Missing French Embassy Advisor Found

MANHATTAN — Advisor to the French Embassy in New York City, Andon Chevalier, who was reported missing Wednesday by agents of the French Consulate was found dead just off the coast of Staten Island. After a search of Chevalier's home revealed that he had not been present in his apartment in weeks, authorities working in cooperation with the French government presumed he may have been kidnapped by a local terrorist organization. However, the US Coast Guard discovered a barge sailing blind off the coast of Staten Island early Monday morning.

Within the vessel, the partial skeletal remains of Anton Chevalier were discovered in an oil drum below decks. Reports from the forensics office indicate that Chevalier's body may have been eaten by what can only be described as "an act of horrific cannibalism."

On the barge, authorities also discovered the body of CIA agent Frederick Harrisburg who had been missing since Thursday. He was found bound to a chair near by where Chevalier's body was found, dead from a single gunshot wound to the head, though signs of torture were evident.

The FBI is currently investigating the deaths, but it is believed they are not connected to any known terrorist organizations as of yet.

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