Mom And Dad Are Fighting


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Scene Title Mom and Dad Are Fighting
Synopsis Alia sort of gets caught in the middle and offers phones.
Date April 4, 2011

Skinny Brickfront

The sound of a skateboard is not uncommon in the city, even in these times… the sound of one coming to a stop behind the brickfront might be slightly odder. The sound of a whistle, and the smell of hot coffee in the air hopefully will not be too out of place as Alia stands near the rear door, both hands full, her foot proping up her mode of mobility that keeps her under the radar.

Elisabeth is pretty much on high alert, returning to the Brickfront after her meeting in the park. She's been ultra alert, walking around for over an hour to be sure no one's tailing her. And as she comes up the back, Elisabeth's got her hands in the back pockets of her ripped up low-rider jeans. Her blonde hair is loose and hangs nearly to her waist. The sound of someone there reaches her before the odor of coffee. But she's expecting people. When she gets close enough, Elisabeth pauses far enough away to say, "Hey." She's not actually spoken to Alia since the woman was freed. "How're you doing?" she asks quietly.

Alia shrugs. "Good. Holding up?" She asks as she offers one of the two insulated foam cups to Liz. The technopath smiles a little. "A for effort. Trap card was trap card, though." She muses the words a bit. "Messy before things get better?" It's both a question, and a statement, rolled itno one.

Elisabeth finishes approaching and takes the cup. "Thanks," she offers gratefully, the smell of coffee hitting her. "I, uhm…. I expected it was probably a trap. I just thought…. it was worth the risk if they got back their people." Clearing her throat, she winces. "Well… that pretty much bit me on the ass." She looks back up at Alia. "Things are definitely messy. Richard's pretty pissed."

Alia nods. "That… understatement. Lover's quarrel?" She states as she sips at her own cup. "Wants to speed up the game." She notes. The 'bishop' on the board looks up at the sky a moment, pondering. "Might need some skills out of my normal." SHe admits quietly.

"Weeeelllllllll," Elisabeth drawls. "I … hope that's all it is." She takes the lid off the cup and sips from it. Then she pauses. "I take it you've seen him, then?" She's not even sure how to ask about that. So she leaves it alone. "Well, we're both walking in the same direction I guess," she comments. "What's he got in mind right now?"

There is a long pause. It's awkward. Alia isn't sure how to breach the subject. Then she shrugs. "Link four big bad men together, real or fake paper trail, electronic and otherwise. My half the task. Monica takes over after that." She pauses a bit more as she takes three long sips of coffee to muse over how to word the next part. "Then… fireworks."

Elisabeth pauses and she considers, nodding. "How fast?" she asks. "Because I may be able to help there. The agent investigating me is going to help us take Humanis First down. She wants them bad."

Alia frowns. "Wrong kind of 'fireworks'." Alia notes. "Soon. Not sure if we have exact timeframe." She leans back. "Also, a video. Humanis claiming credit for knocking Redbird out." She rubs her forehead. "A just in case. I hope."

The blonde damn near chokes on her mouthful of coffee. "What the fuck do you mean knocking Redbird out?" Elisabeth demands. "He's …." Of course he is. She should have expected that. He's doing the same thing she did, basically — destroying it all on his own terms instead of letting them come for it. She shoves a hand into her hair. "No. Somehow I doubt it's a just in case," she murmurs. "Shit."

Mutters a single epithet under her breath, then sighs. "Going. to be messy." She sighs and rubs her forehead. "… We still have light at end of tunnel?"

Elisabeth grimaces. "Are you asking or commenting?" she asks wryly, unable to tell.

Alia grimaces as well. "Messy, commenting. Light, asking." The technopath is, at heart, very realistic. She knows she's in up to her neck and the water is rising… the question is, is there anything worth swimming towards that she's not seeing.

There's a long pause as Elisabeth considers. And she nods. "Yeah, Alia… there's still a light." She looks at the technopath and says softly, "I know he's pissed off. Beyond pissed off. And right now maybe he can't see it. But there is a light." It might be a fucking supernova getting ready to burn us alive. But…. "I need to talk to him, but… I kind of thought he needed some time to cool off first," she admits, taking another sip of coffee. "Think it's likely in the next couple days?"

Alia leans back against the wall. "Cigarette, twitchy, NOT taking personal charge of big operation. IF the store is standing by midnight I'll be impressed."

"Fuck," Elisabeth says softly. She looks out over the darkening 'yard' and nods slightly. "I'll try to get to him. I don't even know if he'll answer me, though. And it's not like I can go chasing him down."

Alia reaches into her pocket, and tosses Liz a plain black phone. No camera. Simple little pay as you go. It already has a number programmed in the phone book, simply listing RC as the contact name. "Doubt he's figured out how to shut the volume off yet."

Elisabeth catches the phone as it's tossed, and she looks up at Alia. She starts to laugh softly. "Probably not," she admits. "Though it doesn't mean he'll answer." She hesitates and swallows hard. And then she sends a brief text to the only number in it. Need to talk when you can evade. Will have phone. Plans in motion U need to know. —E And then she pockets the phone, looking up at the technopath. "If you see him, double check that he's talked to me? It might require… persuasion." She shrugs. "Lover's quarrel."

Alia laughs. "Will do, i… -when- I see him." She steps away from the back door, even as she tilts her head, another number adding it self to Liz's new phone. It's labeled "D.C". "Call if you need. Good to see you again." She pauses, then actually turns and hugs Liz, as she actually honestly seems to mean it. "We'll make it… somehow."

The blonde hugs the technopath, tightly. "Alia…. I'm so sorry," she whispers, her voice choking a moment. "Keep in close touch, okay? We're going to need it. And I've got a thought in mind…. I'll leave it for tonight. But … we are going to make it."

Alia smirks. "Stay low. You drew bigger storm." She pauses. then asks a silly question. "Miller field?"

It takes her a moment to put together what the question is. And Elisabeth then nods. "Yeah. I drew the bigger storm." She smiles a little. "The Miller Airfield hit was part of the same mess."

Alia nods. "Gonna make this tricky." She chuckles. "Worry bout yourself, for now. Eyes off me this time." She grins.

Elisabeth smiles slightly. "I'll be okay. Go safely, okay?" So many people to worry about. They're all hers.

Alia smiles, and gives a thumbs up, as she pushes off on her skateboard, disappearing down the streets… just another 'refuse to grow up' in a land of misery… until you look closer.

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