Miracles Throughout NYC

Manhattan, NY — Reports have been trickling in from many of Manhattan's homeless shelters and hospitals, most of which are considered the least well funded in the state, including branches of the VA with regard to food and supplies mysteriously appearing in their loading docks and rear alley ways.

The food and medicine were previously placed in strategic locations pending the announcement of a new underground faction known as Phoenix, as claimed by one of their representatives in a video announcement at 9 AM on Saturday (see link below). Before that, the organization's symbol had been shown on a countdown widget that had led many to a panic of possible Evolved terrorist threat.

"We've got enough food here to feed our usual traffic for about a week," Jonas Carter, a volunteer at the Alphabet City Homeless shelter stated on Sunday afternoon.

But the good works do not stop there.

Meteorologists were baffled by the strange weather patterns that defied forecast on Saturday as well, as a rain shower fell over the radiated parts of midtown. Kiki Cavanaugh, a meteorologist for Brooklyn University stated, "The pH samples on this rain are incredible - and it will contribute significantly to the erosion effort that will cleanse the area of its irradiated state. We could concievably push the time table up to reclaim that part of the city by years."

Perhaps most amazing of all is the story of 9 year old Belinda Chu, who previous to what is becoming known as "Miracle Day" suffered from fatal cancer that has since gone into complete remission, in addition to have a portion of missing limb completely regenerated.

"We thank God and whoever did this for our baby girl," says Evan Chu, Belinda's father, almost crying as he spoke with reporters, "If the Evolved are claiming to have done this, and can do so for others, maybe we need to think differently about how we treat them." Doctors are baffled at the reversal of Belinda Chu's health, but grateful for the result.

Phoenix's spokeperson, an unidentified female, claims that their agenda is to promote equality and fairness for Evolved and non-Evolved, while urging civil disobedience in stating what is apprently their credo: Rise up.

Homeland Security representatives are urging citizens not to be fooled, despite these alleged miracles and good works. "These people are still operating outside of the law." says one unnamed representative. "And as such, must be treated like criminals. If they want to do good works, they should register and let the government help them to offer their services safely for their protection and the protection of the public."

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