Moondance Mistake


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Scene Title Moondance Mistake
Synopsis Kameron returns home from her trip to the club, courtesy of Eliot. And Brian makes a huge huge huge mistake.
Date February 28, 2009

The Lighthouse - Second Floor

The door to the boys room closes. He finally got the boys to go to bed. After an extensive discussion on aliens and how Brian was fairly certain they wouldn't be invading any time soon, though Joe had a very convincing theory that somehow linked to the movie Brian had let him watch in his room. After sweet talking Joe out of the notion of an iminent alien invasion and sweet talking Bai-Chan out of experimentally prodding Joe with sharp things, the replicator finally got them to lay down and at least pretend they were sleeping. Stepping out of the room, Brian closes the door softly behind him.

Stepping across the hallway to press his ear to the door. Colette seems to have had success with getting Lily to quiet down. Giving a little sigh Brian steps away from the girls room and makes his way down the empty hall, back down the stairs. Reaching into his pocket, he goes to pull out a ring of keys for the basement.

Black cap tugged low, pair of dark jeans, and a black track jacket the young man sings a little as he makes his way towards the stairs.

"It's a marvelous night for a moondance…"

It didn't take as long for Kameron to get home as she'd worried, though she was tired from all the walking. A quick 'look' around downstairs showed no one present, so she releases Prince from the leash, rolling it up around her hand and pulls her shades off briefly to rub her eyes. Fwef. Prince pads along behind her, with a hefty yawn that betrays his own tiredness, and Kam leans down to give him a reassuring pat.

She pauses by Brian's door, debating to see if he's in - or he might be asleep, and changes her mind, heading for the steps instead. She'll let him rest, and talk to him in the morning. Yet by the time she gets to the steps, she hears a familiar voice, singing. He's singing? A grin breaks across her face, relieved. 'If he's singing, he must be in a much better mood.' So a voice floats up the stairwell, as she can't help but respond to the music. It's a curse. "With the stars up above in your eyes," Her father used to sing that song, being a fan and all. It was a bit nostalgic. She trails a hand against the wall, watching for the human shape to come into view. "You're in a better mood," she greets, once she 'spots' him. "I'm glad."

Better mood. Hah! At her answering of his song, his mouth clicks shut. The children had distracted him from his Righteous Wrath (tm?) but once that voice filters into his ears it all comes rushing back. The very awkward staring, the liking and hating at the same time, and the staring. That was a great time. Hell no will he be singing the next line. Her words though, he pauses, she blocking him from actually going down the stairs. She thought he was in a bad mood? Surely she had to know why.

And so all this inspires a great speech for Brian to rattle off in his own justification. A speech that goes a lot like, "……." Staring at her, the young man is really unsure what to say and so he just stands there for a moment. Uhhh.

Kameron probably shouldn't sing the next line either for that matter. God knows what Brian might think, considering she just came back from the club with that guy that was not HIM. In fact, God is probably sitting up there on his fluffy pink cloud, /laughing/. Ass. She didn't know the -actual- reason he was in a bad mood; she'd in fact assumed it was job and life stress related to searching for Cally and Abby. The silence that follows is puzzling, "You don't remember the rest?" She prompts gently, "It goes, A fantabulous night to make romance, 'neath the cover of october skies.." She chuckles softly, "Kids asleep?"

"I know the rest." He answers quickly and sharply. Don't you challenge his knowlege of eighties music knowledge..seventies..sixties? whenever that music came out! He knows about it. And that is something he will staunchly defend. And even though the word 'fantabulous' makes him giggle almost every time he hears it, tonight will not be one of those times. Watching her quietly as she chuckles he gives a little nod. "Yes. They're asleep." He answers gruffly. Now get out of my way, I have some angry slash sad thoughts to think.

… Kameron's smile vanishes, replaced by a puzzled one. Wow. "Okaayy," she whispers in a low drawl, mostly to herself. "Maybe not." In a good mood that is. She lingers on the steps a moment, then quietly approaches, still blocking his attempt to go down the stairs and think angry/sad thoughts. "What's the matter? You were acting really strangely earlier too." and she's kicking herself for not following him then, but…

BecauseyouheldthatguyshandwhowasntmeandyouactedlikeyoulikedhimandyoudidntevenknowhimandyouwentwithhiminsteadofmeandHMPH."Nothing." He replies coldly, though as soon as her smile starts to disappear he's already losing the conviction that fuels his angry spell. Staying mad at her is like kicking a puppy. And puppy kicking is sad. :(. Though, still, he manages to keep it up at least for now. "How was your tour?" He can't help but put a little venom in the last word. Woops.

God, it's like Miami all over again. Why does he get so angry? Should she have asked him to join them after all? ".. i-It was fine," she murmurs, rather defensively. She doesn't think his Nothing is actual Nothing. Boys were so complicated! "Eliot's very nice." Which is probably not what Brian wants to hear. He probably wants to hear her say she had a crummy time, like in Miami! "I'm sure you'd like him, um.."

During the Great Miami Incident, Brian was more concerned about Kameron's well being. He was genuinely worried. During this situation, which will later be noted by historians as the Eliot Cafuffle of 2009, Brian was much more concerned about himself. And his important-ness to Kameron. His lips thin as she tells him how nice the other man was and how he would like him bla bla bla. "Okay." He answers, somewhat politely. "You missed dinner. Are you hungry?"

To Kam, It feels like there is a huge elephant in the room, standing right between the two of them, even though they were separated by a few feet at best. "N-No, not really," Kameron admits, more concerned by the way Brian was acting. Granted during the Great Miami incident Brian /had/ been scared something happened but.. "I'm sorry I missed dinner," she adds quietly, disbelieving that -that- is the reason he was angry with her. Unless it was something elaborate and took a lot of preparation. She shifts her weight, moving more to the side - room enough for Brian to go down the stairs if he wanted to, now that she was leaning against the wall.

Stepping to the side and around the elephant, Brian casts a look back at the door of the girl's dormitory. Colette had told him just to come out and say what he was feeling. Well, that was a stupid idea, but at least he could articulate himself a little. Looking back to Kameron, he gives a little humm. "I'm sorry. I'm acting childish." He admits. "I don't mind you missed dinner. I'm glad you had a good time." It's hard to get out but he manages it anyway.

Ahah! So he -WAS- jealous! .. he wanted a tour too! Kameron lets out a sigh of relief, watching the thermal Brian sidle past. "He said he'd put my name on the list so I don't have to wait on line," Not bragging! Kameron does move to follow him though, "I'm sure you'd be able to get in too." If he came with her that is. She's not sure if it works that way, exactly. But the likelihood of someone refusing him entry is unthinkable to her. "You could get a tour too.." She adds, helpfully.

"You're going to go back?" Brian asks quickly, his voice very clearly alarmed. "I-ah. Why-What would make you want to-Um." His eyes grow a size that could rival Toby begging for food as far as pathetic-ness goes. "I thought you didn't like clubs." He mutters quietly. As if trying to remind her she doesn't like clubs. Or will her into not liking clubs.

.. what's with the alarm? "I haven't decided, honestly," Kameron remarks, thoughtful. "It seems a little pointless, save for the music. ANd the conversation was nice, but people don't usually go to nightclubs for sparkling conversation." They go to -dance- and drink. At the reminder, she fidgets, "Well.. I don't, really. If I do ever go back, I might just go to say hello to Eliot, but other than that.." She shrugs slightly. "I just figured - you know, if you wanted a tour too, I could ask him.."

"You like him." It's not a question. It's a statement. Taking one step down the stairs, Brian sets his hand on the railing. His tone is once again subdued, defeated. "I." Hmm. "Uh." What do you say here? "Okay." He says trying to summon up a smile. He fails though.

Blink. Didn't she just say he was a nice guy? That's what Brian means, right? "What do you mean?" Kameron asks, after a moment. But the tone in his voice, - maybe he was worried she was going to neglect things here because she was going to go out partying. "… Oh Brian." Is a soft sigh of realization. Not the realization that -he- was thinking probably, but - it does get her to trot down the steps after him, stopping a good two steps behind so she can lean forward against his back and wrap her arms around him in a tight hug. Unless he shoves her away.
"You worry too much, you know that?" REALLY. "What happened in Miami isn't going to happen again," probably. "I promised I'd stay on and help you here, so you don't have to worry about me running off - or bein dragged off by well meaning friends. I don't want to let you down again, so I'm goin to be here for as long as you'll need me.. OK?"

Brian gives a little snort of agitation. He looks up at her and gives a little sigh in return. Taking another step down he stops when she goes to wrap her arms around him. His head goes to lean back a little, against her shoulder. He just stands there for a minute leaning against her, comfortable, if a little mad still. He finally gives a nod. "I might need you a long time." He says softly. "But I don't want you to stay here if you don't want to be here."

"He held your hand." He points out. In case she didn't know.

He's got a lot going on. She expected that he'd need her a long time. "I'm prepared for that eventuality." Is her amused response. But then! "Why wouldn't I want to be here?" That's genuinely puzzled. Seriously, that makes no sense whatsoever. Honestly. She holds still, supportive at the leaning, if still a little unsure of what the big deal was. Was he upset over not getting a tour, or her hand being held? Which is just bizarre. "So?" Kameron smiles absently, "Remember? I'm blind. I can't exactly up and walk into the club- especially not one with lighting. He had to hold my hand so I'd know where I was going, silly."

"Well yeah. But who goes just grabbing people's hands like that?" He asks, deciding not to think about how long he knew Kameron before holding her hand for the first time. He's almost sure it was a good while. "And I don't understand why he wanted to give you a tour so bad. You're blind. " He confirms the words she had just spoken.
"And he didn't invite me." Which means something entirely different to Brian than it does to Kameron. "Not that I wanted to see it. It's just a stupid club."

Wow, he was really bitter about not going on the (3 hour o/~) tour wasn't he? And he definitely sounded just the teensiest bit angry too. Puzzled, she leans back from the embrace, one hand dropping to her side, the other to her chin in thought. "Um." Granted she had almost yanked her hand away when he did reach for her hand - if she hadn't realized/thought it was just to guide her, she would have. "Maybe he.. didn't think about it, and just did it?" It wasn't like it meant anything, snagging her hand like that.

"As for the tour -I guess he wanted to change my mind about not liking them? I mean, not ever club can be like the Miami club was," she suppresses a shudder, not wanting to relive that experience anytime soon. "I guess it didn't occur to him to invite you. Maybe he thought you had other things to do?" Then again he didn't ask -and it's true, he /didn't/ invite.. huh.

Get those wheels turning! "He doesn't know you, Kammy. Why would he want to do that?" Brian asks, turning around to face her. Granted the guy did seem really nice. But testosterone and suspicion won out over his decision on whether the guy was trustworthy or not. He was not. "Don't you think, maybe, it could have been something a little less innocent?" He asks, no, pleads. "Not everyone in this city is nice, KamK—"No she doesn't get called the special nickname in time of crisis. "eron." KamKeron.

Kamkeron is without a doubt, one of the most bizarre nicknames he's given her so far. "He's..maybe he's just friendly.." Kameron suggests. Open trusting meet suspicious paranoia! "If.. if it was less innocent, then he would have drugged the drink or, or tried something when we were chatting." Because clearly, anyone with naughty ideas would act on them right? At the latter comment, she glances away, "I know there are people who aren't entirely nice in this city, or in New york." She replies quietly. "I just believe in giving them the benefit of the doubt. Not everyone in the city is nice, no .. but not everyone in the city is out to get you either."

Nrr. "Okay." He finally says, looking up at her. He gives a little sigh. "I'm sorry. I'm acting like a little kid again." Brian finally concedes. "I just. I guess I got jealous. Of him. Holding your hand." The words are painfully difficult to shove out of his mouth. "I—.." He gives a nod. That's a great ending point for a sentence!

Kameron shakes her head. "Have no reason to get jealous over a silly thing like that." she supplies for him. "Honestly Brian, I told you that I'm not going to abandon you guys here." Not without a really really good reason. Turning back to him, she smiles. "Apology accepted." Figuring the second 'I' that got stopped there was a repeat of the apology, "So you don't have any reason to be afraid, or jealous or anything okay? I'm here." And he has enough to stress out about without him worrying about her falling for some guy and running off.

"Okay." He says softly. Taking a step back up the stairs his anger kind of melts the replicator goes to reach up and claim her hand. The hand that is rightfully his, okay. "I'm sorry again. Just.. you know. I care about you. I. yeah, I'm sorry. Want to go get some ice cream?" He asks giving her hand a little tug.

The hand taken, Kameron reaches over with her other hand to give it a reassuring squeeze-and-pat. "I care about you too, Brian." Just like any of her friends. "So don't worry about silly things anymore." He had her worried he was upset about something serious! She grins again at the question, stepping down to nod, "All right." Because it's ice cream, and if you turn down ice cream you are evil. And Brian clearly needed some ice cream anyway.

Giving her hand a little squeeze he tilts his head at her when she speaks. A glazed over smile forms on his lips when she informs him how she cares about him too. That's good. And maybe it's the reassuring talk they just had, or the way the moon affects the tide, or just how warm her hand was. But something made Brian very comfortbale. And in that comfort, Brian leans in towards his friends and allows his lips to briefly press against hers. Only half way in does he realize what exactly he is doing and his eyes shoot wide open, his head jerking back.


A fantabulous night to make romance, neath the cover of October skies…


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