Money Mission Breifing


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Scene Title Money Mission Briefing
Synopsis Adam calls two of his employees in for a meeting - causing an interesting surprise for Isis and Nicolas both.
Date September 29, 2009

Biddy Flannigan's Irish Pub

A late night at Biddy's Pub and once again, it's after closing and Nicolas is just arriving. He is let in by the men inside and he looks around. He offers a nod to the man who let him in before he scans the room and removes his jacket.

One of her few nights off, and a message on her phone has her showing up at Biddy's all the same. Isis or Joanne - take your pick - steps into the familiar bar, a pair of baggy, tan kakhis hung low around her hips, exposing a sliver of skin between it's beltline and the sporty, black tank. A pair of rollerblades are laced together and slung over her shoulder and her hair is tossed in a messy bun atop her noggin.

That she was rollerblading at night seems of no issue to her. She merely pops a set of little music buds out of her ears and stuffs them beside the iPod in her pocket as she looks around… only to find:

"Nicolas?" She lofts a thin brow, hazel eyes tending toward a golden-brown as she looks the man over from behind. It's a nice vantage point, though it lacks any clues to just what he's doing here after hours. With a subtle grunt she looks around for Adam.

Adam is seated at his corner table. He has his cell phone next to him and appears to be glancing off into space. Eventually, it's brought to his attention that others are here and he sits up, motioning for Isis and Nicolas to sit at the table. "Hello," he says in a quiet voice, "Joanne, this is Nicolas. Nicolas, this is Joanne. You'll be working together." he leans back a moment in his seat as he considers the pair, he arches a brow, "Do you know each other?"

Nicolas glances back over his shoulder at the mention of his name. His eyes widen as he sees Isis. "Hey. What are you doing here?" He asks her as he moves to give her a kiss on the cheek. He starts to speak again, but is interrupted by Adam's greeting. He turns and offers a nod to the man before he moves to the table. "Hey." He says to him before he looks to Isis as Adam mentions that they'll be working together.

Isis leans in awkwardly, resting a hand gently on Nicolas's hip as he indulges a quick kiss. The small contact is more unsteadying than normal, her disarray negatively affecting her usual concentration.

With a little shake of her head to clear her thoughts, she nods absently to Adam as she slips into a seat and drops her skates to the floor beside her. "We do, actually." Her hazel eyes turn to Nicolas. "You work for Adam?" Her stomach sinks, though it does not register outwardly - at least maintaining an indifferent expression is something she can manage. Without waiting for an answer, though, she returns her attention to the man of the hour - The Boss. "Working together?"

Adam considers the pair before him and their interactions. He drums his fingers onto the table top quietly in thought. He doesn't answer Isis' clarification question, at least not yet. Rather, he just watches the pair and appears as if he's deciding what it is he should do with them. He hmms, "Well, I was unaware the two of you were in a relationship." he leans in, "It's been a hectic few days. I've had to get rid of a lot of…damaging influences in the organization. It would appear there are people attempting to do us harm all over." he looks at the pair of them meaningfully as if they alone could know what he means. He fishes, but he fishes well.

Nicolas looks to Isis as she asks about him working for Adam, but simply holds up a hand as if to say he'll explain later. He turns his attention back to Adam as he speaks, raising an eyebrow as he talks about those who want to do him harm. "You want me to see what I can find out about whoever it is? Maybe see if I can find them?" He asks after a moment, his brow fuzzled slightly.

Adam's words inspire a few worrisome thoughts for the redhead, but again such things do not register outwardly. Only Nicolas's eager offer changes her expression, the most subtle wrinkle forming between her brow as she offers a quick glance to the man sitting beside her. Shucking off the awkwardness, she focuses her attention once more to Adam. "Relationship?" Is that what this is? Legitimate relationship? They're definitely going to have a talk after this.

"I can't imagine that you haven't made an enemy or two in all you've done," she makes a small, circular gesture of her hand - she really has no clue as to what it is he has done, in truth, "to gain success. What do you need from me? Or, us?"

Adam considers both of their responses. He arches a brow at Isis' comment, but apparently lets it go. He considers the pair quietly and leans back, "Well." he says, "It's quite simple. I need the pair of you to rob some banks." leans into the table. "I want to generate some seed money without putting too much of my own in. So, we're going to look for alternate sources of capital. This is where the pair of you come in." he slides a finger across the back of his hand, "Are you familiar with each other's powers?"

Nicolas nods his head slightly as he listens, smirking slightly as he hears the job for them. "That's understandable. Gain a lot while loosing little." He nods his head slightly before he looks back to Isis as Adam asks about their powers. "We talked briefly about it once. Nothing beyond that." He says simply before he looks back to Adam.

Isis turns to Nicolas as he is faced with the lose-lose question. He'd promised not to speak of her ability. Lying to Adam was not suggested. She lofts a brow at the tactful response, however, and turns back to Adam. "Yes, he knows," she replies plainly. With a soft sigh she leans back more deeply into her seat, a flick of her chin banishing loose, crimson-gold coils from her face. "I can see why you'd ask us," she comments with an easy nod.

Adam glances between the two and nods. "Well, even if you're only sort of aware of each other's capabilities, you can see how putting you together would be useful in this endeavor." there is a pause in his thoughts and motions to a man at the bar, "Now, neither of you is what I'd call 'muscle', no offense. And you may need some for a few of the finer points of this operation. That man is Benjamin. He will help you in that regard. He'll follow you around a bit while you come up with a plan." he leans in, "My suggestion is to follow and hit executives in the bank's upper management in corporate headquarters and siphon off a good chunk of capital. Then…make the money disappear from public eye."

Nicolas tilts his head slightly as he listens to Adam's plan, nodding slightly as he listens. His brain working already, thinking of what he can do in order to accomplish the goals of the mission. "I can probably remove any record of the cash that we take, if I have enough time, I can most likely make it as if it never existed, but that is if we have the time. Lots of records to remove and alter I'd imagine." He says before he turns to Isis.

Isis's response is slower to come. She looks between the men before her attention finally settles on Nicolas. "I can give you all the time you need, as long as I get the executives body." Her tone is notably level. To overcome problem 'a', follow solution 'b'. She'd always favored analytical, mathematical problems and puzzles. It's plain to see she considers the mission on such thing. Strong willed and head strong, it's no doubt she'll give the project her all if only to prove she can complete it professional and perfectly. Yeah, she's anal.

She looks back to Adam, peach-pale lips tilting in a half-smile. "How much are you looking to accumulate?"

Adam leans back a moment, crossing one leg over the other. He's comfortable and says, "Well, I suppose it depends on how much you're able to accumulate. It's hard to say how much without knowing what sort of protocols that they might have in place or ability to trace. Don't forget, they could have people with powers in an attempt to track or stop you. So be careful. If you can bring me millions, that would be nice. Tens of millions would be very helpful…hundreds of millions and I won't have to have my plans move so slowly. But I don't want you to over reach. Understand?"

Nicolas glances to Isis as she speaks, smiling. "That'd help a lot. If you can get the suit and we have a lot of time, I can work and make sure we have no records of the transactions." He nods his head once before he speaks to Adam. "Understood. Grab as much as we can without being too greedy and getting nabbed. Be careful and quick." He says simply.

"Understood," comes Isis's easy response. She watches Nicolas a moment longer before turning to Adam. "I'll do my best," she offers with a casual smile, bending down to pluck up her intertwined skates. "Anything else?" The meeting is weighing more heavily on her than she expected - she did not come well prepared for… well, all this.

Adam hmms, "No.." he says, then motions to Benjamin, "Benjamin will follow you along. I figure you may need him when you do your switch. Keep the other person in one place and what not." The larger man stands and makes his way over. He certainly doesn't look like he'll be mistaken for the brains of this operation. But then, there's a second reason that he wants Benjamin around these two, but he doesn't say. "Make arrangements with him. I want you to involve him in your meetings. He'll be around your residences to drive you about as well." he pauses, then turns to Nicolas, "Might I have a word with you privately?"
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Nicolas glances to Benjamin as he stands, looking the man over for a moment before he looks back to Adam. "Can't hurt to have him along." He says with a smile that fades for a moment before he nods at Adam's request. "Of course."
ORDER: It is now your pose.

Isis makes to stand at Benjamin approaches. She's taller now than she used to be, but nothing compared to the Muscle Man. It doesn't stop her from scrutinizing him with a sweep of hazel eyes from head to toe and back again. "How you doing, Big Boy?" she inquires. Adam's words, however, have her turning around rather abruptly.

"I'm sorry, and I appreciate the offer of a chauffer, but he cannot come to my apartment." Diogenes was obvious in his desire to keep their residence hidden from all. "My roommate isn't comfortable with strangers," she notes, trying to clear up any sketchiness her words might have instilled. "If necessary, I'll stay at a hotel or some such throughout the operation, but work and my private life should be kept separate, if you do not mind."

Adam listens to Isis quietly for a moment. He arches a brow in thought at that. there's a certain sense that a roommate wouldn't be so odd, except…isn't she trying to start a new life? And why would her roommate be so secretive? He leans back as he watches her. His smile is cordial, but perhaps one might say suspicious. "I didn't know you had a roommate, Joanne. That actually surprises me. Anyone I know?"

Nicolas glances back to Isis as Adam speaks to her. He remains silent to see what Adam has to say to him, letting Isis answer Adam's question.

Isis sighs and resists the urge to drop her gaze, keeping her attention forcedly level with Adam's own. "Diogenes," she states plainly. "As I've said, I prefer to keep my private and work lives separate. He… knows of the recent changes my life has undergone. And, I well understand he is not much liked in your circles, except for his small interactions with Kaylee." She shrugs, only to halt her rambling. How deep of a hole has she dug for herself by mentioning Diogenes, she wonders. Still, she shifts her weight. "But, like I said, I'm willing to move temporarily to accommodate… " she looks to the Muscle Man, flashing him a smirk, "Benjamin's interaction in all this."

Adam arches a brow at the answer. He isn't so much bothered as he is…you know 'Diogenes, really? Am I being punk'd?' but he lets it go. He shakes his head, "No need to move." he says, "It was for your own convienance. If you'd prfer not.." he shrugs, "He's still to be involved in your planning and such." Benjamin really hasn't had much to say during all of this. If anything, he seems a bit bored, shifting weight from foot to foot. At any rate, he says to Isis, "Well, tell Diogenes I said hello." he pauses, "But if you could give Nicolas and I a moment, it won't take long at all."

Isis waves a hand. "Of course. Thank you for your understanding." She tugs her skates into a more secure resting place, flashing the group a last, half-hearted smile. "I'll talk to you soon?" she asks pointedly and purposefully of Nicolas before turning away and departing.

Nicolas nods his head to Isis and smiles. "Of course. I'll come see you after I'm done here." He says before he offers her a wave and turns back to Adam, awaiting what the man has to say.

Adam nods and waits for Isis to get up so that he can have a minute along with Nicolas. He considers the man and leans forward, "Nicolas, I've been putting a lot of work at your feet, and I want you to know I appreciate it. I'll be increasing your salary so long as you can keep all these balls juggled properly." he mms, "But, I also have to ask…are you going to be able to handle this all? Especially now working with your….whatever it is she is to you?"

Nicolas nods for a moment before he speaks. "Yeah, I can handle all this. I won't let my social life in the way of my work. We all are professionals here. It won't be a problem." He says simply. "You have nothing to worry about."

Adam nods, "Good, I just wanted to make sure. I have a lot of faith in you Nicolas. I know you haven't been working for me for long, but I really have high hopes for you, I hope we're able to make that a reality." he studies the man quietly before he says, "On top of an increase in your pay, and this you can let Joanne know, you can expect a large bonus in proportion to how much funding you can get our operation."

Nicolas nods his head. "I'll let her know and I'll do everything in my power to show you that your trust is not misplaced. I'll get you as much as I can." he says with a nod.

Adam nods, "Good. There is one more thing." he pauses, "I've recently hired a woman…a woman who has a gift which is similar to yours…though not quite as refined." he ms, "I was hoping you'd be willing to mentor her a bit. I'm not asking you to teach her everything you know, but certainly getting her up to more advanced level than she is now."

Nicolas raises an eyebrow slightly at this. "Another technopath?" He says softly before he nods. "Yeah. Of course. I'll be happy to. What's her name and where can I find her?" He asks after a moment."

Adam smiles a bit and then takes out a small business card. He writes down a name, 'Alia' and then a phone number, "She can be reached here." he says, "Just let her know you work for me and explain the situation, that I've hired you to help raise her game a bit and you should work out some time to…well, do whatever it is you people do."

Nicolas looks the card over a moment before he slips the card into a pocket and nods. "Of course. I'll give her a call in the morning and leave a message or setup a time to get together to train her. Wouldn't mind meeting another technopath anyway." He says with a smile.

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