Moments Paid For By Blood And Tears




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Scene Title Moments Paid For By Blood And Tears
Synopsis Kaylee enjoys a moment with her children.
Date February 23, 2018

The Sumter's Home - Safe-Zone

It was late at night. The hand of the grandfather clock in the living room had ticked over to one in the morning. Still, Kaylee was up, seated on the living room couch. A large quilted blanket engulfed her in an attempt to ward off the chill. She was perched sideways on the couch, so that she could gaze out the window, over the back of it; though not really looking at anything. Eyes squinting a little when the glow of car lights pass across the window. The world outside was covered in a thin blanket of snow and tiny flakes were drifting down.

It was one of her many sleepless nights when the nightmares were at their worst. She liked to spare Joseph her restlessness, preferring to sneak downstairs and curl up on the couch.

“Momma?” The sleepy murmur pulls Kaylee from her silent vigil. His hair is everywhere, meaning he was having his own bad dreams again. She had known he was coming, but she tries to look surprised all the same. Lifting up the quilt as an invitation of him to join her; which he takes, curling up in her lap, one hand curled under his cheek, the other around her neck.

“Bad dream again?”

His mousy blonde head bobs a little in confirmation. His life, even before it really began had been rough. She still remembers discovering his developing mind when she lay dying, stabbed by some unknown man. It always made her wonder if everything he endured as a baby had effected those dreams.

“The bad monster wanted to eat me again,” his voice tiny and quavering.

Especially, with that dream.

Something growls at Kaylee in the dark; lips curl up over a long mouth full of teeth. The other presence presses against Kaylee’s, testing her psyche for weakness.

And she is weak. Just not weak enough.

The silhouette of a wolf advances on the cradle, its ears pricked forward. Its steps are slow, creeping, but purposeful — the tentative stalk of a wounded predator on the hunt.

Long fingers move to brush at the thick mop of blonde hair; feeling how silky the short locks were, as they slid through her fingers. Kaylee smiles softly, content in the moment. Just her and her baby boy. She loved all of her children, but with Carl there was a special bond. One that came from more than just the fact that she carried him. She fought for him and in his way he saved her before he was born.

“Don’t worry.” Tilting her head, so that his sleepy blue eyes are forced to meet her own. The expression she gives him is rather matter of fact. “ Remember, it’s only a nightmare. Mommy killed the bad monster a long time ago.” She boops his nose gently with her finger and gets rewarded with a smile. “It’ll be okay. Mommy and daddy will always do what we can to protect you from the bad monsters.”

What she has already done - in the name of protecting her kids - will haunt her always.

Looking at the children, huddled there with their father - eyes bright with fear and unshed tears - Kaylee knows she’ll do anything to protect them. Even if it means bringing out the darkest part of her and putting it on display in front of Joseph.

The creak of wood outside the cabin, tells her that time was up. If they were going to make it to her family and the bunker, she had to act quickly.

A worried look is passed between the two of them, before Kaylee quietly moves to the window. Hurrying a little more, when a shadow passes across the closed curtains. She can hear the question, pressing at the back of her mind, from her husband behind her. What was she doing?

Fingers lightly hook the edge of the curtain — pulling it out ever so slightly — allowing her to see the BDU clad men on the other side. There were more beyond the porch, they hummed loudly against her mental barriers. There was no need to see who’s side they fought for. These were men who fought for Mitchell’s administration and they were out for blood. She knew what she needed to do, as blue eyes unfocused and her lips moved quietly.

Slowly, one of the soldiers turned to look at his buddy, brows furrowing… distrust plain on his features. His rifle lifts pointing at his teammate.


The loud mental call jerks Kaylee out of her memories.

Their oldest, Emily, stood at the bottom of the stairs, rubbing at her eye sleepily. While, Kaylee always tried to get her to use sign language to speak, when she was sleepy, it was just easier for her to project her thoughts loudly. Just behind the tiny blonde, the dark haired head of her step-daughter, Hannah, peeked around the corner, just up the stairs a little. Carl seemed a little disappointed to see them, but he didn’t complain out loud. However, his little brows furrow a to reflect his sudden mood shift.

Of course, his sisters pointedly ignore him.

Their mother doesn’t have to say anything, she just waves them over. Socked feet make no noise on the hardwood floors as they shuffle over before minds are changed — they never are. Both girls crawl over their mother’s legs and scoot down under the quilt, their legs laying over the tops of her own. Of course, Emily being the biggest, lets Hannah in closer.

Kaylee secretly lived for these moments.

They made the things she had to do to protect them worth it.

”W-what… H-h-hey man.. What.. What are you doing?!”

The familiar pinch settled into her skull as she continued the mental assault, warping the one soldier’s belief and turning in it on his teammates. Just behind Kaylee, her family will only hear the shouts and the scuff of booted feet as they backpedal; slip on the edge of stairs and sending the scared soldier tumbling to the ground.

”Don’t! Plea —” Everyone in the house jumps as the rifle fires point blank; the children start to whimper and cry. Kaylee feels sick, as the dead man’s mind winks out; she can almost hear the soft chuckle of joy in the back of her mind. Tears blur her vision, but she continues… pushing her victim further, pain flaring as he fights her.

Something she would always do again.

Eventually, the last man had fallen… he head blown off with his own rifle. Kaylee slowly collapsed to the ground with a shaky sob. Fighting the urge to throw up, she brushes roughly at the blood that oozes from her nose; not really seeing it past tears of shame.

Shame that she would do it again and that some part of her would enjoy it.

Sadly, these quiet moments wouldn’t happen too many more times. In a few more years, Emily would be too old for things like this, thinking of herself as too adult to curl up on the couch with mom or dad. However, Kaylee would enjoy it as long as she could, because one day, none of them would and her bad nights would be so much lonelier.

As she presses a trembling hand to her mouth, Kaylee feels tiny arms wrap around her and a small blonde head leans down to look at her. Emily’s cherub face was tear streaked, but her eyes were nothing but concern for her mother’s choked sobs.

This was followed by other arms, as her family surrounded her, giving her support while she fought her inner demons.

One day, she’d actually have to face those demons alone again.

Resting a cheek against, Carl’s head, Kaylee closed her eyes. Letting her mind drift, she savored the loving hum of the children’s minds. Letting it chase away the darkness and lulling her into sleep.

As always, this was how Joseph would find his wife and children. Snuggled — a bit awkwardly — under that large quilted blanket on the living room couch.

A moment of peace, that was paid for by blood and tears.

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