Miss Aphrodisia's
Owner Lexington Lane
Employees Seamus Lane, Lucille Ryans
Hours of Operation Closed
Current Status Destroyed
People Come Here For… Ogling urban ruins

NOTE: This shop is currently the victim of an earth-shattering Kaboom. It's not open! Hey, it's not even there… anymore. >.>

The vintage boutique is set in a beige storefront with large, open windows displaying three vintage clothing pieces; a blue 40's style dress, an all white zoot suit and matching fedora, and a woman's pants suit from the 50's. But the shop itself holds so much more.

Stepping in through the glass doors leads to an open floor with racks and shelves displaying clothes, shoes, records, players, art, lamps, books… anything and everything your heart can imagine. The stock shifts frequently, as new items are sold, bought, shipped, what have you. Always worth a look around. In the back of the main floor, there's a dressing room to the left and a special room to the right where the extremely rare and expensive things are kept. This room is where the alcohol is on display. It's colder in there, and darker.

Major IC Events


  • In the basement, there's a whole other set up, to buy and sell illegal goods of various types, as the owner is a talented fence on the sly.
  • Daniel Linderman funded the opening of this business for some reason or another.
  • It's run by a brother/sister pair who seem to specialize in appraisal and restoration.
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