More Violence Rocks Roosevelt Island

ROOSEVELT ISLAND — In what has been the worst two months of violence this city has seen since the destruction of the narrows and Eagle Electric in January, the city of New York was once again rocked by unexpected violence. This time the scene was Roosevelt Island's main street, just outside the decommissioned Tramway facility beneath the Queensboro bridge.

Reports from those at the scene indicate that a kidnapping resulted in shots fired by unidentified men with automatic weapons. Those at the scene believe to have heard that the victim of the kidnapping was Helena Dean, infamous organizer of the militant pro-evolved activism group Phoenix.

Authorities are searching for leads in the kidnapping, but a frantic 911 phone call may have been the key. Sources inside the NYPD claim that a frantic Wendy Hunter was witness to the incident as it happened, in which abandoned construction equipment was used as a distraction to disperse the crowd of people headed to the Roosevelt Island Carnival. The 911 call has not been released to the press at this time.

Indications that Hunter — who was in the news just a month ago after having been kidnapped alongside Peyton Whitney by Humanis First — may have been captured by these unknown assailants as well. Eye witnesses at the scene are reporting to have seen a man matching the description of Emile Danko, one of the NYPD's most wanted for terrorist activities in connection with Humanis First.

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