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Scene Title Moondance
Synopsis Agent Sawyer and Agent Winters meet for the first time
Date Feb 20 2009

Primatech Offices

"It's a marvelous night for a moondance~""

The words are sung on the small office made into a temporary living quarters for Agent Winters. Standing over a sink the young man brings down the razor, shaving. He seems to be in a cheery enough mood. Mostly dressed, he wears a suit though his white shirt is mostly undone and he is most definitely not wearing a tie.

"With the stars up above in your eyes,"

Flicking the razor, in the sink the young man takes a few steps away, checking himself out in the mirror for a moment as he continues to sing. The door is partially open as he hasn't taken care to close it since coming in. The room is compact, just enough for all the necessities. Stepping over to his bed, he goes to take up a jacket and loop it around his shoulders. Just another day at the office, studying like crazy.

"A fantabulous night to make romance…"

Footfalls can be heard — between the words of his crooning — that stop by the door. Veronica peeks in. She's all business, dressed in black slacks and boots, and a green turtleneck due to the chill outside. She taps on the door that is half open, and then calls in. "Agent Winters?" she says, a voice raised just enough to try to get his attention, though not loud enough to bring the other office drones out of their closed doors to see who is yelling. "Sorry to interrupt your American Idol practice…" she adds a little lower, perhaps to herself, perhaps meant for his ears, it's hard to tell.

Whirling around, Brian's brows arch— Wow. Despite knowing what is proper, he can't help but smirk a little bit. Though he won't make a stripper joke, he's learned his lesson with making jokes around all the very attractive females that are in employ at The Company. Quickly buttoning up his shirt, he gives a little grin at her apology. "Eh. Who needs practice? Paula would be all over me." Finishing the buttoning—leaving one or two undone, of course — he goes the door to open it fully. "Come in, can I do something for you?"

"Paula's a lush and has less taste," Veronica says playfully enough, and smirks, revealing dimples on each cheek. She enters the office-turn-apartment, her hands going into her pockets, as if to show that she doesn't intend any sort of trouble in his own personal space. "Well, I guess… I'm your new partner. Veronica Sawyer," she says with a nod to him. "Pleased to meet you," she adds, and withdraws one hand to offer to him. "Did they tell you I was coming at all?" she asks, tilting her head curiously.

"That's why she would love me." Brian concedes with a little grin. Straightning his coat as he places it on, he arches his brows at the next statement. His chin nearly falling off at the same time. She— She was for him? Forcing his mouth closed he gives a little nod, trying to seem less than enthused. That's what you're supposed to do. "You're my-"Wow."Hm." Bringing up his hand slowly he goes to grasp her hand warmly. "Brian Winters." He responds, giving a little shake of his head. "N-No. Not really. But, I'm glad you're here. I thought I would be getting a—" Old ugly man."Someone older."

She arches a brow at his stammering, and tosses her head a little, sending her hair back behind her shoulders. "I am older," she says. "Than you, anyway. Pretty sure of it." She smiles though, and taps a file she holds in her hands. "So. Part of our cover story, we have an apartment set up for us. You're a clerk at Biomere. I'm part of security there. We should be moved in within the next few days, and we have a case already." She glances at him. "It's probably simple enough to just pretend we're dating, for the sake of the neighbors and such. Any questions?"

"I mean, I meant like, older older. Wrinkly." He adds to give her a better picture of what he meant. "I'm twenty two." He gives for the sake of conversation. "We're assigned already?" Brian asks, tilting his head. "Wow I thought— Well, I didn't think. Living together?" He asks in a bit of shock. "Right.. Pretend." He murmurs. "Ah.. What's our case?"

Veronica sighs a little, the puff of air moving some of her wavy locks as she exhales. "Older older. Right," she says, looking amused. "The case is Case, actually. Tyler Case. I don't know what you know of him already, but…" she says, and hands him the file. "It's a bit grisly, in case you've a weak stomach," she warns, leaning against the wall. "Reclaiming him. Looks dangerous," she says, her eyes narrowing a little, as if she isn't sure she can handle such danger. "You're still finishing your training, Goodman said?" she asks.

"Tyler Case. I know—" Nothing. "Just a little." He murmurs, taking a step forward to stand at her side and peer at that little file she has. "Weak stomach? Nah." He waves a dismissive hand, but has second thoughts, apparently. "How grisly?" He asks, tilting his head at her. "Well, yeah. I think I'll be done soon. Dangerous? So it's just us two. On a dangerous mission." That sounds awesome. "Sounds like a tough assignment."

She opens the file and points to a photograph of a charred corpse. "Grisly," she says. "The details are in the file. Read it and we'll have to chat about what we think the best way to deal with him is," Veronica says, closing the file and handing it to him. "So is this all your stuff?" she says with a nod to his belongings. She hands another file to him. "Badges and whatnot, not that we really need to have to go to Biomere if we don't want to. Still, we should probably make a good show of leaving the apartment and having normal lives from time to time."

Brian brings a hand up to his head, as something is triggered. A body of ash on an empty street. For a moment he looks a little sick. Memories, resurfacing as they have the tendency to do. He brings up a hand to his mouth to cover it for a moment, giving a little nod. "Right. I will." He goes to take the file from her with a curt nod. "So we're not married, we're dating? Are we serious?" He asks, glancing over to her for a moment before returning his eyes to the file. "Just wondering how I should be pulling it off.. "

She frowns a bit as he brings his hand to his head, brows knitting and eyes flickering, watching him, but letting him cover it up, not pursuing it for the moment. "Well. If we're living together… serious enough, I guess. That's a nice area, I think, or as nice as anything is now, right?" she asks. "I can look younger if I need to - or you can look a bit older, maybe, if you don't look so 'golly gee wiz' all the time. Whatever works. We're working at Biomere as a cover, so I suppose we could be serious enough. Young couple -married, if you'd prefer. Does it make you blush to be shacked up and not married while we play house?"

"Golly gee wiz?" He asks with a bit of incredulity. Though it's mostly in humor, a little smirk flashing up as he glances over at her. "I can look plenty old, alright? Well, mature. I can look mature." He shakes his head. "Well I'm just thinking. I mean, I've never done a cover before. So are we using our same names, are you trying to get me to pop the question and I'm dragging my feet or you're afraid of commitment, or you're just with me for my money, what?" It seems like this all is very important to him.

She laughs a bit at the earnestness with which he's tackling the whole under-cover part of the job. "Do you have any friends and such in this city?" she asks, curiously. "That you'd expect to see, hang out with, talk to. They have to believe this story too, if so. Best if it's as legitimate as we can make it, if so. We're not going to leave a paper trail or anything. So real names. Can still be married if you want - I'll just be the type who wants my own last name." She winks. "But… if you have friends we're going to meet, then maybe not married. Just… quick whirlwind serious thing. You know. Met, fell in love, moved in together." She glances at him skeptically. "Or… maybe just roommates."

"Maybe Goodman didn't tell you, I suffered an injury when I was found. I have a lot of chunks of my memory missing. So.. if I have friends." He gives a shrug. "I won't know them. I don't think.. Sometimes I get like.. flashes of memory, I think." He points ot glancing at her. "Who would believe you live in the same apartment as me and are just a room mate?" He gives a little grin. "Like you could resist. Closing the folder. "It's up to you." He notes. "Married or whatever. So.. we're finding this guy. Where do we start looking?"

Veronica rolls her eyes at the irresistable comment. "Yeah, yeah," she says, flipping her hair over her shoulder and noding at the file. "Apparently he was last seen two days ago in Chinatown. So… I guess we start there," she says. "We'll have to have a newfound penchant for dim sum and dry cleaning or something, I guess. Goodman said we should be all moved into the new digs, and working on the case by Friday at the least. I'd like to start before then, of course." She frowns a little. "Sorry about your injury… I don't know the details, no."

"Not like you did it. But of course if you did, I wouldn't remember so, good job." He says with a bit of a grin. "Right. Friday. I will go over the details in the file." Brian notes going to toss the file onto the bed. Turning to her he goes to tuck his thumbs into his belt loops. "Well, I can't wait to be married to you." The young man points out with a little grin. "I'm sure it will be a pleasure to serve with you."

"I think Goodman said you still have some training before then, so I'll go about the humdrum stuff of setting up the apartment, maybe see what I can see in Chinatown before then," she says. "And just so you know — if there's not two bedrooms, I get the bed and you get the couch. Age before beauty and all," she says playfully. "It was nice to meet you, Brian. I'll leave you to your American Idol audition fantasy," she adds.

"Yeah. I still have training to do." Brian admits, eyeing her for a moment. His lips slide up into a smile. But then she's talking about beds and couches. Well, shit. He gives a little nod. "You better get used to the American Idol stuff, honey." He gives a little smile as she goes to retreat.

"Yes, Pooh-bear," Veronica tosses back as she slips from the room, leaving the door half-ajar as it was upon her entrance. Her confident stride can be heard down the hall as her heels of those black boots hit the tile floor in a purposeful staccato beat.

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