Mission Update


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Scene Title Mission Update
Synopsis Adam calls Nicolas in for an update on the progress of the mission.
Date October 5, 2009

Internet Cafe

Adam called Nicolas to set up a meeting. He told him they needed to meet for a short update and another assignment. They were to meet at a small cyber cafe in Brooklyn sometime in the early afternoon. When Nicolas arrives, Adam appears to be surfing the web with no direction. At the moment, he's looking at scores in the english premier league.

Nicolas moves into the cafe, scanning over the room for a moment before he moves towards the counter and pays for a computer terminal, motioning for the one next to Adam. He then moves to the terminal and sits down, looking at the screen in front of him. "I came as quickly as I could." He says to Adam as he starts to surf the web.

Adam nods, "I appreciate it." he pauses, "I was hoping you'd have something to update me with on any of the tasks I gave you. I don't want you to think I'm breathing down your neck, but I do want to make sure you are making forward momentum." he pauses, "Bloody scousers." he comments at something on his screen.

Nicolas nods his head and smiles. "No problem at all. Joanne, Ben and I met and setup our plan of attack. Joanne is scoping out the suit she's going to use and the layout. Once we get that info, we'll figure out the day we'll strike. I got some backup programs to use if their security is too much for me, which I highly doubt. I'm working on a dummy virus to implant after the job is done to toss the blame on some Arab terrorist group." He says as he moves through checking the latest technological releases.

Adam nods, "Good, that's good." he pauses, "Did you make any progress on the mayoral candidates? Any dirt worth digging up?" he pauses for a moment, "Out of curiousity…how secure would you say the Secret Service's database is?"

Nicolas shakes his head. "Nothing on that yet, but I got my sources on the lookout. I haven't had time to look myself as I've been planning the job you gave us. But I'll let you know as soon as I get the info." He pauses from his typing for a moment, but the screen continues to move as if he was still controlling it. "Secret Service? Pretty damn secure I'd say. Took me an hour to get into the FBI and I got popped on that one."

Adam purses his lips a bit, "Unfortunate. I'm told that the vice president is a strong supporter of Humanis First. I was hoping we could find a way to keep track of him, just in case." he tilts his head thoughtfully, "I'd like you to give it some thought. We don't need to dig or damage, we only need to keep track of his schedule, which I assume the secret service would have…" he pauses thoughtfully, "Perhaps his own computer system is less protected. Think about it, let me know if there's a way in. I don't think I need to tell you how dangerous a presidential official who supports Humanis First would be."

Nicolas nods his head. "Alright. I'll try to think of anything that can get us access to his computer or the Service's. I'll let you know if I come up with anything on it." He says as he returns to the computer. "I'll ask around the community if anyone knows any back doors or anything I can use."

Adam nods, "Good.." he says thoughtfully. "Part of this will depend on what sort of inways Humanis First can make." he explains, "If they become a more powerful, organized force, then the threat of having a supporter or even member in the vice president's spot makes the president's spot…iffy?" he shrugs, "I am not in the job of protecting the government. But nor am I in the job of letting a group that wants to commit genocide have legitimate power to hunt us more than the government already is, yeah?"

Nicolas nods. "Yeah. I agree. Another course of action could be to get rid of Humanis First, but that is easier said than done." He says as he leans back in his chair. "Though I don't know how anyone can support those assholes. They do need to be wiped off the planet." He says, nodding slightly.

Adam lifts one shoulder as he considers that, "People don't like feeling that they are…less than. That they are an obsolete branch of the tree of evolution and that's what evolved makes them feel. The very name, evolved, indicates that they are somehow primitive…on their way to extinction. Fear makes people do all sorts of things." he shakes his head, "It's sort of like the dark ages…with cellular phones."

Nicolas nods his head. "Yeah, that makes sense. They should still be dealt with. Maybe make their financial data disappear and give them something else to worry about." He says with a soft chuckle. "Oh well, I'll see what I can come up with regarding the Secret Service and on the Mayor race."

Adam nods a bit. "Good. I hope you're enjoying your raise." there's a pause, "Nicolas…this is..uncomfortable. I want to make it clear, I'm not asking you to spy on Joanne. But her roommate, that Diogenes person we discussed? He's a bit of a wild card, yeah?" he frowns, "If he comes up…" he shakes his head, "Look, whatever you and Joanna have going on, that's fine. But this Diogenes guy, I don't like him, I don't trust him. Watch out for him, yeah? He's a little crazy."

Nicolas nods his head. "Yeah. I'm liking my place right now. Comfortable and don't have to worry about work." He says with a smile. "Yeah, I'll keep an eye on Dio for you. I haven't met the guy personally, but if I do, I'll watch for him."

Adam nods, "Yeah…I don't know what sort of…judgment Joanne has in men, no offense. But Diogenes is a red flag." he shakes his head, "Don't do anything that jeopardizes your relationship, unless you're not really into it. But…keep an eye out, yeah?" he glances over at Nicolas, "If nothing else, to know who's drinking from your pond, if you catch my meaning."

Nicolas nods slowly and thinks for a moment. "Yeah, I catch the meaning. I'll keep it down and see what I can find on the guy. DMV records and what not. See if I can dig up any dirt on him that may be useful in the future." He crosses his arms across his chest as he leans back. "Maybe bring him up in casual conversation."

Adam frowns and says, "If you want to do that, ok. I'll appreciate it…but, like I said, I'm not asking you to spy on your girlfriend or whatever she is to you. And bringing him up…that gets into that grey area that will put you in the dog house. I'm not trying to get you to exploit your relationship." he pauses, "Of course…I suppose if she brings it up…?" he smiles wanely.

Nicolas nods. "Don't worry. I won't do anything to ruin the relationship with her. I care about her too much for that, but if I hear anything then I will be sure to let you know.

Adam nods, "I appreciate it, Nicolas." he clicks on the terminal and exits out of his web surfing. "The internet," he says to Nicolas, "Amazing. Did you know that there was a time that you could have to wait weeks for armies to communicate with each other before they could move? Now.." he shakes his head, "Amazing. More wars were lost by a lack of timely communication than most anything else…" he seems sincerely amazed. Which may or may not be odd, he doesn't seem old enough to be blind sided by computers.

Nicolas smirks and nods. "Yeah, it's an amazing tool. Thankfully I get to control it." He says with a grin. "Who knows what the next century will bring."

Adam nods luxuriously, "Who knows indeed. Well, thank you for meeting me Nicolas, I appreciate the update." he stands from his seat, "I'll hope to hear from you soon, yeah? Have a good day."

Nicolas nods. "I'll call as soon as I get anything." He says, watching the man. "You have a good day too." He says before he turns back to the computer screen and loads up Call of Duty 4, a grin on his lips. "Alright you fuckers, let's see how you do against me."

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