Missing Them


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Scene Title Missing Them
Synopsis Brennan has a favor to ask of Melissa.
Date March 26, 2010

The Garden

Messages are pretty good about getting to people without the use of any texts or such. Takes a little longer, but.. it can be done. And so, somehow, a message was given to Melissa. Come to the garden, visit. Brennan also had a favor to ask of her. Something he'd ask Joseph to do, but Joseph was a known member of the Ferry and he didn't know how known Melissa would be. Liette is in the snow, in the distance and enjoying herself, hair tucked up and out of sight, bundled to resemble an ewok again and let to romp loose in the snow. Brennan’s feeling under the weather thanks to the inoculation but not so much that he can't still be up and around.

Cup of coffee in hand, he stands on the porch beside the pain augmenter, passing over another cup for her to consume. He wants to talk first before turning Melissa loose on Liette. "We're trying to .. teach her the difference between hurting and killing. She seems to correlate the two as one. It's hard. She's got the innocence of my youngest ones, and yet, she possess all this knowledge and can formulate all these theories in her head about the interaction between abilities." Brennan shakes his head, looking over to Melissa. "How are you feeling?"

Melissa takes the coffee gratefully, sipping at it. "Maybe I can help with that. I mean, my ability is all about pain, but it doesn't kill. Since she understands abilities, maybe it can be used to explain things in a way she can understand," she muses, watching the girl with a smile.

"I'm…alright, I guess. Little achy, can't get warm, but I've definitely felt worse. Even my head is starting to hurt less." Though she's still worried about other things, and she absently rubs at her wrist. Stupid green handprints and mysterious doctors. "What about you?"

"Homesick. Missing my family, achey and just generally not feeling well. Should pass in a day or so I think though. But I had a reason for inviting you and it wasn't just to get your help explaining concepts to her and helping guide her to a more realistic set of morals and understanding societies rules"

He casts his gaze out to the whirling dervish that is Liette. "If the ferry can help you, could you bring my girls for a visit? Michelle has to stay out of this, she can't and won't get into this. But I miss my girls and i've never spent more than a week away from them. Marlena's on march break and so, a trip over on ferry paths, shouldn't bring Rebel onto our radar. Michelle knows you, the girls will trust you"

Melissa glances back to Brennan, then she smiles and nods. "Yeah, I can do that. I may not have kids, but I understand missing people." She looks back out to Liette and sips at her coffee. "Shouldn't be too hard to manage. Everything closing down because of the weather can only help."

"I'd think it does the opposite. Less people on the streets, easier to pick them out from all the traffic camera's and police towers" Brennan points out. "You can't blend into the crowds, you stick out like a sore thumb" Brennan shifts where he's standing, lifting cup to lips. "But it would mean a great deal to me. I need to see them. They're my world as much as that girl out there has become part of it. Be good for her too, to see a family together and gain a better understanding"

"Yes and no. There are also fewer people out to see us and potentially stop us," Melissa says after a moment. "But you have a point. A couple of them, actually. Either way, I'll see what I can do. Oh, and I want to thank you. For telling me about the healer at St. Luke's."

Brennan hazards a glance to Melissa's forehead then back down to the blonde. thick brows rise in a questioning look.

Melissa shakes her head. "He didn't heal me. But I found out he'd healed my friend. And…I think he may be calling me to get out of the hospital too. Not sure yet on that. But if he does…well, that's what we do. Rescue people from the government."

That gets another glance then frown, but he doesn't say anything. Brennan just nods his head and sips from his coffee. "I'll have someone get word to Michelle to at least have the twins ready. Maybe have them stay overnight. They don't go to school or are in touch with technology" No chance of them spilling the beans and if they did, they're three and it can be chalked up to imagination.

Melissa nods. "I'll go talk to Michelle as soon as possible, to set up the best time to bring the kids here. But one way or another, I'll get them here for you, safely."

Just another nod. He's more thoughtful today. Worried. Being on the lam and underground with someone that he's day by day coming to realize has been a lab rat of sorts, though a beloved one, is taking it's toll on him. "Go have a snowball fight. I think she's under the weather too from the inoculation. I'll just stay here and watch."

That has a grin curving Melissa's lips. "Oh, happy to. Though I don't promise you won't get pelted at some point." The coffee is set down, then Melissa starts towards Liette, scooping up snow and packing it into a ball, before she explains the finer points of a snowball fight.

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