Missing Girl and Stepfather Found

CHELSEA — Early Friday morning, the body of Danielle Parsons was discovered along with the body of her Step-Father Alfred Weiland in a vacant lot by workers of a local Courier service.

The 12-year-old Dutchess County girl and her 32-year-old step father had gone missing after leaving their home in Chelsea to pick up groceries early Tuesday.

Around 4 a.m. Friday, an employee of the Alley Cat Courier service found their bodies laying in a vacant lot behind an abandoned brewery. Soon after, authorities were quick to cordon off the area for investigation, citing no initial leads into the suspect.

Dutchess County Department Coroner Mary Kallen said an autopsy by Dr. Cyril Barnstead showed that both Parsons and Weiland died Tuesday. The cause of death was not released to the media at the present time. Investigators said on Friday morning that there may have been suspicious circumstances surrounding their disappearance.

While New York Police Commissioner Karen Lau refused to comment on this case and its potential relations to the recent string of unexplained murders this month, the employee of Alley Cat Couriers, who wishes to remain anonymous, was willing to speak to reporters. The employee claims that the bodies of botyh Danielle Parsons and Alfred Weiland looked "mummified", and claims that he "could hardly recognize them as bodies" until closer inspected.

Commissioner Lau has refused to comment on this report, and the New York City Police Department is expected to issue a statement regarding the murders sometime this week.

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