Montauk Point
Montauk Point
Owner The State of New York
Current Status Open for Tourists
People Come Here For… Sightseeing, Surf-Fishing, Surfing

Montauk Point is all about the ocean. Tall stone bluffs rise from sandy beaches, sometimes more successfully than others; there are points at which erosion has caused the bluffs to collapse, the waves slowly leaching the stone away. One hundred feet back from this border sits the Montauk Point Lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse in the state of New York; operated by the Montauk Historical Society, it houses a museum which is open to the public during summer months. There is also a restaurant, an outdoor picnic area, and a playground — not to mention a gift shop. Other attractions of the point include five miles of hiking trails, picturesque views of the ocean and nearby islands, birdwatching, seal-watching, and — perhaps above all else — world-renowned surf-fishing and surfing.


  • The lighthouse on Montauk Point is the oldest in the state of New York, and the fourth oldest still-active lighthouse in the nation.
  • Montauk Point is the site of a world-renowned surf break. It is also acclaimed for its surf fishing.
  • Captain Kidd was said to have buried treasure in 1699 at the nearby 'Money Ponds'.
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