Misremembering Blonde


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Scene Title Misremembering Blonde
Synopsis Sable catches Kaylee to record her vision (or purported lack thereof) but is distracted by the full implications of the telepath's power.
Date July 6, 2010

Gun Hill - Kaylee's Apartment

Oh sweet Jesus it's hot out.

The sun beats down on a city only so long ago aggrieved by bitter cold. If it's not one thing, it's another, huh? But the days after the fourth are often like this. In the sun burning glare, the heat shimmering the air, don your Raybands, let the sun bleach your hair. Hot as it is, it wasn't a terribly busy day at work for Sable, though the sputtering air conditioner in the second-rate record shop leaves her with sweat stains the length of her torso and less than her usual portion of charm to hand out. Upon reaching home, she showers, changes into fresh clothes and, before the cooling water can evaporate entirely from her dark head, she weaves her way to Kaylee's apartment, camera in hand. She's been guilting herself over her neglect of her task - she has her reasons, but none of them are any good, really.

Knockknockknock. "Fair Miss Kaylee!" she calls through the door, "C'n I grab y' f'r a moment?"

The heat isn't much better in Kaylee's apartment, a big fan roars, though the air flow is partially blocked by a fluffy blonde puppy. So another smaller stand fan whirls softly, turning back and forth. It's the best the telepath has at the moment, a box containing an air conditioner sitting by the window waiting.

The knock and a familiar voice has Missy rolling up off her side, but she continues lay there. It's too hot to be concerned.

Kaylee, wearing dual tank tops — dark red and white — and a pair of denim shorts, opens the door and looks a touch surprised to see the woman on the other side of the door. "Ah… Sable. Hey — ah - sure I guess?" Brows tilts down a bit with her curiosity as she opens the door open wider for the other woman. Her long blonde hair is pulled back into a pony tail and slides off her shoulder as she tilts her head abit. "What's up?"

Sable's decided to just stick with her white tank top, though she's sporting her new hemp trousers, and she's got those purple lensed glasses on that make her look like she's stumbled out of a retro-style movie. Her smile is a little crooked, a little awkward, but it's genuine. Hard not to be. Kaylee's a looker.

But to business, to business. "Won't take long, hon," she says, lifting the camera as object-of-note, "Doin' th' thing Colette asked me t' do. Me 'n' Ygraine. So, if y' haven't talked t' Great Big Brit yet," a sobriquet not totally lacking in sardonicism, "I was hopin' to snag y' f'r the Ferrything I've been, like, assigned."

Brows go from furrowing to lifted at what the woman says, closing the door behind her. "Uh… what thing?" She sounds like she's realizing she's out of he loop, but then her and Colette don't talk like they use too. The camera is eyed suspiciously as she moves further into the apartment, "Iced tea?" She asks, her own half full glass sweating on the coffee table, making a wet ring on the coaster.

Missy's ears go back on her head as she watches Sable, the puppy remembers this one. However, moving form the fan means getting hot… Kaylee might be on her own this time.

Sable spots the dog. She's alright with dogs. A.) because they don't judge or give shit, they just defend their turf and b.) because getting in good with a dog is a damn good way of getting in good with their owner. She crosses the room, heading to the puppy by the fan, and gives the hound a quick scratch behind her ear. "Gonna put some relish on this hot dawg!" she says, grinning. Yes, Sable does suffer from that common affliction - stupid puppy talk.

She turns around, letting the air beat against her back. That's nice. "Iced tea is fuckin' splendid, thanks hon," she says, "Sweet, if there's th' choice. Like back where I'm from." She feels, at times, the need to assert not roots, but origins. To explain herself and, in doing so, perhaps also explain her defects. "Colette asked me t' gather up, like, records 'f what all the Ferryfolk saw on the tenth. When we all, like, saw somethin'. Me, I was helpin' with some big, like, packin' thing. 'n' then Tamara gave me 'er dog. So… yeah, just so y' don't think I'm holdin' out when I'm askin'."

"Always sweet, just like my granny makes it." Kaylee offers in a bright tone, a small smile tugging at her lips as she turns towards the small kitchen, she seems relaxed even though it's hot. However, as Sable explains herself, she can see a stiffening of the telepath's shoulders, her movements becoming a little less relaxed.

The blonde doesn't say anything at first, busying herself filling a glass with tea, unhappy. Missy flinches a bit from the touch, but then… Hey! That feels good. The puppy's head tilts a bit.

"Thinking about seeing if she'll let me shave her down. Get rid of some of that long hair." Kaylee offers the glass to Sable. The arm holding it has an newly healed scar that is about the length of her lower arm. It's still new enough the skin is pink. "As for a vision…" She doesn't look at Sable, blue eyes on the dog. "…I got nothing." Blatantly lying to the other woman. She hadn't even meant for Joseph to have seen it when the memory leaked between them.

Sable sets the camera on the ground and takes the iced tea with a grateful nod and takes a drink before saying anything. This, to her, is good manners. Her drink is long - she needed it, and it doesn't hurt at all that it's tasty as all get out. She gives a lipsmacking sigh of appreciation and smiles wide. "Y' don't know how bad I needed that," she says, "Christ, I didn't know 'til just now…" she pauses, "Though mebbe y' did, eh? Mind reader, right?" Her other hand leaves Missy long enough to tap at her temple, before going back to rub the dog's side. "Canny trick. Somethin' I figure I'd make use 'f but…" she wrinkles her nose, "Mebbe it'd make things too easy, eh?"

Her foot shifts to nudge the camera, and she frowns at Kaylee's answer. "I gotcha," she says, "Figure that's t' do with yer bein' a mind reader, 'n' all? Mebbe yer immune to th', like, psychic vibrations everyone else picked up?" This brand of logic courtesy of Magnes J. Varlane and his comic book thinking.

"Yeah… I guess. If your thoughts get too loud, I may end up hearing them… it's like shouting. Colette is a mental shouter." There is a touch of amusement at Sable's assessment, but then she looks thoughtful "It… yeah. I think it makes things easier, but —" She holds up a finger, it gives Sable a good view of the new scar. " — makes you a lonely person as well." The blonde presses her lips together in a thin smile. "I mean — having it can prevent you from getting hurt… but… seems like cheating." Her nose wrinkles a bit at the thought.

"I mean… like when I like a guy…" And she does… "it's tempting to look and see if he feels the same… but.. yeah… better to do things like everyone else." A small grin slips out, "Now… if I accidentally over hear him… that's another thing."

"I know you think me having it is a waste, cause I won't use it to dig around in everyone's head, but it's more then just… reading minds." Kaylee moves to settle on the edge of her couch, picking up her own glass, which is cradled in both hands. She's avoiding anything about the visions at the moment.

Glancing at Sable, Kaylee takes a sip of her tea, watching her over the top of her glass. "I've done a lot of different things for the Ferrymen."

Okay, that scar. Sable feels free to be nosey at once with her friends. With strangers, beautiful ones in particular, the urge remains strong but the freedom feels less warranted. Yet… this is where a little bit of southern twang comes in handy. Part of why she picked it back up in the first place. "I've little love 'f loneliness. 'r' you lonely, hon, f'r yer gift?" Concern, interest. Hopefully not too much. And Kaylee's grin triggers one of Sable's own, rarely far from expression, "Well, who c'n be blamed f'r what's just overheard, eh? Wrong time, wrong place… but no wrong intention."

Sable's eyes follow Kaylee across the room, thought she keeps her post by the fan, taking another long drink, the tea almost finished in just the two draughts. "I was talkin' out 'f m' ass when I said that, hon," she admits, "Tryin' to be charmin' through bein' a pain. One 'f the tactics left t' us that can't peek 'n' know better, eh?" her grin quirks to one side, but then fades away. The question on her mind rises again.

"Hard things amongst that which y' do, from the look, hon. That there mark y've got is an outrage 'gainst yer beauty, though it dims it none f'r all its audacity." The scar, she indicates it with a finger straightened tangent to the curve of the glass.

Her arm is twisted to where she can look at the scar, Kaylee gives it a disturbed look. "This wasn't from Ferry things… bus crash. Arm was trapped, the bus was teetering… so I had to do something to get out, in case they drop." She shrugs her shoulders and tries to wave it off. "I haven't really gotten hurt doing things for the Ferrymen… yet." That last added as an after thought.

"I'm not as lonely as I use to be. Got a lot of good friends now, but that was after I changed who I was. Though intimate relationships seem to be a struggle for me still." There is a little roll of her eyes, head moving a little with the action, a sarcastic smirk pulling her lips up to one side.

Sable's look and tone are both very dry. "Hon, they're a struggle f'r the whole human race. Point me t' someone who's got th', like, mutant gift f'r knowin' true love when they find it, 'n' I'll show you the height 'f our species," she gives a snort, "Assumin' true love's a thing, like, on its own. I've got a whole host 'f opinions on the subject, honest. Bein' a musician… that's much 'f what music's 'bout. 't least rock 'n' roll. But I won't bore y' with my, like, hobo philosophy."

One last tip, one last great gulp, and the tea is gone. She sets the glass down next to the camera. "Thanks," she says, again, "Haven't had a glass like that since crossin' Mason-Dixon, honest." Her hands slide into her pockets, "Y' say y' changed who y' were, hon? Forgive me if I seem, like, intrusive 'r anythin'… but I'm curious. I've been goin' about tryin' to do just th' same m'self. Gettin' a new soul. If yer on the other side 'f the task, I'd like t' hear 'f yer journey, so I know what t' expect."

"Well… one would think being able to read minds would be a plus when it comes to the love thing, but… as I said… I try to let things happen normal." Kaylee chuckles ducking her head a bit, "I think most people don't like the fact that I am able to read their minds. Trust is a must and most do not trust a telepath."

Brows furrow a little, her eyes dropping to her tea glass, Kaylee turns a bit thoughtful. "Sometimes, letting things happen normally is a pain." Much like the feeling of unrequited affection she feels towards a certain pastor and the frustration that comes from it. If she'd just look she'd alleviate that and know the truth… "Sometimes, I think looking would make it easier, but it kinda feels like I'm losing something in the process, I dunno. Might be a touch too sentimental."

On the subject of who she was, well, that gets a deep sigh, "I was… not a good person." Brows furrow a little bit, "I guess it the simplest way to put it." Kaylee is happy to keep steering the conversation away from the visions and the scar caused by them. "Did some… really bad things using my ability."

"F'r what it's worth, hon," Sable says, giving a shrug, "I don't distrust y' f'r it. Not worth much 'm sure, bein' next t' a stranger. But there's nothin' on my mind I wouldn't be willin' to tell y' straight off anyhow. I wasn't talkin' out 'f my ass when I said yer free t' root around 's much as y' like. Though, 'course," she grins, "Just as easily y' can ask."

She moves forward, sliding into a crosslegged sit in front of Kaylee, her chin lifting as she looks up at the blonde woman. "Love's s'pposed t' be a struggle, a trial, a test, y'know? Love ain't s'pposed t' be easy," she snorts, "'t least, it fuckin' pisses me off when I see folks f'r whom it is easy. So mebbe I'm just bitter, sayin' it ain't real only 'cause I can't have it that way. But… I do feel love is stronger f'r havin' endured, like, the beatin's of thunder 'n' gale, if y' know what I mean."

Sable reaches a hand behind herself, to scratch the nape of her neck, "Same reason I chose t' change. Not t' force anythin', 'n' expectin' nothin' but a 'mind yer own business'… I'll speak 'f my sin if y'll trust me with yers. I pledge, what is said t' me is safely held, 'til death or your biddin' otherwise."

There is a touch of amusements at Sables words, not so much as what she says, but who says them. "Yeah, well… when I find love I'll let you know." That amusement colors her voices. "In fact, one of the worst things I use to do was make people want me." She drops that bomb on Sable right off the bat, she dropped that bomb on Joseph, too. Something she's regretted, but she didn't want to hide it from him.

"My telepathy is more then just listening to thoughts. I can make you think you heard or saw something else. I can change your view of me. I can make you want to do something else." A hand comes off the damp glass so Kaylee can wiggle a finger in Sable's direction. "I can look through your memories and even help you remember them." There is a slow shrug of her shoulders, a smile touching her lips. "Think of the things you can do with something like that."

Kaylee's head turns slightly, brows lifting as she watches Sable. "Think of all the terrible things you can do with something like that. There is a chance I did it." Her head turns slightly to look at the door, giving a nod to it. "You want to change… The Ferry is a perfect place for it."

Well, that's a little bit beyond Sable's power to match. The thing Sable beats herself up for is having a knack for finding just the right thing to say to hurt a person when she's upset. That there is someone cruel inside of her that is her but that she can't control because she doesn't know they're there. Run of the mill self loathing, really.

But Sable isn't really worrying about it now. Kaylee's regret is obvious, but the notion she is conveying… Sable finds it fascinating. "Easy as that?" she says, that fascination totally evident in every word, "Like…" she lifts her hand, snaps her fingers, "And a stranger'd think it was, like, at first sight?" This is the aspect she's fixed her mind upon, her borderline monomania locking on and holding firm.

There is a grimace at that snap, her head slowly nods. "Yeah." Kaylee says the regret clearly there, the grimace staying long after the word is spoken. "And then when I was bored with them, push them away." She makes a pushing motions with her hand, as if shoving something away from her. "Not something I'm proud of. It was easier, but… it wasn't real."

Kaylee's eyes narrow slightly at Sable, a smile threatening to cut up a corner of her mouth, "No spreading that around. It's hard enough to get people to trust me." The glass is lifted for that final sip, before she leans to put the glass on the coffee table.

There is a long pause in which Sable gives some single thought serious consideration, along with its adjoining thoughts. She's considering voicing it, though it tickles her a little to think that, voice it or not, Kaylee could just find out what it is that she's thinking. For whatever crazy reason, this is just reason to trust her more, in Sable's book, because what does she have to lose.

"Wouldja do it t' me?" comes her question, at length, entirely serious, "Real quick. I know mebbe y' don't want t' 'cause y' feel it's wrong… but take it as gesture 'f real trust, eh? I want t' to do it t' me, the undo it pretty quick after. But I wanna know what it's like. So… wouldja?"

Both blonde brows shoot up at that, there is a look of complete shock on the woman's face. Kaylee climbs to her feet, glass in hand as if she's only going to refill her glass. In truth, she's putting distance between her and Sable.

"No." The word is firmly spoken, once Kaylee is in the kitchen, glass set on the counter. "Even if it's just for show, I'm not doing anything like that." Her head turns side to side quickly, making that ponytail swing.

"There is a temptation with doing something like that… much like smoking, I'm not going back to it, even for a moment." She lets the words trail off, going quite even as she pulls the pitcher out of the refrigerator and refills her glass. "I can be friends, but I won't do that… even for a short time." Glass in hand, Kaylee turns back to her. "Even if I wanted too… not exactly… the gender I use to do that, too."

The abruptness of Kaylee's response, both in her expression and in her reply, are not lost on Sable. She immediately nods her comprehension. "Th' 'no' would've done, hon," she says, "But I appreciate yer explainin' yer reasons. Didn't mean t' trouble 'r, like, tempt 'r whatever. Didn't mean t' play a devil."

Kaylee's last amendment is taken as a joke, or at least Sable finds it funny. The point being, she laughs, not raucously, but with a wheezy good cheer. "Figured 's much. One 'f those things y' can tell. And I wasn't askin' f'r y' t' do that, like, specifically," she grins, "'cause, let's be honest here, hon. That'd take a whole lot less th'n telepathy t' achieve, lovely as y' are." The flirt, if such an indelicate pass can be called flirting, is meant as a joke in reply, or at least a segue into joke. Sensitive topic, clearly, and Sable has no desire to kick her metaphorical feet up in a house she knows she's privileged to just have been let into. Kaylee made what Sable perceives to be a fairly significant admission. The yellow eyed girl wants to honor that fact.

There is genuine relief when Sable doesn't push it, "Good. It's a part of my life I'm not proud of anymore." Kaylee says softly, before moving closer. "However, now that I think about it I can do a minor thing to show how it works." A small tilt of her lip at the thought, almost edged with mischief.

Slipping back to sit on the couch, perching on the edge of it so that she is in reach of Sable, tea glass set on the table. "Close your eyes and I'll show you a trick of my ability." Kaylee's brows give a little lift, curious if she will.

Mischief Sable likes. It's something she can always get behind. Its promise, however slight, lights up her face and brings a sympathetic smile to her own lips. She sits up straight, like an attentive student, and without a single question or caveat she closes her eyes. Waiting. Obviously quite excited.

Contact is always easier, normally the telepath touches fingers to temples, not this time. Sable can feel a hand settle over her eyes. No peeking! Kaylee's eyes close and Sable can feel a light pressure on her brain, but only cause the telepath wants her to know she's there.

Minor manipulations are easy for her, in fact, Sable can tell what the blonde is doing. A small smile curls her lips as she makes a very minor tweak to the woman's memory.

Sable would find the next question odd, the hand doesn't move from her eyes. "Tell me." The woman says softly, "Think about what I look like. We've only really met twice. What color is my hair?" It should be easy to remember, she was just looking at Kaylee. Something slips through Sables mind unoticed… «Not blonde, when you think of Kaylee you will see brunette.» The command invokes an image of Kaylee with rich brown hair, as if she's always had brown hair.

Sable has never doubted the veracity of her memory as such. She digs that memory's like, you know, totally fluid, man. She's discussed this with any number of perma-stoned would-be-sages perched on the edge of mall fountains. But when it comes to herself, what she remembers is what she remembers, and therefore constitutes her own absolute truth. So she doesn't just answer. She answers with smiling certainty.

"Brown 's rain-drenched leaves on autumn sidewalk, hon," Sable replies. Kaylee can feel Sable's lashes twitch against her hand. She almost tried to peek. Habit. She likes to gauge people's reactions to her when she waxes poetical.

"Nice… But your wrong." There is a triumph smile on her face, hen Kaylee slowly removes her hand from Sable's eyes allowing her to see the true color of the telepath's hair. "What do you see?" She asks lightly, smiling like a cat who ate a canary, waiting for the reaction. It's a harmless trick, but there is a satisfaction to it.

"That is only a small part of what I can do." The telepath says with a small smile, settling back on the couch after plucking her tea glass from the table. "Don't expect me to do it often, I don't do parties. I don't really enjoy using it willy nilly like that." Kaylee's head tilts and her eyes narrow as she thinks on how it felt to do that. "Well… someways I do, but… I want people to trust me." Eyes focus on Sable again and she gives her a small smile.

Sable gapes. Her mouth actually opens as she sees what can only otherwise be explained as an instant and totally convincing dye job. Or maybe a wig or… She was sure Kaylee was… She was just… she saw that brown hair moments ago.

Shock gives way to absolute glee. Sable rocks back and forth with barely contained giddiness. "That is so. Fuckin'. Cool!" is her expert opinion on the matter, "Sweet Jesus, Mary 'n' Joseph, gal!" She lets out a peal of laughter, totally delighted. "Y've been, like, blonde all this time? Christ on a bicycle! Oh, Lord… no, no, no… I'd never be fuckin' responsible with a gift like that. Ahahaha!"

Maybe Kaylee once felt this way? The childish intensity of Sable's reaction may be some kind of reflection of something previously experienced by the telepath, though it may just be the yellow eyed girl's naive take on what is a genuinely terrible burden. Still, there's nothing close to fear or distrust in the diminutive rocker's mien. It's only Kaylee's words to the pre-emptive contrary that stops her from giving the classic refrain 'Again! Do it again!'

Sable bounds to her feet and leans it, peering at Kaylee's hair, like she's trying to make absolutely sure it's not some sort of trick. This is stupid of course, and to be fair, Sable doesn't doubt it was Kaylee's power at work. She's just marveling at the completeness of it. The newness of Kaylee's appearance. "Aw, thanks, hon," she says, after a moment, a realization in her eyes, "This is a gift. I get t' see yer golden, like, radiance f'r the first time all over again."

The reaction from the other woman, ends up making Kaylee chuckle. "I think in a few days you'll go back to remembering I was always blonde." The words bubble a bit with her amusement. "It was a rush job."

"Just… don't spreading it around that I can do that. Some do know like Eric, but then he and I worked together before when we hijacked some vaccines for the kids." Kaylee explains falling into a bit more serious a look. "So does the more Senior members of the Ferrymen, cause they have to know."

A smiles tugs at the corner of her lips. "But not everyone knows the extent of what I can do, they just know me as a mind reader."

Sable lifts a finger to her lips in a self-silencing gesture, tapping once, then swishing her hand through the air. "I won't tell a soul. Won't even come up. Thanks," she grins, "F'r lettin' me in on it. 'n' know I don't have th' slightest, like, inclination t' feel anythin' less th'n trust t'wards y', honest." When she says 'honest' it actually means 'honest', it's not meant to cover up honesty's effective absence. She's shifty by diction, not necessarily by intention.

Now what was she even in here again for? The question resurfaces as the more immediate claim on her attention, Kaylee's ability, shifts into (malleable) memory. Oh right! Sable scoots back to where her empty glass and camera rest, and plucks the recording device from the floor. "Just so it doesn't seem like I'm, y'know, just fuckin' around, wouldja state that y' saw nothin' f'r the, like, record? I'd like it known I did speak t' y', so that no one comes 'n' bothers y' further 'bout it."

Trust… Kaylee looks at the recorder and swallows, jaw clenching for a moment. What she saw, she doesn't want anyone to know. Pity might ensue if they knew she was going to die… She doesn't want anyone to look at her differently. So for this she will risk trust people have for her.

It's a long pause as she stares at that recorder. "I — There is another shorter moment of pause before she says, with a bit more confidence, though she can't get herself to look at Sable. "All I got that day was nothing and a scar, but I know others did. Might try cornering Teo and Abby. Colette knows them, she might be able to direct you to them."

Only then does her eyes flick up to Sable, hoping she buys it. "That good?" She asks, letting a bit of a smile tug up the corner of her mouth.

"Sure, sure," Sable says, flicking the display on the recorder open and activating the device, "But, like, f'r the record, y' know?" She looks up at Kaylee, looking a touch imploring. "It'd mean a lot t' me. The more shiny faces I get, th' more, like, clear it is I worked at this 'n' all. 'n' that'd really help, y' know, makin' it clear I ain't a layabout just livin' in a Ferry buildin'. When yer ready… just tell me, 'n' tell the camera y'r name 'n' that y' didn't see nothin'. Then I'll get outta yer hair," she smirks, "Whatever fuckin' color it may be."

"Okay.." Kaylee says softly, licking her lips. When the camera goes on there is a moment of hesitation. With a swallow she straightens a bit, trying to not sure her discomfort. Focusing on the lens of the camera, she says carefully.

"My name is Kaylee." Her eyes flick to the woman behind it before adding. "And I didn't see anything on the tenth."

After saying that, Kaylee grabs her tea again and settles back on her couch and gives Sable a small smile. "There." She offers with a somewhat faked brightness, before taking a ling sip of her tea. She can only hope she seemed convincing enough that she won't get cornered again. It's something she'd like to push into the back of her mind and forget.

Sable flicks off the recorder as soon as Kaylee's done, smiling her gratitude at the telepath, seeming totally happy to accept whatever Kaylee says as genuine. Trust indeed. She dips in a low bow. "Thanks, hon," she says, "Y've my gratitude all over again." She glances to the empty glass. "F'r the tea, f'r the hospitality, f'r doin' as y' might not do if I hadn't been so bold t' ask, 'n' f'r helpin' me with this here project." She pats the side of the camera, safely deactivated. "'n' f'r just lettin' me bask in yer, like, presence 'n' all." There's a touch of the impish to her smiles at this last. She sidles a bit towards the door. "Y' c'n come callin' on me up in five-oh-three any time. Though don't expect much, y'know? Not exactly th' best housekeeper, me."

Rising to her feet to follow Sable to the door, Kaylee gives her a small smile. "Yeah… no problem. Glad I could… help."

Reaching around Sable, Kaylee grabs the doorknob and opens the door for her, just bieng a gracious hostess. "And sorry about the lack of air, Eric is gonna help me when he has some free time." There is a glance behind her to the box under the window.

"Anyhow…" Kaylee sighs out the word turning back to Sable. "Good luck with all getting all those visions." Leaning on the edge of the door, she gives a small smile to the other woman. "And it was nice meeting you, living in the same building I doubt it'll be the last time we see each other."

Sable lingers on the threshold long enough to tip her glasses to Kaylee, the best she can do now that she's foregone her hat. "Seein' you again'd be a true pleasure, hon," she says, "Be well. Stay cool," her eyes flick over Kaylee's shoulder, to where Missy is still monopolizing the fan. "Later, hound!" she calls, smiling wide, before stepping out the door.

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