Miracle In Central Park

"Now to you Katrina—"

"Thank you Kyle. What should have been a nice day for park go'ers in Central park, turned into near tragedy for one man and his daughter earlier today. A freak accident found a man summarily run over by a taxi as it was backing out of a parking spot. Bystanders said that he surely would have been dead if it wasn't for these two people. We warn you, the footage you are about to see may not be appropriate for children or those with weak stomachs."

Camera phone footage Flashes up onto the screen, Magnes jumping in front of the flashes with his shirt off. "There's nothing to see here, we're professionals, if you take pictures it's a federal offense!" he warns in an 'official' tone." A redhead kneeling over a man who is quite obviously bleeding out, a child calling for her father in the background and crying. "Magnes! Stop. Let them. You can't stop them," comes from the red head at the end of what seems to be a prayer. "Just keep them from touching me, or touching him." Beneath her hands, the injured man's flesh is slowly healing.

"These two good Samaritans come from the park and while the young man, identified in the Video as one "Magnes" seemed to be trying to distract the person who caught this miraculous act, the woman behind him seems to be Healing the victim. What we're seeing, is being called a miracle by many and a hoax by some. Mary Jane Watson is what the one gentlemen calls her." The screen goes back to the anchor at the desk.

"Over the span of the ten minutes captured, and there's a handful of different perspectives, the man seems to go from certain to death to, certain life." The video is put up again with Magnes near the red head in the video as she lists and eventually slumps while keeping her hands on the man's hips, flesh even more healed and this time a good glimpse of the young woman's face. Paramedics arms seen, reaching for him and for the woman, supporting and checking on both. "He's listed as in stable condition and is expected to live. They credit this young woman with saving his life and though she seemed to go unconscious at the end of this video we were informed that she has suffered no undue trauma from the use of her evolved ability and was released later in the day."

Back to the female Anchor the screen goes. "Channel Four was able to find out that her name is Abigail Beauchamp, not the Mary Jane Watson as her erstwhile protector was calling her. A registered evolved healer within New York City and apparently a regular visitor to St. Lukes where she volunteers her ability to help those who are there in the ICU when asked. A tightly kept secret until now. Her friend and she were unavailable for comments." The Anchor woman looks to her Co-Anchor with that toothy grin. "A bad day ended on a positive note Kyle, and a shining example of someone using their abilities for the good and making our streets and country a better place wouldn't you say?"

"That's right Katrina. We need more people just like those two in the world. And now to Jack in sports—"

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