Mistaken Insanity


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Scene Title Mistaken Insanity
Synopsis What was supposed to be a casual trip to the park for most turned into a never ending nightmare for a young woman.
Date December 2, 2008

Central Park

Central Park has been, and remains, a key attraction in New York City, both for tourists and local residents. Though slightly smaller, approximately 100 acres at its southern end scarred by and still recovering from the explosion, the vast northern regions of the park remain intact.

An array of paths and tracks wind their way through stands of trees and swathes of grass, frequented by joggers, bikers, dog-walkers, and horsemen alike. Flowerbeds, tended gardens, and sheltered conservatories provide a wide array of colorful plants; the sheer size of the park, along with a designated wildlife sanctuary add a wide variety of fauna to the park's visitor list. Several ponds and lakes, as well as the massive Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, break up the expanses of green and growing things. There are roads, for those who prefer to drive through; numerous playgrounds for children dot the landscape.

Many are the people who come to the Park - painters, birdwatchers, musicians, and rock climbers. Others come for the shows; the New York Shakespeare Festival at the Delacorte Theater, the annual outdoor concert of the New York Philharmonic on the Great Lawn, the summer performances of the Metropolitan Opera, and many other smaller performing groups besides. They come to ice-skate on the rink, to ride on the Central Park Carousel, to view the many, many statues scattered about the park.

Some of the southern end of the park remains buried beneath rubble. Some of it still looks worn and torn, struggling to come back from the edge of destruction despite everything the crews of landscapers can do. The Wollman Rink has not been rebuilt; the Central Park Wildlife Center remains very much a work in progress, but is not wholly a loss. Someday, this portion of Central Park just might be restored fully to its prior state.

Mid-evening, it is a little foggy tonight, and rather cool. Though well lit. Especially around the ice rink. Laughter and loud conversation fills the air as many families, dates, and other outgoing groups of people are congregated to fight the depression and anxiety that is laid on New York City with joy or at least apathy.

On this evening, William is off-duty. A rare occurrence, but an occurrence none the less. The man is dressed in a black pea coat with a brown scarf wrapped snugly around his neck. The Captain slides his hand into his pocket once again to check his cell-phone. Nothing. Late. She's always late. Sliding the phone back into his pocket William folds his arms over his chest as he watches the different shenanigans on the ice rink idly.

Victoria slowly makes her way around the ice rink, a warm coat wrapped tightly around her like a security blanket. She seems lost in thought and unaware of her surroundings. While her clothes seem to be in good shape and of a decent design, she looks disheveled. Looking up sharply as she nearly bumps into someone she cruses tightly under her breath and rubs at a wide plastic wrist band just visible under her coat sleeve.

Having a few more days off with the excuse of getting /shot/, Magnes has finally arrived at the ice rink. He's wearing a red hoody with a yellow Robin III R on top of a black oval on the chest, jumping over the wall of the ring to slowly slide across the ice on inline skates. "Whoa, slippery, but this is so fun!" he says as he slides over the ice, but slips quite a few times due to how difficult skating in such a way is.

A dingy yellow cab pulls up to one of the many curbs as the engine sets into idle motion. After a good five minutes of parking status, the rear door finally opens to release a young woman from the backseat. A rather ill-fitting coat clearly two sizes too big for her weighs down upon her shoulders as Lysette pays the driver and turns to make her way on into the park. She glances down to her watch, brows knitting for a moment in passing thought before dismissing it altogether. Pausing in brief, she rises upon her tiptoes, left hand rising to try and hold the fashionable, yet impractical, powder blue woolen beret upon her head, while searching those gathered.

A large, well-dressed black man strolls into the park, he seems to be talking to himself, but upon closer inspection he is wearing a slick black, bluetooth earpeice on his left ear. "Yes, sir. I would like to invest in some stocks in that market and dump the other ones. Yes, that's right, the swiss account." He doesn't pay much mind to the scenery, carrying in one hand a black leather briefcase. "Yeppers. I mean. /Yes, sir./ Right away."

There she is. Late. With a light sigh, William Oswald Harvard rotates on one foot, puffing out a little steam into the night air. Stepping neatly away from the ice rink he sets a course for Lysette. Though Magnes is given a strange look. Victoria is given a moments glance but most of his attention is directed towards Lysette. A small smile raises on his lips as he gets closer, tilting his head to the side somewhat.

Abby's trudging through the snow of central park. Black jacket, boots, blue scarf and jacket. Her red hair spills from between the hat and down her back in subtle waves. Destination: somewhere other than work. Bonus of having a few days off, far too much free time. Time to actually find some stuff for her room in the apartment, like a bed, and mattress instead of hunkering down on some blankets and pillows and takeout. "Thanks for coming Al. Trying not to go around alone. Freaked out still.. bout Brooklyn" Her hands are deep in her jacket pocket. Their paths looking to be intersecting the large black businessman's path, immenantly.

Staring off into space Victoria comes to a stop by the ice rink and closes her eyes, taking a deep breath she lets her hands drift to her side. After a moment her eyes open and she seems to have settled down a little more. With a slow glance around the ice rink she sighs and leans against the railing with a slight shiver.

There's another redhead, right behind Abby. Al, though he's got a black watchcap on over it to conceal that newly shaven scalp. "What ….I gotcha," he says, ranging up beside her. He's got his hands thrust into his own parka pockets - he's wearing that worn East German army jacket, fatigue pants, and combat boots. And presumably something just as military surplus under that coat. He's pink-cheeked from the cold, but seems content enough.

Magnes slips on the ice more, rolling to one of the entrances and falling to his knees outside of the rink. Fun is too much of a hastle at the moment, so he's done with that experiment. He looks around at a few people staring at him, but hasn't noticed Abby yet—the only person around he actually knows.

"Lousy bastard… Er.. Not you, talking about something else. Bye!" The large african businessman reaches up to tap the earpeice on the side of his head, switching it off. He then takes it and shoves it down into his pocket. The large man notices the petite woman, he stops, smiling at her a bit cheesily,"Hey, short stuff," he has a very deep voice. He winks at her playfully.

Stopping dead in her tracks to avoid colliding with a passing stranger, Lysette offers a warm smile and murmured apology before side-stepping and continuing a path onward. Finally catching glimpse of her brother, she lets out an excited squeal of delight before picking up the pace as she closes the distance between them. Passing notice is given to the others filtering in and out, but little more.

William stops now, allowing Lysette to close the rest of the distance. His smile broadens a little more, now showing teeth. Sliding his hands out of his pockets, he holds his arms out wide for an embrace from his younger sister. "Bonjour, soeur." The Captain greets, his eyes twinkling a little bit at the delighted expression on his sister's features.

Abby's brought up short by The dark skinned man. There's a look to brian as if she's wondering if the guy is talking to her, a look behind her to see if there's a petite woman behind her and seeing none, it's southern hospitality turned on. "Only short when i'm on my knees!" Her gloved hand snakes out of the jacket pocket and out to him. "Pleasure to meet you, don't let us disturb you tall stuff" She purposefully deepens her drawl

Victoria slowly slides down to the ground as she leans against the railing of the ice rink, her legs slip underneath her till she is sitting with her legs tucked to the side and her shoulder rests against one of the verticle posts. Looking up into the light her face seems gaunt and lacks any makeup. With a polite gesture she waves off a stranger who stops to make sure she is alright.

And Al is….Abby's bodyguard? Brother? Lackey? Whomever he is, he gives the tall man talking to Abby a fox's grin, but no verbal greeting. Not yet. Only to frankly sputter at Abby's comment, though it's swiftly stifled behind a hand.

Magnes slowly lifts himself up off the ground, and he finally takes note of the familiar voice and quickly rolls over to her, coming to a fast grinding halt next to Al, Abby and Miles. "Hey!" he enthusiastically greens with a smile and a raised hand, then gives the two guys cautious nods.

The large man gives her a funny look for a moment,"Are you mocking me?" The man folds his massive arms over his chest, narrowing his eyes on her. He then smirks and laughs, reaching out to take her hand and pull her to him,"So you spend alot of time on your knees huh? Well, I won't complain about that one bit." If she doesn't resist he's going to reach down to take her other hand and force her into a dancing position,"So you like to dance, sweetheart?"

'Not mocking you sir! Honest. and only when i'm stocking the beer in the back of the fridges!" There's no objection though she looks to Al, if he's worried she'll pull away. If he's not, the redheaded female is more than happy, and her usual accent smooths out to standard southern twang. "I haven't danced since I was a little girl. Magnes!" Abby lifts her chin to the pizza delivery guy before she looks back up to Miles. "What are we dancing to? A waltz? Tango? or a foxtrot?"

Accepting the embrace, Lysette rises upon her tiptoes to place a sisterly kiss upon her brother's cheek, "I still can't believe how much the city has changed." Her gaze wanders slowly across the park in silent assessment before again she looks back to her brother, surveying him with a slightly arched brow, "And you, mon frere, you have not been waiting too long I hope. I can assure you, it really wasn't my fault this time."

"Well, I was actually thinking that maybe you'd like to go clubbin. And the name's Rodney. Rodney Rolheim." He beams a smile at her, then he releases her hands and takes a step back, glancing over at Alexander momentarily, he then turns his attention back to Abby. "This your friend?" He asks, hooking a thumb in Al's direction.

Holding her tightly for a moment, William rubs her back momentarily before sliding back out of it. The kiss is not returned and his main reaction is that his cheeks slightly color. But maybe it's just the cold. It looks like he might even raise his hand to wipe off the cooties. But he doesn't, not this time. "I don't believe you." William says as kindly as he can with the words that are being said. "«I will take your bag.»" The French words fly fluently from his mouth just as fluidly as his english. He holds his arm out as if to do just so.

With a grunt Victoria reaches up towards the railing to pull herself back to her feet, as her arm raises her coat opens up and reveals a hospital gown underneath. With a grimace she lowers her arm and pulls her coat tight around her again and looks at those around her with a cautious glare.

"That'd be me," Al affirms, with that grin still pasted in place. It looks less benign and more flat out crazy as the seconds tick by, however. Must be that weird, unwavering quality.

Magnes almost rolls closer to Abby, but the guy suddenly dancing with her causes him to stop and avert his eyes to something else… oh look, a tree! "Ah, so you're Abby's friend? I'm Magnes." he introduces, rolling to Alexander and cautiously offering his hand.

'This is my friend and you .. It's a very generous offer, but I don't know you and it's not safe to go anywhere with a stranger, expecially one you've just met" Not that she couldn't use a night out. "I'm not legal age to drink though. Serve it, yes, drink it, no. So I wouldn't even get in the front door Rodney, but, again, thank you" Her hands are folded in front of her, beaming up at the man. Enter Magnes. The beaming smile extended to him. "How you doing Magnes…" His name tapers off as she see's someone she hasn't seen in a while. Victoria.

Mock disappointment colors her features followed by a playful pout in reply, "Would you doubt your little sister, really Will, you wound me deeply." A soft laugh dances upon her lips as Lysette easily slips into the French tongue, "<I only have my carry-on for now, seeing as how the airline lost my other bag; however, the majority of my luggage is being shipped and should arrive within a few days. You are still at the same address you were last Christmas I hope?>" The motions of the hospital clad woman draw her attentions as she leans in a little closer to murmur something to her brother.

Rodney looks over at Magnes and Alexander again, he then glances back to Abby and shrugs his shoulders helplessly. "Your choice. I respect that." He then turns and startst to walk away,"Maybe some other time." He chuckles heartily and heads down the path through Central Park.

"Oui." William says briskly, turning to now walk alongside with Lysette. He goes to take the bag from her, whether she allows him to or not. He will carry that stupid bag. His other arm lopes easily around her shoulders. At her murmurs into his ear, however, he looks around a little bit. "«Who are you talking about?»" He asks with interest. His eyes go this way then that trying to locate the subject of the conversation.

Pulling her coat tighter around her Victoria watches people pass by her with a blank stare. This is Central Park, the sight of someone on the ground looking less than healthy is an unfortunately common sight and one most people like to pretend isn't there.

Alexander blinks at Rodney, and then peers at Magnes. "Yeah, I'm her friend. Who're you?" he demands, smile withering a little. Apparently Abby's the woman of the hour. Or she has some sort of other bizarre part time job out here in the Park, which doesn't bear thinking about.

"I just told you, I'm Magnes!" he laughs and awkwardly rubs the back of his head with his hand. "Me and Abby have been through some stuff, we're friends, I hope." he looks to her and nods with a smile, though notices her attention getting grabbed.

"Maybe another time" She calls after Rodney. There's a worried look though, shot to Alexander. 'Can you umm.. get a cab? Magnes is the guy who got my nose in the state it is before the scooter accident and is going to help me with Victoria" It's the woman from the ruins, and it looks like her probably power might have short circuited, maybe. Possibly. Abby's unwinding her scarf as she starts towards Victoria, quick as her steps can carry her there. She doesn't call out, no need to draw even more attention to the woman and the hospital gown she in under the coat. "Victoria"

"The one over… oh, umm…" Lysette fumbles a little as she tilts her head in the direction of Victoria and those approaching. Taking a moment more to consider, she starts to slide his arm off of her gracefully, "<We should see if they need help, Will. At the very least, maybe we can call someone for her or lend her a bit of money.>"

His eye rolling couldn't be more massive. Meddling with other people's affairs. Awesome. Taking his arm off of Lysette, the man follows his little sister reluctantly. "<I have something to tell you, Lysette.>" The man says in an irritated tone. He's off duty. Serious! Though he approaches anyways. The Captain walks towards Victoria despite his want not to. "Excuse me, ma'am? Are you alright?"

Victoria looks up in surprise at the sound of her name. Her eyes finally focus on Abby as she approaches and her expression changes dramatically. Eyes narrowing she struggles to get her words out in a voice closer to panic than anything else, "You…. D-Don't touch me! Sta-Stay away!" Scrambling up against the railing like a cornered animal she only manages to throw her coat wide and slide back a couple of inches.

And now it gets weird. Al is ghosting along with Abby. "I got my cab back at the entrance we came in," he notes to her, sotto voce, before giving Magnes an embarrassed nod. But it's Abby who has the bulk of his attention. "What're you gonna do here?" he wonders.

"Help?" Magnes is confused, following Abby, then he's wondering why exactly this woman is afraid of her. He pauses, watching, thinking, there's a logical conclusion to this… an escaped mental patient? "You should be careful Abby, what do you want me to do?"

Surprise rolls over Abby's face, and she stops in her place. "n..nothing Al" She's really utterly confused and Victoria's hurt, possibly. "Maybe.. maybe we should just go away. I'll explain somewhere else" Much as it tears her inside to walk away, abby does just that, altering her direction and towards where Al's cab was.

The panic in the other woman's voice gives Lysette a pause as her expression practically melts with sympathy. She bites her lower lip for a moment in thought attentions following the woman who seems to have altered her path of direction before turning to address Victoria, "No one means you any harm, I assure you."

A little sigh. "Everyone step back." William commands, a quick movement and soon a badge is brought out and displayed. "I'm a Police Officer. Everyone remain calm." He insists. He looks down at Victoria now. "What seems to be the problem, ma'am?" Then does he take in the hospital gown. Ah fug. "Ma'am, I want you to remain very calm and just tell me where you are coming from." The Officer more than the regular guy seems to be taking over now. A glance is cast to Abby and Alexander. "Excuse me, do you know this woman?" He asks after the departing red head.

Struggling to stand Victoria grasps at the railing behind her and with all her effort pulls herself up onto her shaky legs. Using the railing for support she slides a long it pushing into strangers who step back with a look of surprise. Manages to squeak out something that sounds vaguely like 'Help' as she stares at Abby's retreating form. At the sound of Lysette's voice and William's command she spins as if to run away only to collapse to the ground. She does not seem to hear William and scrambles on the cold ground trying to get away from Abby.

Police officer. Oh, man. Words he didn't wanna hear. Especially if this is some guy who came in after he got run out of the Force. Al turns back slowly, though, and says, in all apparent earnestness, "No, Ah don't."

Magnes pulls the hood over his head, then rolls after Abby at the mention of a police officer. "Ah yeah, you can tell me all about it later!" he says with a forced smile, not even remotely looking back.

The large black gentleman that goes by Rodney happens to be wandering right by Victoria when she collapses, he looks down at Victoria oddly for a moment before he reaches down to her, reaching to grab her by her shoulders and pull her back up to her feet. "Are you alright lady?"

"I thought I did sir, but I don't" Abby shakes her head pausing only to answer the man before she starts to keep walking, blue scarf flapping around her neck. "But you look like you have it under control officer, so i'll leave you to it!" just keep walking, just keep walking, don't look baaaaack, don't look baaaack.

"Jesus, Will…" Lysette calls out as she watches the poor woman collapse to the ground. The scrambling about on the ground only seems to compel the younger Harvard to try and help more. Throwing caution to the wind and acting on her own initiative, she closes the distance to Victoria and moves on closer in an effort to help, "Shhh, it's all going to be alright…is there someone you would like me to call for you? Husband, brother, parent, friend?"

A grunt is given from the throat at the woman falling down. His eyes narrow after the two retreating redheads. Hm. And then to the silly skater boy. Double hm. Finally he looks back to his sister and the woman. "Get away from her Lyss." William commands as he moves forward to the woman. "She might have escaped from a mental ward or something." One hand swoops down to secure Victoria's arm. Lysette's bag is set on the ground for the moment, his cellphone produced.

A quick flip and a button. "Yeah, Mack. I need an Ambulance to Central Park at, near the ice rink? I got a crazed woman in a hospital gown. Thanks man." Flip.
ORDER: It is now your pose.

Victoria Flails as Rodney grabs at her shoulders. Flipping onto her back she kicks with her feet to push away from the looming stranger. Unable to break the grip of William's hand on her arm she squints her eyes shut and seems to be come calm for just a moment. Overhead there is the sound of cracking as a large tree branch that was barely holding onto its trunk begins to break away right over her would be rescuers. Her eyes open and stare right into William's with a hint of menace.

And…..Al should be going. But he turns back from following Abby, hesitating, just in time to see that branch. Reflexively he reaches out….the branch does break off, with a creaking and a snap. But it doesn't tumble down onto those beneath. It goes whirling away to land in the snow, as if thrown.

Magnes is rushing after Abby quite quickly, but Al's sudden turn causes him to look back as well, to see the branch whirl away. "Winter is way too dangerous, I just wanna get in the house, watch TV, and eat a personal pizza." he says with some exhaustion in his tone, already sick of being outside.

The man claiming to be 'Rodney' notices that William is claiming to be an officer, he hesistates for a moment in thought before he reaches into his pocket to pull out the badge that belongs to the body whom he is 'borrowing' momentarily. "It's alright, ma'am. I'm an off-duty officer. Uh.." The black man looks at the badge and then continues,"Kingston… Yes, I'm Officer Kingston. I'll take this woman into custody…" Officer Kingston winces, taking a step back,"Damn you woman. Settle down would you. … You've got the right to remain silent.. anything you do or say can be held against you in a court of law and all that Law and Order crap."

The large gentleman looks up at the cracking sound, but does't give it much more attention than that as he turns his attention back to the nutty woman that is acting all crazy and all. He looks over at William and smiles,"You got this under control, man?" He sighs, shrugging his shoulders. But then he looks back up as the branch starts to fall down onto them, he raises his hands up over his hand defensively, crouching down frightenedly. "Ahh! Shit!" After a panicked moment, he lowers his arms and looks around for the tree branch which is now way off in the distance. "Whew. That was close. Alot stronger than he appears." He grins and flexes his muscles,"Yeah, that's right, I just deflected that tree branch. I think."

Abby pauses when Al does, turning to see the branch fall and Al divert it. "Probabilities. She controls probabilities, can alter them. She made the tree fall" Quiet enough for only Al and magnes to hear. Her eyes fall on Victoria again.

An inquisitive glance is given to Officer Kingston. "Officer, might I ask what the fu—"His head whips up, and the grip is released. William automatically goes into protect little sister mode. The bag all but abandoned, William's two arms quickly swing around Lysette. His legs pump and soon the Harvard siblings are no longer right by Victoria. In an incredible display of agility, and a leaping ability that could only be described as SuperHuman, William lands about ten feet away from the body, with his sister held firmly in his arms. Though the branch didn't land. Odd. He looks back at Abby and Alex.. Triple Hm. Lysette is set down. "Stay here Lyss."

"I would like it if you would not leave sir." William intones to Alex. "I would also like it if you could show me your registration card." Then he takes a few steps back towards Victoria and Rodney. "Officer Kingston, help her up. And tell me the name of your superior Officer." So he can write him up for crappy crazy behavior.

Several yards down the path a man kicks a rock as he wanders towards the commotion, then another person kicks it and yet another random person kicks it unwittingly until the rock skitters to a stop by Victoria's hand. Sliding back a long the ground looking like a wild animal she holds the impromptu weapon threateningly but doesn't have the strength to raise her self up off of the ground.

The crisp command of her brother gives Lysette a moment's hesitation as she looks from the crazed woman to her brother, "She's scared, Will, crazy or not…" His words do manage to stay any further approach, however, though perhaps more out of a lack of desire to war with her brother on the matter so soon after her return home than any real comprehension of potential danger from the other woman. Yet as the sound of cracking pierces the air, her blue eyes widen. One moment she is near the crazed woman and the next… well, it takes a moment or two to register it all, "I'm not some fragile doll, damnit…" she grumbles a little though with very little conviction behind the words. Surprisingly enough, she doesn't make any further motion to move closer to the crazed woman.

Al doesn't run. You don't ever run from a cop. HE obediently stops, and fishes in the pocket of his parka for his wallet, to produce the registration card. HE looks glum.

"Show it Al, so we can get out of here. I don't know what's up with her, he's obviously evolved himself" Abby remains with the red haired telekinetic, resigned that they won't be going anywhere soon, though her gaze goes to Victoria on the ground and sympathy only in her eyes.

Officer Kingston nods his head,"There's no time for that right now, we need to get this situaton under control first!" 'Rodney' then moves to Victoria offering a hand,"It's okay lady, please chill the hell out, no bodies going to hurt you, we're officers the law. We're here to protect you. Now put down that rock like a good little girl.. please." Officer Kingston sighs, then he looks around, at William, then at the others, then at himself, he frowns,"You think that little rock is really going to hurt me? You see how big I am? Seriously now. Just stop freaking out and take my hand would you."

Magnes just continues on, stopping to watch them, but he doesn't go back, he's not messing with police. "I'll wait for you Abby."

An irritated glance is given to Lysette. The family fun begins already. Walking quickly over to Alexander, assuming 'Officer Kingston' has everything under control, William takes the offered card quickly. Looking it over he gives a light 'hm.' "Mr.Knight.. Telekinesis." A slow arch of his brows. "Interesting. Thank you for your assistance, Mister Knight." William asks glancing back to Victoria. "We could use more citizens like yourself." He says flipping the card back to the man. "Have a lovely night with your wife." And with that he turns on his heel to reapproach crazy Victoria and weirdo Rodney.

Victoria glances between Rodney and William and looks slightly defeated, lowering the rock but not releasing it. Looking over her shoulder at Abby she says in a strained voice, "That woman… she did something to me… I was with her five days ago and I woke up today in a hospital…"

A little unclear as to what to do now, not to mention clearly a little annoyed with her brother, Lysette lets out an exasperated sigh before drawing her oversized coat closer around her. Her blue depths drift to take note of the others present, including the other officer before she finally resigns herself to address her brother once more, slipping easily into French, "<I'll let you finish up here since it's /obviously/ crossed over into official business for you, Will. I think I am going to catch a cab back to your place and meet you there. I still have the key from last time.>"

"What exactly did she do to you? Uh.. Anyone got a peice of paper and pencil perhaps?" Rodney looks around for a second, and then back to Victoria, he then glances up to Abby whom Victoria is nonchalantly pointing a finger at. "Uhm. You there, short stuff! We needt to speak with you! Come over here!" He shakes his head, hoping this does't come back to bite him in the you know what.

Time to gooooooo. Al nods his thanks in return, smile again pasted on, already hurrying away with Abby. He's already shooing the healer along.

Well, first she looks at Al when she's called his wife. Right. Like she'd be his wife. But Alexanders hurrying her away, despite pointing finger and she's not objecting, following with him.

"Uh. Hey dude, uh, aren't we like, suppose to question that lady or something? This woman is claiming that she assaulted her and put her into a hospital or something," Officer Kingston says to the other officer. "Uh.. hey, stop! Come back! We need to ask you some questions!" Rodney calls out, but he certainly doesn't look like he's jumping too quickly to pursue them.

"Looks like she escaped from a mental ward, Officer Kingston. I need to get my sister home. I called in an EMT. I trust you can get the woman to an ambulance by yourself?" William asks a little condescendingly. "Don't put too much stock into what she says, and get her to the EMT when they arrive." The Captain commands coldly before turning and walking back to Lysette.

"Let's go home." He mutters, picking up her bag on his return to her. He slips one arm around her once again, though this time he's a little more firmer than friendly.

Shaking her head as if trying to clear a fog she responds quietly, "I don't know… I was…" then stops talking all together and remains silent while grasping her coat and trying to pull it around her to save what little modesty she has left.

I'm kinda busy right now, man. Can't you do this? You seem to be doing a much better job than I am," Kingston states pleadingly, he glances down at the crazy mental patient and and then back to the other officer. He shakes his head, looking back to Victoria again, and grumbles irritatedly. "Great. Thanks lady for wasting my time! Definately going to make sure they get you back to the nuthouse where you belong even if I have to personally escort you there." Kingston looks around as he talks,"That's right, you heard me. I'm not going to be satisfied until they put a straight jacket on you , shove you into that padded room and throw away the key. For real."

Victoria remains silent and stares up at Kinston with a terrified look, she looks around pleadingly to anyone who might help her but does not have the strength or will to resist anymore. Curling into a ball on the ground she lets the rock roll out of her hand to skitter across the cold walkway.

Lips part to protest as she watches her brother hand the duties over to the rather blunt and uncensored officer, but silence remains her only reply once the firm grip is place around her own shoulders. Lysette shoots her brother a somewhat disapproving look, though only briefly, her expression once more melting with a degree of sympathy for the other poor woman. Granting Victoria a final look, she mouths a silent apology towards the woman as she allows her brother to lead her on away.

Al would make a fine husband. Just ask Teo. Really. But Al's got Abby nearly to the entrance, feigning ignorance of any requests called after them. "Looks like we'll be okay. What'd you do to that girl?" he mutters to the redheaded woman.

"Not a thing!" Abby hisses. "She was in the ruins, she was practicing on building. She can manipulate probabilities. Luck, bad luck. Ben was walking through, buildings almost fell on him. She managed to keep it from doing that until he was clear and then it fell and she collapsed. Like I do after I've gone and healed someone till the point that I can't do it anymore. I left her with Ben took her to her home. We went back a few days later, to check on her. But she wasn't home. The newspapers were piled up and we saw nothing in her apartment window when we looked. I figured she might have gone to like… a spa or something, she didn't exactly look like she was hard off for money"

Rodney folds his arms across his chest, looking around still as he watches for the EMT and then he glances back to Victoria for a brief moment and says,"Come on. It can't be that bad. Get up would you, you're making yourself look foolish infront of all these people." Kingston then offers a hand down to her,"I'm sorry, I don't mean to be an asshole. Here, get up off the ground, it's cold."
While trying to help the woman up, Rodney says,"Look, if it makes you feel better, I'll listen to your story, honestly, just get up and tell me your story, what did that girl do to you? What were you doing before you ended up in the hospital?"

Magnes slowly rolls after Abby and Al, waving. "Hey! Where are you guys going? Can I come?" he vaguely listens in on the conversation as he follows them, but doesn't entirely care enough to pay total attention.

"No Magnes! Go home" Abby answers. "Hope your day is nice" He knows what she can do, but other than that, who knows what she and Al might talk about. "I'll call you for some pizza"

Victoria does not say a word, only closes her eyes and turns her face away from Rodney waiting for what ever is going to happen to her next.

"Okay, fine. Be that away. See if I care. They're just going to lock your ass up in some padded room somewhere and you'll never see light of day again, unless of course you can convince me why they shouldn't. I mean, that other guy thinks your a nut, but me, I'm not so sure, maybe it's silly, maybe he's right, but I'm curious anyways… but you don't have to say a word to me." Rodney shrugs his shoulders helplessly, standing upright and glancing around, waiting, tapping a foot.

Magnes frowns slightly at the discouragement, then nods and perks up when she says she'll order pizza. "Alright Abby, later!" Then he's off into the park, likely to make his way home.

After a time an Ambulance makes its way up to the ice skating rink in Central Park rolling to a stop near the crowd. With a a few words the EMTs make it through to Victoria lying on the ground. One of them looks up to Rodney, "Whats the story her mac."

When the EMTs arrive to the scene, Kingston approaches them and says,"She's a nut, guys. Take her back to the asylum would ya. And be careful, she's a wild one." Kingston laughs jokingly, and offers a wave, he then turns to leave, leaving Victoria in their hands now.

The EMT sitting down by Victoria looks at the hospital bracelet on her wrist and calls up to Rodney, "Hey! Shes not from any nut house. Shes just a normal patient from a hospital, named Victoria Grey." The other EMT shrugs and looks down at Victoria, "I guess well take her in for evaluation if they say shes acting nuts."

Loading Victoria up onto a Gurney the EMTs roll her into the back of the Van and flip on their lights but leave the sirens off. Next Stop Lenox Hill Hospital…

December 2nd: Not Quite as Planned
December 2nd: Flex Your Trigger-Finger
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