Mistaken Insanity - The Escape


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Scene Title Mistaken Insanity - The Escape
Synopsis Resigned to life in a strait jacket, Victoria has a strange visit from her doctor, er her cop er her orderly er….
Date December 3, 2008

Lexington Hills Hospital

The sterile white washed walls of Lexington Hill Hospital may be good for preventing sickness but it is hardly a warm environment for anyone on the far edge of sanity. The small room is nothing to write home about, a metal bed with a thin mattress and a half filled pillow, one small window that lets in just a mediocre amount of light. Strong Florescent lights in the ceiling wash everything in a sickly sterile glow.

Victoria sits on the bed, thin flannel pajama pants on her legs and a coarse strait jacket on her torso, preventing her from using her arms to hurt herself or others. She stares off into space like the wall across from her was a window into another universe.

First there are a couple of voices, two male voices, a familiar orderly perhaps and one of the doctors from the facility.

"If there is any trouble then all you have to do is call for help." "Yes, I understand. I know the rules, I work here remember? Now open the door and let me in. Thank you."

.oO(Why are you doing this, Miles? This lady means nothing to you. Infact, you shouldn't be here.. yet here you are, letting your curiousity get the best of you. She was kind of cute, in a crazy woman kind of way.)Oo.

Miles had jumped from body to body until he found somebody with the access to the room he wanted to go to, and that just happened to be one of the doctor's that work at the hospital. He got here by saying that he was just going to make a routine check-up, a check-up of what though exactly he never stated. It was just enough to get by really, so now here he is…

The orderly opens the door and there he stands clad in a doctor's white long coat, with a clipboard in his hand. He smirks at Victoria as he sees her, he then smiles and nods his appreciation to the orderly.

The orderly exits and says,"I'll be right outside if you need me." And then he closes the door leaving Victoria all alone with the doc…

"Hello there, Victoria. And how are we doing today?"

It takes her a moment to pull her attention away from the wall, but slowly she turns her gaze towards the Doctor that has just entered the room. She does not say anything only stares at the doctor with a blank expression. Idly she pulls at the arms of the strait jacket as if making sure they are real and she hasnt woken up from her nightmare yet.

Doctor Miles just tilts his head to the side slightly, giving her a curious look for a moment. He raises the clipboard, acting like he is taking notes or something, but really he's just doodling, but he's trying to make it believable at least. "Ms. Grey, I am Dr. Shoales," he pauses for a moment, seeing if there's a reaction to that, but then he moves to sit on the bed next to her. "How are we feeling, Ms. Grey? Are you comfortable? Would you like to get out of here and back to your normal life? I'm sure you would. All you have to do is cooperate and just answer a few questions, and before you know this whole process is over and you can go home with a clean bill of sanity. Doesn't that sound wonderful?"

The first hint of emotion enters Victoria's face as she listens to the doctor but there is no hope there only skepticism, "If I tell you anything you will just lock me away…" she looks towards the pencil the doctor has been using to take notes with then back to him, "So go ahead and write down what ever lies you need to satisfy your boss that you are doing your job…"

Miles sighs, shaking his head disapprovingly. He makes another motion to 'write' notes and then the tip of the pencil breaks off. He lifts it up, looking at it and then looking at her, he shrugs and sticks the pencil back on the clipboard and then tosses the clipboard to the floor on the opposite side of the room. "Okay, look. The notes aren't necessary. I just want to hear the truth, from you. I'm not here to judge whether you're insane or not, I am just here to find out what is going on. So, maybe you'll stop being so closed off because right now, I'm your only hope of getting out of this place. And that's the truth."

Victoria blinks at the sudden change of demeanor of the Doctor and looks to the clipboard on the floor of the room then back to the man, "You … who are you?" she looks around the room for a moment as if expecting something to be different then slides back on her bed so her back is against the wall, "Who ever you are, It doesn't change the fact that the truth will damn me others."

"You don't know that until you tell somebody the truth, now do you?" Miles responds quickly, rising up to his feet from the side of the bed and moving over to stand at the far wall from her, leaning against it, folding his arms over his chest.

"I don't know you, I don't know why I'm here, I guess I just wanted to hear your story, cause you wouldn't tell me before. And you know what? I can help you, but first you have to want the help. And if you want my help, then all you have to do is tell me the truth about what happened to you. That's all I want to know. Simple enough right? And if I believe you, then I just might go right out there and sign the release form to get you out of this place. Sounds like a good deal doesn't it? It's your only deal right now. I've talked to a few people, and it seems to me like you're going to be in here for quite a while at this pace. So you can either accept my offer or sit here for who knows how long, which I assume would drive anyone insane being trapped in this tiny room for god knows how long."

Looking down at the bed, unable to make eye contact with the Doctor, Victoria mutters, "You are not who you seem to be are you?" she looks up slowly and shakes her head slowly, "There is something familiar…." then looks down again, "I really must be going insane. Just… throw away the key."

Miles chuckles, "I guess I'm just one of those people." he then pushes off the wall and moves over to her, crouching down infront of her.
"Victoria. Look at me. You know, I don't have to be here, I don't have to help you.. but for some reason or another, I am here, and I am willing to help you, but you have to trust me first." Miles tilts his head to the side slightly, trying to catch her gaze,"You're not crazy, at least I don't think so. Not really anymore than anyone else." He then lifts his head back, looking at her silently for a moment. "Look. I'll be completely honest with you. This is Rodney Kingston, yeah, you remember the officer from the park don't you? And I can also be anyone else, whomever I wish to be." Miles then rises to stand upright,"I haven't told anyone about my ability. Infact, you're the only person that knows now. Whether or not you believe me is your choice, but just know that I am not really a doctor, nor am I really an officer. So now you know… maybe now you'll wish to share with me your story."

Staring skeptically at the "Doctor" Victoria says slowly, "If this is true I suppose there is not much I could do about it. At the same time you could just be lying to get me to spill my guts." with a nod towards the door she says, "Why don't you go become the Orderly and come undo this strait jacket if you are who you say you are…"

Doctor Miles shakes his head,"Sure, I can do that… but first, I just want to warn you, if you try to escape, then I won't be able to help you, you'll have dug yourself in a deeper hole then." Miles tilts his head to the side, studying the woman momentarily, he then smirks and moves over to knock on the door while he speaks,"And so you don't think that I am telling the orderly something while we're outside, I will do it right here.. Right infront of you. That should be convincing enough to leave out any doubts that I say I am who I am."
As the orderly comes to look through the window, Miles says,"I need your assistance in here please." After that, he begins to sing a tune…..~Time~ is on my side~ .. Yes it is~
As the orderly enters the room, Doctor Miles reaches over to put a hand on his shoulder, it's almost instanteous, the exchange, and as he makes the leap from the doctor — whom seems a bit lost now — into the orderly, which begins to sing the same song.."Time is on my side, yes it is.. you say you want to be free, but you keep running back to me~"… The orderly then smirks at Victoria, and then he touches the doctor again, transfering back, now the orderly looks a little confused,"Uh… What is it you needed Doctor Keenan?"
Doctor 'Keenan' just shakes his head,"Nevermind, I can handle it from here." Orderly responds,"Uh, okay." And then he exits the room again.
Doctor Miles then turns to Victoria and moves over to start undoing her straight jacket,"You believe me now? Was that convincing enough?"

Smirking to herself slightly Victoria asks, "So what is in this for you? I mean I guess there is not much risk for you, but you don't know me… and you put me in here. You haven't given me many reasons to trust you." She sighs in relief as the strait jacket is loosened and she can flex her arms to the side relieving the cramps.

"First. I was just playing my role as an officer of the law. And I was trying to help you, but you refused to talk to me then. That's your fault, but here I am yet again, offering you my assistance again. Now, it's up to you if you really want the help then you can talk, if you don't then so be it, but this is the last time I'll offer you any help in that case." Miles shrugs his shoulders and removes the straight jacket from her. "Feel better? .. Good. Now spill the beans."

Stands up after freeing herself completely from the strait jacket and looks around the room, then looks at Miles carefully. Her features are still gaunt and it does not look like she has gotten much sleep since she woke up in the hospital a day ago, "I can not tell you for sure what happened. Honestly." She glances towards the window where the orderly waits then turns her back to the door and continues, "I was using my… power, in the ruins of midtown. A girl named Abby found me there and caught me at it. We spoke for a little bit…"

Taking a moment to sort her thoughts of the events before she woke up a week later and found her self in a hospital Victoria sighs, "There was a young man who was exploring the ruins… he stepped on something, it caused a sort of chain reaction. I could sense what it was doing and see the probabilities changing until I knew the building above him would collapse." Looking down Victoria presses her fingers to her temples, "I held it as long as I could. Chasing each shift in probability and strengthening the weak points so it wouldn't fall… Then as they were running towards me she must have done something to me because I don't remember anything after that. Just he face as she ran right at me and it all went dark." When she looks up her face is deadly serious, "I woke up in a hospital… almost a week had passed and I had to get out. I couldn't answer any questions, or tell anyone what I had been doing."

"Hmm." Miles listens, thinking over the woman's words. He nods his head,"Okay. I believe you. I really don't have a reason not to at this point." He shrugs his shoulders helplessly,"What it is she did to you, I couldn't tell you, that's something you'd have to find out from her or some other way. But I will keep my end of the bargain and get you out of here, however, there's one tidbit I don't get… why were you freaking out at the park like that when she was there? I mean, I can understand you probably don't want her to attack you again, but you could have handled the situation a little better?"
Miles looks around a moment, and then back to the woman,"So you want to keep your power a secret too huh? I can relate to that. People would act weirdly around me if they knew what I was capable of." He chuckles,"But anyways. We can talk more once we're out of here, let me go fill out some paper work and then we'll get your clothes and go. Okay? So wait here for a little bit."

Victoria shakes her head, "I had just escaped from a hospital after mysteriously being in a coma for 5 days and didn't know what she had done to me and you expect me to have behaved rationally? I was sick, I still am…" she lets out a long sigh and nods at Miles finally, "If you can get me out I will owe you.. but don't bother with the clothes, they brought me here in a hospital gown remember? These pajamas are better than that any day."

Miles just looks at her for a moment,"What do you mean you're sick? Physically, mentally? What? Or are you just being a woman and being ridiculously negative about everything?"

"Well, I'm sure I could find you /something/ to wear other than pajamas. Lost and found stuff maybe. I'll see what I can whip up for you, at least a coat, it's cold out there." Miles smiles politely, then looks to the door for a moment, then back to Victoria, waiting for her response before he leaves to go 'break her out'.

Victoria smirks at Miles, "You try being in a coma for a week then escaping with nothing but a hospital robe and a jacket and see how well you feel. Add some fear and confusion to that and you get the picture."

"Point taken. But you're better now right? The road to recovery is self-realization and acceptance." The 'Doctor' Miles smirks at her,"By the way, the names' Miles." He then turns to head out of the door and out to the nurses' station where he goes about getting release forms, then he comes back with them along with the jacket she was wearing when she got brought back in here. The bottom of the form is already signed with the name 'Dr. Keenan', it looks pretty convincing too at least, and then hands it over to Victoria. "Just sign this and we're good." He points at the line where it says Patient next to it. "Right .. there."

Victoria cant seem to shake her innate suspicion of her would be rescuer, but she also knows better than to look a gift horse in the mouth, "Alright Miles, I still don't fully understand why you are doing this, but I suppose you do not have to worry about getting caught since you can just… be someone else." Taking the pen she signs her name at the bottom of the page, noting the diagnosis section which reads 'Stress and Anxiety' and smirks.
Handing the form back to Miles she picks up the coat and shrugs into it, "So we just walk out now?"

"Pretty much yeah, that would be the idea. You're cured now, so act like it, would you?" Miles chuckles softly and then moves back out of the room and to the nurses station, handing the clipboard back to them with the release forms and says to a nurse,"I'm going to excort Ms. Grey outside, could you please call her a taxi, thanks. Also, I'll be taking my lunch hour now."

The nurse nods her head and then gives him a funny look,"But Doctor, you've already taken your lunch…" Miles then responds,"Uh, it's a family emergency, I'll be back as soon as I can. Cancel any appointments for the next hour or so. Thanks." The nurse still giving him a strange look but doesn't question it, Miles then turns and moves back to Victoria,"Shall we, m'lady?" He makes gesture for her to go on with the wave of his hand and he begins to head for the front exit.

Victoria pokes her head out the door then looks at the nursing station. As if some great cosmic joke had just been set off all the nurses' pencils simultaneously suffer traumatic graphite failure. Loud curses can be heard from behind the chest high counter and Victoria follows after Miles with a grin.

"And you're right, I don't have to be doing this, so sue me for growing a bit of a conscience for a change." He smirks at her,"Besides, I thought you were kind of cute, in that 'I'm a crazy patient' way, I guess. That and I suppose I'm a little too curious for my own damn good." He laughs at that, and continues for the exit, opening the door for Victoria and stepping out to the curb to look for the taxi. "Suppose we'll be seperating ways here then? Or you could always come back to my place to repay the favor," said like a true pervert. He shrugs his shoulders helplessly. All this just for a date with a hot secretary? Maybe.

Listening to Miles prattle as they make their way out of the hospital seems a small price to pay for her freedom, but at the mention of 'his place' she glares at him quickly, a small hint of blush creeping into her pale cheeks, "I do appreciate your help Miles, but if that is the price of freedom I think I will go put the strait jacket back on."

Miles laughs, shaking his head,"It was just a suggestion, not a requirement. But anyways. I'll be sure to hit you up in the future if I should need your assistance for anything," he gets a bit more serious now, turning his attention to her momentarily before looking toward the taxi as it pulls up. He reaches out to open the door for her,"Here's your ride. Take care of yourself."
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Victoria nods toward the strange enigmatic and somewhat crude man who has gotten her out of her sticky situation then steps into the waiting taxi, "You can reach me through the Mayors office if you need help. Just mention something about throwing away the key so I will know it is you." With that she pulls the door shut and the Taxi pulls away into the chilly New York night.

Miles then shuts the passenger door and moves to the cabdriver's window, reaching into the back pocket of his pants and pulls out the doctor's wallet, going through it a moment, pulling out cash and handing it to the cabdriver. "This should be enough to get her where she needs to go." He reaches in and hands the cash to the driver. As the driver reaches over to take the cash, Miles brushes his hand against the driver's and whoosh… He jumps ship again, from the doctor to the driver and after the doctor clears away from the vehicle, he looks through the mirrors to make sure it's clear and pulls the vehicle out into the street and drives down the road. He looks through the rear view mirror at Victoria for a brief moment and asks,"Where to, lady?"

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