More Than Anything



Scene Title More Than Anything
Synopsis Elle awakens from a dream, with an unexpected bit of melancholy added to her plate.
Date April 02, 2011

Redbird Security - Elle's Apartment

It is with a start that Elle Bishop awakens from her slumber, shooting straight up in bed with a little cry of shock, sweat steaming on her brow. Her hand immediately snaps over her stomach as she sits up, protective of the precious cargo that is definitely not there now that she's not in that terrifying dream world that she just snapped awake from.

Blue eyes are wide, staring at the wall ahead of her as she calms herself, still holding her stomach. A few deep, distressed breaths are taken as Elle calms herself from that dream, taking a few breaths and closing her eyes.

Once her breathing has gone down, Elle shrugs the covers off of her legs, swinging them down to the side of the bed. They dangle there for a moment, before pressing against the carpet of the apartment as the girl raises to her feet. She moves into the bathroom, flicking on the light with squinting eyes that ache from the sudden brightness, in contrast to the darkness.

After a moment, Elle moves over to the mirror, leaning against the counter and staring at herself, a frown worn on her features, creasing her brow into worry lines. Then, she pulls away, turning to the side and examining herself in the mirror.

A baby? Elle won't deny her partial relief that she was just dreaming, and it wasn't real. But she can't deny that, more than relief, she feels a fairly large amount of disappointment. That joy she felt, that sudden shock, the sudden decision to name her son Robert, after her father, the protectiveness, the sudden amazement that she felt…those all felt real.

Those feelings all were real. Just like the disappointment she feels that the dream isn't real.

No matter what violation she felt for being impregnated by whoever it was keeping her in that old psychiatric hospital type place…that's all overridden by that biological clock of hers. That desire she has to become a mother. What she's had since she found out that she has a son in the future. She wants, more than anything else, to be a mom. To give a child the life that she was denied.

The lovethat she was denied.

Since she's in the privacy of her own home, she might as well. Experimentally, Elle pushes her stomach out as far as she can, doing her best to emulate a bulging belly. It's not quite right, but it resembles a little bit. Quietly, she runs her hands over her extended tummy, her head tilted to one side as she stares at her reflection.

A baby.

She wants one.

After a moment of experimentally pushing her tummy out, Elle stops herself, turning away from the bathroom mirror and leaving the bathroom, clicking the light off behind her. A trek into the kitchen is made, the woman pouring herself a cup of milk. Leaning against the counter, the electrokinetic-turned-radioactive girl drains the dairy beverage, closing her eyes.

Finishing the glass, she turns and rinses it in the sink, leaving it to be washed in the morning. The blonde then turns, making her way back into the bedroom to crawl under the covers. It's there that she lays, quietly running her fingers over her abdomen and staring at the ceiling, frowning. As terrifying as the dream was, she almost wants it to happen.

So how does she make that moment come faster?

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