Mohinder Suresh
Portrayed By Sendhil Ramamurthy
Sex Male
Status Non-evolved
Ability None
Date of Birth Unknown (~35 years old)
Date of Death N/A
Occupation Chief Medical Advisor for Homeland Security
Family Chandra Suresh (father, deceased); Shanti Suresh (sister, deceased)
Significant Other(s) Mira Shenoy (former)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Following in his father's footsteps, Mohinder set out to find the cause of his father's death but discovered so much more than that. At one point he had taken up his father's legacy of locating and informing those with special abilities that they possessed such gifts. A chain of monumental events now sees him working for The Company, attempting to discover who these evolved individuals are and registering them so that their abilities may be recorded.

Character History

Mohinder stands in the middle of a dirty alley, it's a crime scene and there's flashbulbs and the like all around. On the ground lies what's left of an innocent individual, more than likeley someone with abilities. The scientist looks up at the sky, overcast and getting on towards darkness. His thoughts flow like a river through his head:

"How is it we arrive to the very moment in which we stand? Is it fate, nudging us along a very carefully deemed path?"

flashback scenes of the Petrellis doing various things

"Or is it a sheer excersion of will?"

flashback of Hiro and Ando driving in the Versa

"It is said that muscles, once trained through careful repetition, can recall those motions even before the conscious mind can deliver the signals required to make them…"

shots of Noah Bennet shooting people like a John Woo film

"But one must wonder..if there isn't a genetic memory as well..causing non physical traits to be passed down from generation to generation."

a few seconds of Clare saving someone, a few seconds of Isaac painting

<*<Fade in the New Agey music and the eerie vocals>*>

"No matter what it truly is, as long as we do not understand what it is that drives us for good.."

shots of Parkman being heroic

"..or ill."

montage of Sylar, ending with the discovery of Ted's body

"We will call it mysticism…or even religion…and conversely, what we do understand…"

<shot of the mushroom cloud over NYC>

"..we call Science."

Back to Mohinder at the scene of the crime, this time kneeling toward the unfortunate victim that's been turned into a bloody dead pulp.


Mohinder is a man of science and medicine. He is also a deeply spiritual man. It's hard to reconcile the two at times, but he sees one as a way of understanding the other. He sees the situation that he's been thrown in as an opportunity to not only unlock the potential of what humanity is capable of, but to bring himself one step closer to the divine. He has become less naive over the years, having seen with his own two eyes that there are not just corrupt people in the world, but evil people as well as those whose entire lives are a grey area. As a result, it's jaded him somewhat and made him a little more cynical. Whereas he might've had wide eyes to the world's possibilities years ago, now he regards things with a wary eye.



Abby is somoene who Mohinder is helping control their abilities and learn more about them. He's also trying to show her that science and divinity don't have to be mutually exclusive.
Magnes is a new friend Mohinder's made. He's trying to help him use his abilities in a realistic manner and mesh that with what the young man wants to do.
Matt is Mohinder's one-time roomie and now his boss at Homeland Security. Mohinder would like to resume their friendship, but isn't sure if Matt's willing.
Nalani is Rami's sister, a socialite and philanthropist magazine editor. Mohinder is utterly fascinated by her, and wants to get to know her more.
Peter is one of the first friends Mohinder made as his destiny unfolded before him. He will never quite forgive himself for not believing Peter the first time, and will always regret not helping Peter learn to control his abilities.
Rami is a co-worker and friend of Mohinders. They tend to share tea, and a burdgeoning friendship. Nalani is his sister.


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