Miracles And Disasters

Across portions of the United States, a small following of the underground and radical pro-evolved organization Phoenix have been making a statement about the Evolved, about Evolved abilities, and about how they — evolved and non-evolved alike — can help out others.

In Baton Rouge Louisiana, three teenagers assisted in a Habitat for Humanity operation while wearing Phoenix-logo patches on their clothing. One of the young men, who wished to remain nameless, assisted in the construction by utilizing his superhuman speed to complete several days worth of construction work in a short amount of time.

In Trenton, New Jersey registered evolved Ethan Princeton utilized his chemical replication ability to assist in the creation of flu vaccinations for children living in temporary housing areas for those who evacuated the Irradiated Zone of Jersey City nearly three years ago.

Out in Spokane, Washington two non-evolved youths were suspended from school on Friday for interrupting their 11th grade sociology class to loudly protest forced registration and the penalties associated with non-compliance to the Linderman Act. They also vocally spoke out about the government's 'containment building', Moab, which the existence of has been denied by the US government since word of it first arose. The children are expected to be back in class in a week's time.

In Austin, Texas, an unregistered evolved claiming to have the ability to diagnose physical illness by touch presented himself at a free clinic with the intent on assisting the medical staff. He was turned away by the hospital proprietors, and when he became belligerent about "lending a helping hand" he was forcibly escorted off of the premises by police. It was later determined that he did not possess the Suresh Linkage Complex and was not an evolved at all. He is later quoted as saying, "I just wanted to be like them."

In Newark, New Jersey, teenagers with the assistance of one unregistered evolved who refused to be named assisted in rounding up stray dogs that had been harassing local neighborhoods. These stray dogs are believed to have been from residents of the former Irradiated Zone in Jersey City that were abandoned after the bomb. It is believed that the Evolved who assisted the children had some form of hypnotic whistle.

Los Angeles California presents news from an unexpected miracle, where unregistered Evolved Serena Francis assisted in the delivery of a baby while trapped in gridlock traffic. Serena's claim to fame was never having delivered a baby before, but coming to understand how by quickly reading thorugh the mother's at home pregnancy guide in the trunk of her automobile. Serena later opted to willingly register as an evolved with the ability of Hypercognition.

Lastly, tragedy from the state of Florida where a group of eight pro-Phoenix youths were planning on assisting the elderly with the help of an evolved friend with the gift to rejuvinate aged flesh. However, the youths openly spoke up about their plans on a social networking site the day prior, and an organized attack by a local Humanis First cell resulted in the deaths of one youth (Geoffery Scott) the kidnapping of the evolved (Shawn Willis) and the hospitalization of the remainder. All are currently in critical condition. Their evolved friend, Shawn Willis, was later found dead just outside of Jacksonville, killed execution style. A note crediting the act to Humanis First was found on his corpse.

A memorial for Shawn Willis and Geoffery Scott will be held in Jacksonville at a time to be determined.

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