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Scene Title Misunderstandings
Synopsis Kendall visits Melissa, and the wrong things are said to each other.
Date December 9, 2010

Melissa's Apartment

It's one of Melissa's rare days off. Mostly because the day before was a craptastic day, at least emotionally. But she did get a fake tree up and decorated, and there's even a wreath on the outside of the door. And inside is the woman herself, curled up on the couch with an eight-month old baby sitting in her lap. Mel's wearing black sweats, while the baby is wearing a black and purple dress with striped black and purple tights. It's cute, in a gothy sort of way.

The TV is, unsurprisingly, playing a movie. Christmas themed, because, well, 'tis the season. This time it's the Grinch, because, really, every child should watch the Grinch at least once a year. Except Junie the baby seems half asleep, struggling to pay attention to the pretty colors.

It may be coincidental that Kendall picked this day to visit, because right when Melissa's all settled in and comfy, there comes a knock at the door, in a classic, familiar beat. Shave and a haircut, two bits. When the door is opened, nothing is there, but Melissa knows someone who can make himself invisible.

For a moment there is a tense Mel, but she quickly relaxes and grins towards the door. "Well aren't you just getting sneaky? Shut the door though and get your butt in here," she says, shifting with the baby, who woke up at the knocking, and is now looking around, trying to find the source of the sound.

Kendall doesn't have a ring this time, oh no. Instead, he's got this microfiber blanket/cloth thing that he pulls off himself with a flourish. Seems like someone's seen Harry Potter recently. "Hey." he replies, shivering, and gratefully steps inside. Brr, it's cold out there.

"Lord of the Rings loses to the Boy Who Lived?" Melissa asks, sounding amused. "Want something hot to warm you up? Got coffee or hot chocolate," she offers, sitting the baby down, and she starts crawling over to Kendall. The baby, not Mel. Mel crawls for no man! Or man-child for that matter.

"It's warmer walking down the street wrapped in a blanket than it is taking a glove off to put on or take off a ring." Kendall explains. "I'm just being seasonal. And practical. And besides, I'm walking down the street without anyone seeing me, so I could be wrapped up in a blanket and no one would even notice."

"Fair enough," Melissa says, leaning back since he doesn't seem to want anything. Instead she's watching Junie as she reaches Kendall and tugs at his pants legs in a clear bid for attention. "How you doing? Going back and forth to the island, or you back in NYC pretty much permanently again?"

"Still going back and forth. I've officially joined, and… I'm supposed to learn to ride a horse." and there will be more Old Spice jokes when that happens. The baby is glanced at, finally. "So…. how's really being a mom going for you?" Kendall asks.

"Why are you supposed to learn to ride a horse?" Melissa asks, seeming to be very carefull not looking at Kendall now, as opposed to just watching Junko. "And I'm not a mom anymore than I'm your mom. I'm more…an aunt. Or something. I dunno. It's still weird. You were one thing, you're pretty self-sufficient. She…isn't. At all. But it's getting better."

"Well that's certainly a 'mom' if you're raising a kid from a baby. Or is this like that disney movie and you're really a fairy? A slightly dimwitted fairy who doesn't know how to do anything?" well, maybe that was going a bit too far. Kendall smirks at Melissa. "Make with the magic."

Slowly Melissa glances up to Kendall, and is quiet for a long moment before saying softly, "I didn't realize you thought I was so shitty at taking care of people." Normally it may have not been too far, but with the news that Darren is in Institute custody, it's a major sore spot for her right now.

Who's Darren? Kendall doesn't know any of these things, he hasn't been around in a while. "Well you can't be doing too badly, the baby seems happy and isn't crying all the time." uh. Maybe he said too much. That's weird, she usually just threatens to kick his ass by this point.

"I can't be doing too well if the first person I took in thinks I'm dimwitted and incompetent," Melissa replies with a shrug. When Junie starts tugging harder at Kendall's pants, making soft little noises that threaten to be crying, she pushes herself up from the couch to head towards them.

Kendall blinks down at the baby again. "What's got your goat?" he asks Melissa, eying Junie. She's pulling on his pants, what's he supposed to do? He holds out his hand to her, hoping she won't bite him or something.

Melissa pauses when Kendall reaches down, and Junie gives him a gum-filled smile as she flails her hand until she manages to grab his, using it to help pull herself to her feet, though she's unsteady. "That isn't enough? I thought I did okay with you." Beat. "Well, other than getting you killed," she mutters.

Kendall frowns at Melissa as he helps pull the baby to her feet. "Are you on something? You're hardly ever this depressed. Is it the time of year?" he sighs. "If you're going to be all moping and woe is me, I'm just going to leave again. I came to see you, after all. Be happy! It's almost Christmas!"

"Yeah, well, I have very little reason to be happy right now. I miss my house. I miss my roomies. My family. And last night I found out that a couple of friends are stuck in the Institute and that I can't help them." Melissa's hands slide into her pockets as she watches boy and baby. "I think she wants you to pick her up. She seems to really like being held."

The tree is glanced at, then she looks back to him. "Having a Christmas party at Tartarus. Next Friday. I'd like you to come. You could be Santa, if you want. The place'll be closed down, just friends, so I won't bitch if you try to sneak some booze either."
"She won't pee on me, will she?" Kendall asks, returning his attention to Junko. With a shrug, he bends down and picks her up, holding her awkwardly. How do you hold a baby, anyway? "Ah, a christmas party? Sure, I'll come, but… dunno if I'd want to be Santa. I don't want anyone sitting on my lap except cute girls."

"She's got a diaper on, so you won't get peed on." Melissa even smiles a little, since that was her a month ago. "And dammit, Kendall. I'm trying to come to terms with you having one girl, that you're living with. You gotta make it worse? I still can't believe Kaylee left you two there by yourself," she grumbles, arms folding over her chest. "Keep that up and I'm totally taking back your presents."

"Well really, what were you doing at seventeen?" Kendall asks Melissa, raising an eyebrow. "And it's not like we're doing anything, we haven't even gone on our first date yet."

"At seventeen I was doing my best to try to get some sort of attention from my parents, who did their best to ignore me," Melissa says, shrugging. "I wasn't living with any guys though. And since I'm not sure if I've yet been on a real date, I wasn't dating either."
Well that wasn't quite the response Kendall was expecting. Damnit, Quinn. "Well it's not like it's just the two of us together. I mean, Kaylee's back from wherever it was she went, and there's lots of people living in there too. And she…. got shot, so she can't move around without crutches now."

"Oh, she was in the past. I know, I was one of those who went back to get her," Melissa says dryly. "Though I still don't have to like it," she says, moving back to the couch and flopping down. "So why don't you visit more? Saw you at the auction, but you didn't drop by to chat."
"Well they don't like me going back and forth without a good reason. It's a security hazard, after all. I mean, because it's me, I'm able to go to my job like normal, but any more than that and a lot of people start to get nervous." Kendall has to rely on his job for money, so job is important!

"Wait, so you go to your job plenty, but you can't take a few minutes to come see me? Now I really am hurt," Melissa says, giving him the evil eye, while Junie lays her head on his shoulder. Awwww.

"Well I wasn't sure if you were going to be in. I did drop by a few times here, but you were there, and… well, I am underage so I can't just waltz into a bar when there's not something going on." Kendall makes a good point. "Even though you allow me to drink, it's still against the law. And generally, unless it specifically says otherwise, you can't even go into a bar unless you're old enough. And ever since the 8th I've been trying not to overexert myself."

Melissa looks less than convinced. "So you gonna sit down, or just stand there? Looks like you're prepared to bolt. Aside from the baby on your shoulder anyway. I like you visiting, but don't want you to feel like you have to, yanno?"

"At the least be happy to see me rather than getting all depressed and emo. I did come today after all." Kendall's starting to sound a little irritated. "At this rate, you're making me not want to come." regardless, he goes to sit down, still awkwardly holding the baby.

"I am happy to see you, Kendall. You just walked in and started basically saying I was inept at taking care of people. Which hit deep since, like I said, I just found out that some friends are in Institute custody. One of them I got out of someone else's custody, so I feel like I failed completely with him," Melissa says, sighing. "And it's just been a really shitty year, okay? I'm happy that it's almost over. But hey, look. The Grinch. They're about to start singing about rare who roast beast."

"I was joking. We talked like that to each other all the time, how am I expected to know that something happened that would set you off? You don't talk to me either." Kendall points out. "But, yeah. Movie." eye it. "That's right, Jim Carey is technically naked in this."

"I've actually never seen this version. I like the original cartoon," Melissa muses. "And yeah, I guess we do. And I talk to you when you're around. But I can't go to the island, so I have to rely on you coming to me, not the other way around," she points out. "Speaking of though, how are you liking the Ferry?"

"We're allowed to talk about it?" Kendall asks, glancing around nervously. "It's safe here?" walls have ears, eyes, whatever, and all that. "I do like it, and that's why I have to learn to ride a horse. I'm supposed to do patrols of the island." as for the movie discussion… "This version is…. weird."

"I've checked the apartment, and it seems safe enough," Melissa verifies with a nod. "Glad you found something you like though. Just glad you're safe and healthy. Now as soon as I find a chastity belt for you, I'll be in hog heaven." Yep, she's Southern.

Kendall stands up abruptly. "I'm going to have sex one day and there's nothing you can do about it." he tells her flatly. "Now if you're just going to make comments like THAT, I'm going to leave. I'm sick of your disapproval. I can do whatever the hell I want to with my life!" wow, someone touched a nerve. "Just give up on it, just because you're not having any luck doesn't mean I shouldn't go on dates!"

Melissa stands up, plucks the baby from his grip, then grabs a fist full of his shirt, getting in almost nose to nose. "What happened to that's how we talk to each other, Kendall? To joking? Because I was joking, but what you just said actually hurt. So right now, I don't want you here. I don't want the first person I really considered family here taking cheap shots at me about how I'm alone, have always been always and will always be alone. Why the fuck do you think I'm so depressed? I don't have you. Or Edgar. Ling is dead. Brad is dodging my calls. The only two dates I've been on were a pity date and one that was a business date that about broke my heart. I don't even have my damn dog."

She releases his shirt, giving a little push with it before she steps back. "I have no delusions about you remaining a virgin forever. I don't give a damn if you go out and fuck half the city so long as you don't get a shitload of STDs. I never did. What I do and always have cared about was the fact that you're just slipping away, and soon it'll just be me and this baby that I can't handle and that scares the living shit out of me."

On that note, she turns, taking the now tense baby with her as she heads down the hall towards the single bedroom.

"I can't live with you forever, I'm already 17! You should've known when you took me in that it wouldn't be forever. At this rate, you're just going to alienate me so that once I do leave, I wouldn't WANT to come back for visits." Kendall sighs. "I'm growing up and there's nothing you can do to stop that, so just… give up." well she's left the room, so will he. Out the door he goes, but not before draping the blanket over himself and vanishing from sight.

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