Monster Hospital


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Scene Title Monster Hospital
Synopsis Doctor Gregor enduces a psychotic break in order to prep Noriko Amagi for her final experiment.
Date July 23, 2010

Staten Island Hospital

Psychological stress testing is something that Dmitri Gregor dabbles in, it was one of the many methods for enducing spontaneous evolution of abilitities in Evolved individuals int he journals of Doctor Heinrich Wagner that had been his study bible. While Gregor himself may not be a Nazi, he had come to idealize the Nazi methods of dealing with "post-humans" as he so colorfully titles their kind.

One such test involves long periods of social isolation in complete and total darkness for days at a time. Following the successful upper limitations test on Noriko Amagi during the shark-tank test, she has spent the last eight days in pitch-black isolation in a padded cell. Food and water delivered to her via a lightless hatch access in one of the four walls.

Eight days without anyone but Noriko to keep herself company has resulted in the psychotic break that Dmitri Gregor was hoping for. When the human mind is forced into social isolation, it makes due with the resources it has to keep itself from becoming lonely. While Gregor may not understand why, while the details of psychology are lost to him, the re-emergence of Candice Allard is exactly what he wanted.

Sometimes, in the dark, you're your own best friend.

Those who play with fire often times get burnt, and such is the case with Noriko Amagi. Candace Allard may be who the good doctor wants, but he many not realize just what the woman's alter-ego can and will due just for the fun of it. Not even when it is a life or death situation. Her eyes are closed, when they come back in to get her. Communing with herself perhaps. If Gregor wanted a more sociopathic and bloodthirsty patient he consider his goal reached.

Mission accomplished.

Whent he lights blindingly come back on, Candice finds herself thrust into a world of too-bright halogen bulbs. Her eyes ache, spots blur her vision and the white padding of the walls does little to differentiate the outlines of her space. A voice crackling over an intercom system in the ceiling is familiar though, Dmitri Gregor's voice is a distinctive one with its thick German accenting and wheezing breaths.

«Hello Candace. It's been a very long time, hasn't it?»

Her memory is incomplete, and rightfully so, the powers of the Haitian can't simply be overcome by psychological trauma alone, but the mental problems that created Candy can be reproduced, certain stimuli can simulate her time with Humanis First, her time on Madagascar, and get just enough subconscious scrape together to rebuild the nightmare to rebuild the woman.

She may not be the same Candy, but there's a very strong chance that reconstructing her perfectly was never Gregor's goal.

Noriko's eyes are blinking while she gets accustomed to the light again, looking around to try and get a sense of where she is and if Gregor is man enough to show himself again. "Not nearly long enough," she hisses at him, her sense of water going out, looking for what she can use almost subconciosly her mind already running to how she can use anything as a weapon. She'll cut herself if she has to get some kind of edge on her captors, and she isn't a stranger to using the water in her own blood to do what she needs to do to escape.

Short of using her own teeth to gnaw into her arm, Noriko is going to be hard pressed to find a suitable edge to do what is required. But Gregor seems to be unlikely to give her that opportunity. «Breathe deep, my darling water-sprite.» The next sound Candice hears is a hissing, sharp and violent coming through tiny circular vents in the floor spaced a foot apart each, twelve in total. She may not immediatrely recognize the yellowish gas hissing out through the vents in fluffy clouds, but she does recognize the nearly immediate sensation of oily film on her skin, the sensation of blunted senses, of dawning helplessness.

Negation gas is a horrifying thing, and while it isn't designed to incapacitate a person it is still a caustic chemical, irritating the skin, watering the eyes as much as any smoke would. More horrifyingly it causes an immediate arrest of certain neural receptors, the portions of the brain necessary for processing Evolved powers, severed in the presence of this filmy gas.

Noriko looks at the gas as it hisses in and she struggles to go into a corner while holding her breath. Of course, the poor girl can't do that for long, and she lets it out with a loud exhale, before she inhales the insidious gas and begins to cough. Her eyes closing tightly while her lungs gasp for a brief respite of fresh air, eyes looking towards the video camera so that she might glare at Gregor.

She'll have a better view soon enough. The gas doesn't dissipate, instead it's recycled into the room. The padded door that enters the room clicks noisily and swings open, revealing an airlock chamber that has been how they've kept the room lightless even when delivering food. Now, however, it serve as an entry point for two masked men in white plastic containment suits, their faces covered by respirator masks. One of them carries a metal suitcase, the other a taser aimed towards Candace.

Behind the two, Dmitri Gregor is donned in a yellow biohazard suit, a large clear plastic visor on his breathing helmet illuminates the round curve of his chubby face and gleams off of the lenses of his glasses. «Ahh, Candace,» comes Gregor's hissing voice through the vocal modulator on the helmet, «I'd allow these nice men to do what they— //need, to do, otherwise they will cease being so nice.//»

Noriko's reponse isn't verbal as the young woman curls up before she leaps forward to attack the man without the taser, untrimmed nails tearing at the plastic of the suit, hoping to cause a containment breach. She doesn't know why they were them, or what they're protecting themselves from, but she figures that it must be important. She snarls while she attacks, hoping that the shock will provide enough awe for her to get away with it.

Whatever the suits are made out of, the tugs of Noriko's nails aren't enough to tear through the material. In the time it takes her shrieking frame to leap up off of the ground and come lunging at the masked men, one of them is stepping aside from the one she's attacked, who brings up his hand-taser to stick against Noriko's side. There's a popping snap of electricity as Noriko's muscles spasm and the pain sends her to her knees, three more shocking zaps before she's down on the ground and that Institute agent is kneeling on the small of her back.

The taser is set aside, even as he wrestles with Noriko's thrashing body, arms bent back and wrists bound with plastic ties while the other retriever lays down the metal briefcase, withdrawing a syringe of clear liquid that is driven into the side of her neck while she's pinned.

As the plunger quickly depresses, Noriko's veins burn and the searing solution of the anti-ability neurotoxin courses through her veins. «The easy part is over, Candice. I'm sorry to say that it is only going to get worse for you from here on out… but you have performed admirably in the tests I needed you for…»

Coming to crouch down at her side, Gregor stays smartly out of arm's reach, even if she is restrained. «I needed to help get that— //animal, in you out into the open again… because I intend to see if I can make an attack dog out of you.//»

Noriko struggles while she lays there, crying out as the feeling of the toxin runs through her veins. "I'll never do anything for you," she snaps at Gregor while she lays there, hands straining against the plastic ties as she tryes to worm her way out of the agent's grasp. Her eyes wide and glaring at Gregor. His goal is more than accomplished, even if all of her hatred and savagery is directed at him for the moment.

«Not willingly, no. I am aware of our— //arrangements, but I also have a library of psychotropic drugs that we're going to play with.» Smiling toothily, Gregor reaches out to ruffle one plastic gloved hand thorugh Noriko's extremely short hair before coming to stand up straight. «Unfortunately I also feel that this may be one of the last times you and I see each other. Because… when we're done doing what we need to do, I don't believe there will be too much of you left, I'm afraid.//»

With a vicious smile, Gregor motions towards the door of the room, even as one of the retrievers is injecting Noriko with another needle, this one a sedative in her neck, a fast-acting drug that goes in smoother than the neuro-toxin, causes eyelids to become heavy and vision to blur.

Noriko subconciously shudders at what he says, but that doesn't stop her from trying to bite at his hand as it goes through her hair. She flinches at the injection that is given to her, and she droops into her Captor's arms, her eyes closing as the sedative works it magic, reducing the defiant young woman to an unconcious defiant woman.

As the retrievers lift Noriko up, Gregor looks down to his gloved hands, then gives an uncontrolable twitch of the right side of his face, muscle sagging beneath one eye before he turns his head away fromt he men. Swallowing tightly, Gregor lifts his hand up to the plastic visor of his helmet, then grimaces awkwardly. «Take her to my private lab,» Gregor orders with a crackling pop of his voice, «get her ready for the therapy sessions. I need to… take a trip to the basement.» And in that Gregor sounds worried, turning to look at the backs of his men, brows creased and jaw trembling in child-like fear.

«It's about time Doctor Cong shares his— //research

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