More Bad News


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Scene Title More Bad News
Synopsis Last night, Cardinal found something. Today, he tells someone about it.
Date March 28, 2009

A cell phone rings. The number's 'unlisted' but identifiable as the one that Cardinal uses.

On the other end, Elisabeth's voice is wary. "Harrison."

Richard's voice is a bit tired on the other side as he offers, "Harrison. Came across somethin' last night that I thought you might want t'know about."

Elisabeth pauses, and says, "All right… I'll bite. Whatcha got?"

Cardinal makes a sound in his throat, "I was over on the Island, found something that washed up on the beach. A body."

Now that'll get her attention. "All right, then… not like that's the first time it's happened. Got an ID? I doubt NYPD's going to want to send someone to get it… asshole DA is still playing like Staten's not part of our jurisdiction anymore. But I'll do what I can." Elisabeth sounds unsure why he's passing it to her.

Cardinal is quiet for a long few moments on the other end of the line. "Yeah." A lengthy pause, again, "Yeah, I got an ID, Liz. I'd recognize him anywhere, even with the… damage the water'd done."

Considering how pissed off he is at her… the fact that his voice went soft and he used her first name tips Liz off that there's something wrong. Her heart drops into her stomach. "Who?" is all she asks, quietly.


There is dead silence on the other end of the phone.

A sigh stirs against the speaker of the phone, followed by, "Someone blew 'im away, tossed the body in the river, looked like. Good shot, whoever it was. Sorry, Liz."'

When Elisabeth finally speaks, her voice sounds like she's choking. "You're sure of the ID, Richard? A hundred percent?"

A faint grunt of breath, "One hundred percent. I've spent too much time shadowing 'im not to know his face."

On her end of the phone, Elisabeth sucks in a breath. She sounds like she just got hit in the stomach, her voice tight as she struggles to keep it steady. "I want the body. Can someone… secure it?"

At the question, he makes a sound of negation, "I left it where I found it. I'm not putting my fingerprints on a Fed's body, and I couldn't tell you exactly where it was—somewhere over near the Lighthouse, I was leavin' there when I came upon it."

Elisabeth loses it right then. There's the sound of a sob, quickly stifled, and she says almost desperately, "You don't have to touch him. Just…. for God's sake, don't leave him there to be… whatever the fuck the animals over there will do to him! I'm… I'll find a way. Please?"

Cardinal is silent for a long moment, and then he says quietly, "I'll… try to find it again. Can't make any promises. Might already be gone, out to the tide, or who the fuck knows."

Elisabeth replies in a choked tone, "Thank you. I'll…. I gotta figure out the logistics of getting to Staten. Call me… when you get back to where he is, okay?"

A faint sound of affirmation, "I'll try to find him."

Elisabeth hangs up on him without saying anything else.

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