Morning Coffee Tax


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Scene Title Morning Coffee Tax
Synopsis Ryans and Lashirah talk over morning coffee.
Date September 06, 2010

Gun Hill: Lashirah's Apartment

It's not overly early in the morning, but neither is it really all that late. For Ryans, he feels like he's been over sleeping. A man who is use to getting up at crack of dawn, he's feeling sluggish lately. Despite that, he's dressed in a pair of donated jeans and a somewhat faded black t-shirt. His brown hair is slicked back from a very recent shower.

Now it's time to bother one of his agents… well, was his agent. Brows pull down at the thought, as his knuckles rap against the door. Will he be able to think of them as anything other then his people? He wasn't their boss, but there are some aspects of his demeanor that don't seem to change.

A coffee mug hangs from his other hand, finger looped through the handle while he even holds a back of some roast something or another. An offering maybe? His place doesn't have a coffeemaker. Even he needs his fix.

Lashirah takes a few moments to look through the door's peep-sight. Then she undoes the lock and chain, before opening the door wide. "Come on in." The SIGHT that greets Ryans might nearly topple him though. a gray, somewhat cut short t-shirt, jeans that just barely fit make up the outfit, but the real show stopper is the fact that Lash apparently is now bright blonde.

There is a moment that, Ryans just kind of… studies her, he was startled when the door opened. It doesn't show, but he definitely was taken by surprise. "Huh…" The old man says after a moment, stepping inside finally. "You've been busy." He observes.

"I figured you might have the coffee going." The agent's need for caffeine about legendary. The container of coffee is offered. "I even brought some to replace what I drink." The smile twitches at the corner of his mouth.

Lashirah smirks. It's one of the few things she HAD managed to get int he last few days. and the smell of coffee brewing is in the air already… the only real amenity past the basics in the entire apartment. "Caffinee tax, huh?" She grins a little at the memory, a sad smile, but a smile none the less.

"I wouldn't dare to darken to doorstep and ask, if I didn't pay it." Ryans offers softly. He's been trained well in that aspect as well. Brows lift and he pints towards the kitchen, before taking his leave to do so. "This isn't the only reason I came by."

The coffeemaker is found quickly, with a flicker of relief in on his features. "I talked to Huruma the other day." Once the black liquid is pours and a little bit of sweetener added, Ryans turns his attention at his former team mate. "She offered to get her hands on some weapons for us. I told her I'd talk to you and the others and see if they want… a little added protection."

Lashirah smiles a bit. "Well… I still have both my forty-fives, but ammunition is going to be tough to come by…" She shakes her head. "…It's a time to lay low, and figure out our next step." She looks at the 'boss', and teammate, then asks a simple question. "Just because the white house turned on us, doesn't mean the job's done, just the paychecks, yes?" she says it softly.

"Ashley" looks up from the cup of coffee she pours herself, and says it simply. "The Company did things we aren't, and will never be, proud of, but it did things that we should be proud of as well." She looks to Ryans a moment, then sighs. "Can I ask something a touch more… personal?"

Sipping his coffee first, Ryans nods his head slowly, "That we can agree on. I haven't been able to look at the new, since that first day.

"And sure." The old man adds a flicker of curiosity in his features at her question. A hand rests on the counter, while he slants a glance in Lashirah's direction, brows tipped up a little. "What's on your mind?"

Lashirah sighs, and takes a very long sip of her own cup of coffee. "… The flashes of the… now very near future. What was yours?" She holds her cup with both hands to hide the bit of tremble she has while asking it.

There is a tightening of his jaw at the question, fingers tighten around the handle, but then he lets out a long sigh. "I don't know when or where I was." He starts softly, brows furrowing and eyes on the coffee in his mug. "But I remember pain, tasting blood, and having a hard time focusing. Trying to load my .45 with bloody hands. I was shouting at Huruma to take Delia to Noah's people." His eyes move to watch the younger woman as he continues.

"There were people coming my way, I could see their shadows on the wall. I stood and waited for them." Eyes unfocus as he retreats into the memory. "Gun ready." Not much different when he left Grant there in the lab to make his final stand. "That's all. I woke up after that."

Lashirah sets her cup of coffee down, unfinished, as she leans against the counter, then whispers. "I like yours better then mine." She can't hide the shiver she has as she looks at the sink a moment. "… I didn't have one. Nothing but silent darkness."

The former Company man, studies the woman next to him, silence filling the space between them. Finally, Ryans set the mug on the counter and reaches to place a gentle hand on the woman's shoulder. "Knowing the future is being armed with the means to stop it or change it." His voice rumbles with the gentleness he uses for his own girls.

"That vision is what I think got us here. In the vision I didn't know who the Ferrymen were. I do know." Ryans points out softly, with a small twitch of his lips. "It's worked out pretty nicely so far. That doesn't mean I will be relaxing by any means."

The hand on her shoulder gives a squeeze. "We may not be Company, but your still one of my… people." The word agent sits on the tip of his tongue, but he avoids the slip up. "With hope, we can prevent it from happening. You not alone. Just remember that."

Lashirah nods quietly, and takes another slow sip of coffee. "… We won't let them down." She says softly. "Too many lost for us to have one last chance. A chance to get it right." She sighs. "…Still amazed they didn't toss us out on the street."

"You and me both." Amusement coloring his tone. "Noah looked rather beat up, so I assume he had to… do some persuading. Especially, with Hana involved." There is a grimace, hand sliding off her shoulder in favor of his coffee, a careful sip taken.

"I plan to hunt down the woman who runs this place, see if there is anything I can do, I heard they were working on restoring this place." Ryans starts thoughtfully, "Since I'm forced to lay low, I might as well, attempt to be useful."

Lashirah nods. "… It'd be nice to be useful. Not like I can make use of the carrer this other identity of mine had anyway, not until this storm blows over at least somewhat.

There is a slow nod, "I'm not the type to stay idle. I'll see what kind of things I can scare up for us to do." Ryan says softly, glancing back at the door. "So you don't need any guns? Only ammo for what you have?"

He's already turning towards the door, thoughts on what he needs to do. "I should be seeing Huruma again soon, so I can pass along anything you need."

Lashirah pauses a moment, then quietly smirks. "Some .45 ammo… for now. Later we'll consider trying to get me something… bigger for longer range… and an idea of what we need to do." She shrugs. "The coffee pot is, well, almost always on." She hesitates a moment. "Just be careful, alright?"

"And what fun would there be in that?" Ryans meant it as a joke, but considering the last few days, what little bit of a smile that was on his face, slides away. He amends with, "I will." The older agent takes a moment to top off his mug, before starting towards the door.

"Like the new look by the way." Ryans offers before letting himself out. Once out of her sight, his features will fall into to that stony look, she given him something to think about.

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