Misdemeanors For Dummies


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Scene Title Misdemeanors For Dummies
Synopsis Sable and Isis decide to take in a movie for their first 'date', and aim to use their 'five-finger discount'. Filching is fun!
Date September 15, 2o1o

Rave Cinema Theaters

The native of 503 is restless. Her agitation's cause is not entirely clear, she's just been jittery, ill at ease. At work she's distracted, irritable (more even than usual), and feeling the itchy-finger urge to steal something, an unknown punishment she used to inflict on some bosses (though only the real pains in her ass). This boss isn't even all that bad, considering, but still the desire is rising, irrational. This isn't like her… or it's like a her she's tried to keep under wraps. She needs… to get up to no good. That or go crazy… -er.

But the answer is so simple. A text to Joanna, a simple question: sneak into movies with me??

It turns out, she will, and after a place and time are set, Sable hangs around the entrance of the theater, loitering discreetly, eyes panning for a flash of red hair.

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"BOOGA BOOGA!! Isis jumps out from behind Sable with a red and gold, mardi-gras style mask strapped across her eyes - her e irises tending towards a wild, vivacious emerald given her current mood.

The young redhead laughs aloud as she pulls down her mask, letting it dangle from her neck as she combs her slender fingers back through her hair. "Hey, hunna. How's it hanging?" She grins and stuffs her hand into the pocket of her black leather jacket, pulling the opening closed to hide away the hint of a hunter-green top. She tosses a cigarette down with her free hand, stomping it out beneath her boot as she eyes Sable with a devilish, enticing expression writ across her porcelain features. "So, what're we seeing on this first date of ours?" she inquires with a smirk.

Sable is… taken by surprise. And boy does she react. The small girl skitters away from Isis, arms going up in an automatic gesture of defense, yellow eyes wide and wild until… she sees who it is. Sable gives Isis a dire glower. "That shit ain't funny," she growls, though she doesn't sound actually sore, "I ain't gonna seem half as impressive 'r sexy if I'm scared shitless. 'n' I want you t' see me t' my advantage."

As she lapses into joking flirtation, of course her scowl clears, eventually replaced by a clear smile, one that goes crooked at the words 'first date'. "Ain't no date if one 'f us don't pay f'r the other," she says, smirking, tone teasing and contentious, "and as we neither of us gonna pay… I dunno… I don't think that counts. Does it?" Her brows lift, awaiting Isis's reply or rebuttal.

Isis lifts her free hand to stifle a warm chuckle as she observes Sable's reaction. "Calm down, killer, I'm not going to hurt you …" She peers around and leans in with a conspiratorial air around her next remark. "Unless you ask me to." Well, someone is in a feisty mood this evening, no?

"Of course it's a date," the redhead quips quickly. "For a pair like us, come on - this is more fitting than any conventional date-night." With that said, however, the redhead turns and steps into line beside Sable, presenting the crook of her arm to escort the lady in a gentlemanly fashion. She looks aside and down, taking in the sprite-like features of her companion. "So, what is the plan, Boss?"

It is deeply weird for Sable to play the lady, but Isis charges ahead so fiercely… it's refreshing, at least. The offered arm gets a 'really?' look, but it's taken, Sable lifting a hand in a parody of 'adjusting' her hair, like a 50's era college girl with a hair sprayed bob. The line is long, but that's good, it gives them time. "We're gonna break off f'r the doors when we get near 'nough, and slip on through so if there's any folks watchin', they see we came from the line. That keeps th' heat off us t' start. But th' hard part…" she lifts up onto the balls of her feet to whisper in Isis's ear, "is gettin' past th' ticket takers. That takes some kinda distraction."
ORDER: It is now your pose.

The crimson haired 'dame' gives a soft wolf whistle as Sable pantomimes preening just for her. Isis smiles, as she so often does in Sable's company, until her cheeks begin to ache and for all appearances the duo make a rather adorable, normal couple standing in line for the evening film. MWAHAHAHA!

Isis nods, an observant pupil to the instructions on 'Sneaking Into the Movies 101'. The taller female offers a thoughtful humming noise at the predicament posed, scanning to lay of the theater to steal a nonchalant glimpse at the mentioned ticket-takers. She looks back to Sable with her tilted, dangerously-sweet smirk. "I know. You could flash them." Isis drops her gaze to the smaller woman's bosom for a brief moment. My, my, what has gotten into her this evening. Meet Personality #5.

Anywho… Isis chuckles and gives a casual shrug. "Any ideas?"

"Naw, save those puppies," Sable says, matter of factly, "I got dibs." She's finding it hard not to smile as well, all that agitated energy coming out in new ways now that Isis is around to help her guide it. But her appetite is still for mischief.

"I figure…" Sable says, as the line progress and they are nearing go-time, "you go up 'n' make a show 'f tryin' t' find yer ticket, 'n' I duck in under the, like, line-making-thingy. Then I c'n find some way t' draw attention from th' other side, 'n' you slide of after. Sorta fuckin' risky but, hey," she flashes a grin, "nothin' ventured, right, doll?"

Isis lofts a thin, pale brow over her left eye as she takes in the 'plan'. The very, very vague plan. In all honesty, as she looks over the cinema's entry way, her evil, little brain formulates a much easier plan. However, easier is no fun, right? So, the little woman purses her lips to keep the alternate plot to herself and looks back to Sable with an encouraging nod of approval. "Sounds great." She tucks her fingers back into her jacket's sleeve and pats the little woman's fingers curled in the crook of her elbow. "We can do it," she says in mocking of the ever-famous, Water Boy movie quote.

"Arright, lez go…" Sable says, giving a single nod, and then breaking off from the line, arm still in Isis's. Flimsy plan? You bet. Sable's a persistence problem solver. Brute force. If this doesn't work, she'd look for a back entrance. Or an open window. Or a service garage. Every point of entry possible. But… good chance Isis's cleverness will be needed. New York doesn't have theaters like other cities.

New York theaters mean business.

All flash and glitz and big movie displays, escalators rising up to multiplex levels. Huge concessions booths. Well dressed staff. Lots of staff. Lots of eyes. Sable makes a face. "Fuck me…" she says, dourly, "this is gonna take some doin'." She looks around, trying to see if there's a ticket check point that doesn't have two staff members on watch.

Isis steers her companion away from a wandering Rent-a-Cop wandering across the lobby, slipping into the nearest rope-lined pass towards a pair of ticket-takers. The redhead's little nose gives an abrupt twitching, wiggling awkwardly back and forth in the way that denotes a quick firing of neurons within her brain.

"We can do this," she murmurs again, gently wriggling her arm free of Sable as they step up to the theater employees. The young, pimple-faced boy holds out his hand expectantly.

Isis looks down at the empty palm for a long moment before pursing her lips in a way that suggests she just sucked on a bitter lemon. She tips her torso back and braces on hand on her hip, lofting her right brow in a truly sour expression. "Excuse me? Have you ever heard of please?" Isis leans forward, raising her voice as she prods at the young man's chest. "Listen here, boy. You want me to find your manager and tell him what a rude little twit you are? You! Yeah, you!" The boy's female partner points at herself, quivering uncertainly as the redhead's instant faux, but convincing rage is turned on her. "You approve of this crap? Huh? You encourage this rudeness!? What is wrong with you two?!"

Well that's got their attention! Sable has made herself scarce, ducking out of the line of sight, idling near where the wall meets the rope barrier. As Isis's display draws not just the eyes of the ticket takers, but of the other theater goers, she, with just three strides, the middle one wide and limboing, she slides under the rope. Easy as that. She instantly takes on the aspect of another rubbernecker, goggling at the scene Isis is making. The confusion, shock, interest on her face looks reasonably persuasive. In the interests of 'getting a better look at what's going on', she sidles over, sliding into Isis's line of sight.

Stage one, accomplished.

"Do you even understand En-gah-lish?!" Isis continues her verbal assault/distraction tactic on the poor, young, and unsuspecting cinema employees. Her wild, emerald eyes catch the hint of Sable in the backdrop, though, and her lips suddenly seal shut. She stares at the boy and his female partner as they gape uselessly.

"Ugh! Forget it! You are both useless!" Isis throws up her hands in the air and turns around, beginning a show of storming away - at a peculiarly slow pace as she tries to glance over her shoulder to catch site of Sable and what is to come.

Sable has to think quick, since Isis can't be allowed to storm too far, lest she not be close enough to take advantage of the distraction it's now Sable's turn to cook up. Any onlooker might find it weird that she has a look of obvious thought and concentration on her features, just standing there behind the rope barrier. But a brainwave (such as it is) comes quickly enough.

It's just a matter of following on Isis's coattails, really. Sable sidles up to the two ticket takers, who look confused enough as it is, and clears her throat very prominently. "Hey," she says, as they both turn her way. She starts scowling at them, arms crossed. Another problem customer. "Y'all think this is funny? Tryin' t' watch that movie with the wolves, like, th' cartoon. Only th' projector's messed up, ain't no picture, 'n' mebbe good there ain't, 'cause I dunno what kinda place you run, but th' things comin' outta the speakers… don't sound kid friendly. I pretty much figure yer license is on the line 'nless you fix it."

The takers exchange panicked looks. Really? What? "Uh… I'm really sorry… hold on…" the pimple faced lad says, breaking into a half run as he makes for the theater where 'Alpha and Omega' is playing. Sable snaps up in the girl's face. "And I'm gonna be askin' for a refund you better bet so get yer goddamn manager."

Isis keeps her back turned a moment longer than necessary in order to better hide the grin blooming across her features. She bites on the back of her knuckles to stifle her laughter as she sliiiiides a few passes to the right. With a shifty-eyed glance from left to right, she tucks down and swoops under the crimson, rope barrier, shuffling around behind the last remaining ticket-taker.

From behind the poor, tormented cinema employee, Isis begins to make a show of childish faces. Look! Isis can cross her eyes! And, curl her tongue, and do a rather convincing impression of a redheaded monkey. The green-eyed femme even goes so far as to give the ticket-taker a pair of bunny ears before nudging her head and slipping off down the hall, waiting by the theater doorway that reads 'Resident Evil: Afterlife'.

The remaining ticket taker, the lone defender of this bottle neck, tries her best to placate the irate Sable. She lifts a hand. "Look, just wait, I'll go get him…" she assures her, reaching out to take an extended loop of red rope and hook it across the gap, temporarily barring passage for all law-abiding moviegoers. "Just… wait, okay, ma'am?" the ticket taker repeats, ducking under the barrier, the third to do so though she doesn't know it, and begins to trot off to find the man in charge.

Sabel doesn't do as she's told. Of course. She turns and jogs right over to Isis, grinning wide, eyes darting up to the sign above the theater door. Double thumbs up. "Fuckin' right on. 'n' good choice. Let's get th' fuck in there b'fore they come back…" She slips over to the door and opens, holding it for Isis. "Beauty first."

Isis grins. "I could kiss you," she comments, waggling her brows. She does a little hip-wiggle in front of the open door, taking one last glance down the hall to eyes the place at which they had overcome to legal odds. "I think this is the best first date I ever had." With a wink, Isis slips in the door, pulling Sable after her and finding a place to enjoy the lovely Milla Jovovich on the large screen.

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