Missing Woman's Body Found

QUEENS — Nearly one week after her disappearance was reported to NYPD officials, the body of Isabelle Ashford was discovered by city workers just outside of Long Island City when a mysterious bag was reported by local residents near a transformer station.

The workers made a grisly discovery shortly after 6:00pm last night, when they responded to the report and opened the bag to discover the dismembered remains of a young woman. Police were later able to identify her utilizing dental records as the missing Ms.Ashford. The Department of Homeland Security has been searching for Isabelle Ashford for months in connection to unspecified connections to terrorist activities in the New York area. Her death marks the end to a months-long investigation.

Authorities currently have no connections to Ashford's death, and are asking citizens who may have known her to step forward with information that may be useful to the NYPD's investigation of her death.

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