki looks back at Claudine. At the moment, at least, in firm control. "I've got it handled." she says.

"Then, we should explore your mind. Let us make sure there are no surprises, yes?" Claudine says with a warm smile as she motions for Niki to lead the way.

Niki nods, and starts to wander. The scene begins to change, and soon it's Rapture. As she heads inside with Claudine, through the popular club scene, the doctor might notice another Niki-twin in there partying with the people there.

And that's when Claudine pauses. "Is that..Jessica? Or someone else?" she asks curiously, raising her brows towards Niki as well, even this surprises her.

Niki frowns. "I'm not certain. I don't think it's Jessica…" She's been unaware of Gina's actions so far. Gina, meanwhile, is oblivious to their arrival, dancing, flirting, and otherwise occupying herself with the guys.

"Miss Sanders?" she calls out to Gina, now rather curious. It seems even Niki is unaware of this, and of course, if she's going to be rehabilitated, they should know all her personalities.

Gina looks over briefly. But it's brief. Claudine is not a hot guy, and there are hot guys she's dancing with. Ergo, Claudine is less important than dancing.

"Miss Sanders?!?" Claudine says slightly annoyed as she starts approaching Gina. "We should talk.." she says firmly and resolutely, pointing towards Niki as well.

Niki moves on at Claudine's side. Finally, grudgingly, Gina moves away from her dance partners. "What?" she asks, exasperatedly.

"We have yet to make your acquaintance. I am Dr. Salonga, and this is Niki…Sanders. You are?" Claudine asks curiously, her brows raised as it seems this Gina is a bit of a flirt. That might not be good if she comes out around male agents.

Gina rolls her eyes. "Gina." she says. Niki blinks in surprise, remembering the incident from her youth. Gina continues. "You're spoiling my party."

The incident from the youth? Claudine looks over to Niki and hrmms for a few moments, wrinkling her nose a bit before looking over Gina. "We promise not to spoil your party, but we would like to speak with you. Then you can go back to the waiting gentlemen."

Gina lets out an exasperated sigh. More than anything, she seems like a teenager in a grownup body. "FINE. So speak." she says, looking from Claudine to Niki.

"We just want to know about you? What it is you like to do, and are you happy here in the club? You wouldn't want to go out, right?" she asks curiously, hrmming for a few moments, chewing on her bottom lip.

Gina grins. "Depends! Are we going someplace fun?" It's pretty blatently apparent even to a non-telepath that Gina clearly represents the self-gratification impulse. Fun, party, lack of responsibility. Even if she did get out, she wouldn't be dangerous like Jessica.

"No. This is the most fun place. We're a bunch of squares actually. We were going to the library and read.." Claudine says, flat out lying. She doesnt want to deal with yet another personality. That would just be..blah.

Gina looks dismissive. "WhatEVER." She moves to go back to her party. There are better things than this…at least for now.

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