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Scene Title Mis-Communication
Synopsis Messages weren't received, and two people meet in the safehouse and circle each other like two dogs, trying to get to know one another
Date February 9, 2010

The Den

The Den" is a cover name for a faction:Ferrymen safehouse based out of Roosevelt Island. The structure is an expanded basement beneath the Butcher's Fancy located just across the street from the Summer Meadows development on the south side of Roosevelt Island.

Beneath the floorboards of the Queensboro Butcher Shop, the Den sprawls out as a surprisingly large underground complex comprising more than just a single building's basement. The basement of an adjacent tenement building under management by the same owner as the butcher shop is compiled into the same structure. The entry point of the Den is a large hall with an eight foot ceiling and industrial spiral staircase descending from the back stock room of the butcher's shop above. This room is decorated with old patched up sofas, a single television and a few old bookshelves stacked with records and an old fashioned turn table. Sparkers for the turntable flank the couch, but the left most one is always cutting out.

Adjacent to this hall is a storage room containing non-perishable foods stacked in cans and jars on old wooden shelves as well as a small armory consisting of typically no more than five or six bolt-action rifles and boxes of ammunition and a pair of handguns, necessary in case the safehouse were ever overrun.

Opposite of the storage room is a wide doorway in the concrete that leads into an eight foot long earth and board tunnel lined with hanging construction lamps that connects to the basement of the adjacent tenement building. It's this tenement building that serves as residence for some of the safehouse's tennants. The basement itself contains a boiler, furnace and work-bench and tools, along with stacks of old newspapers and magazines in cardboard boxes. Stairs here lead up to the ground floor of the two-story tenement building, which was condemned by the town in 2008. The front doors are bolted shut and do not provide entrance, which is why the basement access was created to keep outside appearances.

All of the exterior windows of the condemned two-story building are shuddered and covered with weatherproof plastic to keep in heat, while only the ground floor has any working radiators.

A strange person wandering around in a residential type neighborhood is frequently suspicious. Especially when the person looks like a bit of a punk and seems to be just wandering around, checking things out. Melissa could be casing houses! It's mid-afternoon and she's got a coat on to shield from the cold.

Maybe not so odd given the neighbourhood. It is an abandoned community that's getting a chance at life again and it's residents some much needed help from others within the New York Community. So there's been a great many colorful people who wander the place. Usually however, they pick up tools and get to work. So when a fairly recent model black sedan pulls up into parking just outside Summer Meadows with the intention of disgorging it's driver so that the brand new hastily assembled safehouse can be looked at, Brennan doesn't hesitate to remain temporarily inside the car and watch. One can't blame him, or other others who are keeping an eye on the young woman. They have had rioters here, and an evolved who incited a riot with his ability.

Eventually though, in black winter jacket, dark scarf, jeans and boots, Brennan gets out of his car, resting a hand on top of the roof and leaning into his vehicle. "Can I help you miss?"

Melissa pauses at the car, her head tilting as she studies the car, then the man who exits it. Then she grins and shrugs. "No idea. Don't really need any help right now though. Just…getting my bearings."

"Well, I'll leave you be then" Brennan offers with a tip of his head to the other woman" The butcher shop with it's windows and goods inside seems to be the older man's destination, shoving his hands in his pockets. People had been coming in and out of the front and the rear of the building. The ones in the front mostly coming back out with various packages of brown paper covered products. Brennan would likely emerge with some choice bacon or a roast for the housekeeper. But that would be later.

His destination is the same as the person who went in before him. A wave, polite conversation with the old sicilian owner and then a dip down the side hallway and in towards the necessary side rooms. Scott and the boys had been busy, and the safehouse was well on it's way to being set up.

Melissa cocks her head when he heads into the butcher shop, brows lifting. After a moment, she follows him inside, then back to the safehouse itself, with the ease of someone who has been there, at least once. She doesn't bother to let him know she's following either. Bad Mel!

He's observant enough, and after looking over his shoulder the first two times and the fact that she's entered into that side room and now about to follow him down the tunnel that leads to the adjacent tenement makes him pause and face the young punk and offer his hand out to the girl. "I like to know who my stalkers are. Brennan, and you are?" It's spoken with a fair amount of geniality and the stalking comment obviously being a joke.

"Stalker? No, not a stalker. I like knowing whose going into a place that I've just been given control of, that's all," Melissa says, shrugging as she slows and stops.

The offered palm is turned up, other joining it as if to say fair enough. "That's fair enough, i still offered my name. Still be nice to know who you are since it would seem that you and I are going to be spending a bit of time together here" Michelle was not going to like this. Pretty young woman running the house.

Melissa's brows lift. "I know why I'm going to be spending time here, but why are you? You don't look like someone who needs hiding. But I'm Mel."

"Well Mel, not everyone who comes here needs hiding. maybe sometimes, they need medical aid, or something else" His hand is offered out again. "I'm the guy who's here to help you run this place. You'll be mostly doing it, I have a day job patching people up and checking runny noses, but it seems i've been assigned here to help with things"

Melissa arches a brow. "You have? When did that happen?" she asks, watching him warily, not yet taking his hand.

And his hand is taken back again with a shake of his head. "It was decided. I'm here for general upkeep and maintinence, give you a hand when you need it. you have an issue, you take it up with Scott and the Ferryman Mel. But if I wasn't here on the up and up, would I really know how to get in?" On his heel he turns, heading into the tunnel proper, hands on the wall to keep his balance.

Through and through till into the other empty tenement he ends up, pausing long enough on the other side to step in and over to not block the way for anyone who's coming in behind him. Namely Mel. It was the first time he'd been in a safehouse un-blindfolded and it with a bit of a wandering eye that he takes in what the place offers.

"You didn't answer my question," Melissa points out. "When did that happen? I'd really rather not deal with a mystery my first day in town after having been driving for the better part of a day."

"It was decided the same time it was decided that you were going to be the proprietor of this place. That answer your question Mel?" There's a wrinkle of his nose, not in disgust but thought. Place wasn't half bad really, could be worse. Could be Honduras. "We'll be seeing enough of each other, I'd get used to it. I'm over across the street in the meadows and will be. I'll leave a number for you to leave a message with if you need me to haul my ass down here"

Melissa frowns. "Not at all, but not much I can do about that. Who's hanging around here? Anyone?"

"Right now, just you and me and whomever's moving all this stuff in. I came to introduce myself and check in across the road to see if there's anything that needed attention before heading home. See if there was anything needed here." he keeps on going through the place, checking out each room and making small mental note about what might be welcome here for creature comforts. "You need anything here Mel that isn't here already? I can see what I can dig up for you"

Melissa shrugs. "Not sure. As I said, I only just got into New York. I came down here to see where it was, then was checking out the neighborhood when you showed up."

Brennan nods his head, offering a smile to the other woman. "Well, welcome to New York. There's folks across the way every day working on the place. Grab a hammer and help em out if they get bored. Tell Scott if you need anything and… I guess that's about it" There's a last ditch attempt at propriety and an offering of his hand to the other person. "Really, I don't bite. Call me Harve. Or Doc, take your pick"

Melissa takes his hand this time, nodding. "I'll stick with Doc. You can call me Mel or Melissa. I answer to both."

"Nice to meet you Mel. I should take off, get some bacon for the lady here. I sense I'm gonna get some love handles from this place" He pulls his hand back and taps his forefinger and middle finger off in a salute before he starts back from where he came and towards the butcher shop proper.

Melissa nods. "See ya 'round, Doc," she ays, watching him for a moment before she turns and starts poking around the safehouse itself.

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