Morning Workout


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Scene Title Morning Workout
Synopsis Claire and Liz chat… and some information comes out.
Date Jan 14, 2009

USS George Washington, Gymnasium

Late morning. It's a good time of the day to be in the ships gym, as most of the crew have cycled through for their morning PT. It leaves the room fairly empty, of bodies. There is the rhythm of feet scuffing as they jog along and the low hum of a working motor flat through the mostly quiet room. Beyond that it's quiet, r as quiet as you can get onboard the carrier.

That sound comes from Claire, who is currently jogging on a tread mill, wearing a pair of unflattering Navy PT sweats and her hair pulled back into a tight ponytail. Even though she's ding something strenuous, the regenerator doesn't exactly look like she's struggling or even to winded. More then that, the ex-cheerleader actually looks somewhat relaxed and a bit less guarded.

Elisabeth's been putting in time with the PT squads. A lot of it. She walks into the gym with the last group of runners and grins slightly at the comments going on around her. Not everyone accepts the civilians aboard, but the small group she's been running with have pushed her really hard and she's asked them to keep on piling it on, so she's earned some respect and camaraderie with them. She spots Claire and takes her leave of the small group of men, grabbing a bottle of water out of a locker that she's using as she heads toward the treadmills. Climbing up on the one next to Claire just to walk, she asks, "You holding up, kiddo?"

The sound of Elisabeth's voice pulls Claire out of her thoughts, making her stumble a bit before she recovers her step again. A few more steps and she moves to straddle the moving belt and punch the stoop button. Liz is offered a bit of a smile as she picks up her own bottle from the cup holder. "Hey.. I'm good I guess. I feel better then I have been." Her expression turns sheepish, as she admits, "I ran into Gabriel last night and after talking to him, I don't feel like I need to be looking over my shoulder all the time. " She pauses in the middle of lifting er bottle for a drink and adds, "Or at least when it comes to him." A deep drink is taken before she asks in return. "How's it going for you?"

Elisabeth keeps walking on the slow-moving belt, cooling down. "Not too bad," she replies quietly. "Sorting through things. Trying to make sure I've got my head where it needs to be for this. Worrying that sending a bunch of Evos in against a guy who steals power is the Worst. Idea. Ever." She shrugs a little. "Not like there's much option, but still."

A couple punches at the controls and the belt between her feet slows so that Claire can walk and talk the older blonde. "Yeah…" The ex-cheerleader agrees softly. "Not sure what will happen there. I'm nervous about it. Knowing that Peter is going to die and I'll be there holding his hand when he does. Just knowing I need to try and stop it." A hand grips the railing, her other arm left to swing with her steps. "I wish I could see her face… it's one of ours that does it.. that much I know."

"Talk about pressure… you know?" Claire murmurs with a huff. "And Etana said it was more then just that one instance. It's all about the choices made in that moment. I only know the one."

Tilting her head, Elisabeth says softly, "So… once again, it's all about Peter Petrelli." There's a bitterness as she says it. "Did this seer say why he's got to survive?" She looks at Claire and grimaces. "I'm sorry. I know the body of the man is your uncle and that you care about him. I don't mean to sound callous. He's just…. cost me a lot already. And frankly, every damn time shit comes down, he seems to be stuck in it. Or at least, a lot of it."

"Not a word… just that if that moment in time happened, all will be lost." Claire comments blandly, before glancing over at Elisabeth. Her comment about Peter gets a small humorless smirk, the young woman could defend her uncle, but for the moment she leaves it. "I know, truthfully.. if you look at everything that has happened.. especially the bad… it seems like there is always a Petrelli in the middle of it."

Her eyes stare ahead of her to that gray wall thoughtfully, "I guess that says a lot about my heritage." Claire doesn't sound to happy about it. Luckily, so far she hasn't seemed to have been drug into that world yet. Peter is the only one of that branch of her family tree that she trusts and feels close to.

"Pfft," Elisabeth retorts. "Actually, most of the time it seems like it's that Petrelli. Haven't decided yet whether the man is just the unluckiest bastard on the planet or a pawn of fate or what." She shrugs. "Not like it makes much difference. But don't take on other people's sins, Claire." She sighs and keeps walking on the belt.

"He tries to do what is right." Claire defends her Uncle, there is no venom in her words, it's like she is stating a fact. "I want to say he's a pawn of fate.. Midtown.. That is a moment decided by choices and not just his. There were ways to stop him and it didn't happen. He lost control and no one was there to stop him or support him."

Small shoulders shrug, a look angled at Liz. "Not saying he's not at fault.. just saying… It was the decisions made in a moment that caused that… We're headed to another of those moments. With hope everyone makes the right choices this time. "

The older woman looks at the younger and says quietly, "I can feel sympathy for his situation and still feel rage that my mother paid for his inability to control it." God knows Elisabeth has worked enough cases and sympathized with enough people over accidental uses of destructive powers. The child who killed Ariel Martinez. The boy who burned down the tenement. And even Peter Petrelli. But at the same time, she's not blind to the damage done. "I hope to God that when this moment comes, it's not accompanied by another nuclear blast, that's for damn sure."

Feet me off the belt again, so that Claire can study Elisabeth. "I'm not saying you can't feel that rage." Giving the woman a sad smile. "You have every right to be," she acknowledges softly. Punching the stop button, Claire turns to rest her arm on one of the hand rails. "And I really hope is there isn't a blast when we do this thing." She rolls the bottle between her hands. "Even though we wouldn't have to worry about the results, I still don't want to leave my friends and family that kind of future."

There's a moment where Elisabeth thinks about that and she stops her own treadmill, looking toward Claire. "I spend a lot of my time worrying," she finally tells Claire. "It doesn't really help, it just upsets my stomach. So let me say this to you, at the risk of sounding ridiculously old." In point of fact, Liz is technically old enough to be Claire's mother, which if she takes the time to think about it makes her feel VERY old. "Trying not to worry doesn't really help — what does help is visualizing each possibility, each scenario, and working on ways that you can counter it. So that if or when the worst case happens, you have some chance of heading it off out of sheer instinct."

"I've been trying to think of how to head off what's coming." Claire admits with a nod, but she sighs. "I think it will come down too waiting. I hate waiting." She grumbles a bit, moving to step off the treadmill. "My worst fear is not recognizing the signs till its to late." A hand lifts to brush at her damp forehead.

"I called my dad." Claire suddenly admits, turning to look at Liz with guilt and sadness. "Or tried.. Tried t call my mom too. Only got voice mail." She doesn't remember if she ever told Liz abut her and Noah's relationship…. or the lack of one since daughter never talks to daddy.

Elisabeth snickers softly. "Everyone hates waiting," she replies with a grin, following the younger blonde off the machines and meandering with her through the gym back toward the hallways. If she's surprised that Claire tried her father, Elisabeth doesn't really show that. What she does say is, "I'm sorry you didn't get through. Your dad would have been glad to hear from you." There's a pause and she admits, "He and I've spoken before. Not like we're friends, but… I promised him I was looking out for you." She grins a bit. "Mostly, I feel like I've failed you in that regard," she admits. Not failed Noah, but failed Claire.

"Failed me?" Claire asks with sudden surprise, slowing to a stop so that she can face Liz, reaching out the physically make her stop with a hand on her arm. "What has happened to me, was totally out of your control. We were not even anywhere close to each other during that whole clusterfuck. I was thrown to the wolves so to speak by the government. "

Letting go of Liz's arm, Claire's mouth tugs to one side in a smirk as she admits. "And beyond the fact I was a prisoner.. and overlooking the fact that in a moment of fear Gabriel tried to take my ability again… Bravo team worked. It really worked. I hate to admit it… but I think they did the right things throwing me there if I had to go anywhere."

Turning to look at her companion, Elisabeth tips her head to study the girl. Blue eyes are shuttered and she says quietly, "I don't expect to control what happens to you, or to keep you out of trouble, Claire. I just try to have your back. And that's where I feel like I failed a bit. And now …" She rolls her shoulders in a bit of an agitated movement. "Now the best I can do is tell you that I get what kind of nightmares you're having. Most of the memories I have of being held by Humanis First are… still images. Snapshots in time. The sound of the hammer pulling back just before Emile Danko shot me in the head still has the power to wake me out of a dead sound sleep screaming." She pauses and hehs softly. "And if you think that is any kind of simple thing when you're an audiokinetic, maybe you should consider what can happen if I lose it and scream," she quips. But she's serious as she looks at Claire. "I wish desperately that I could make this easier for you, and there is no way. You just have to… plod through it. And right now, you don't even really have the time to do that — there's just too much that's more important. So… I worry."

Eyes squint thoughtfully at Liz, brows dropping in frustration. "That name… why does that sound familiar." She murmurs softly, having been derailed for the moment as she grasps at fragments of memories trying to figure it out.

Finally, she sighs with frustration and shakes her head. "Anyhow.. I know.. I know these nightmares may never really fade. Staring up at the barrel of the shotgun is one. Laying on an operating table watching my organs grow back in my body cavity…. and trying to save Dixon only to have him incinerated in may arms. So many of them." She murmurs softly, looking a little pale just talking about it.

Elisabeth moves now, drawing the teen — or near-teen — into her arms to hug her tightly. Claire's response to Danko's name is assumed to be from back in New York. "I cannot imagine what you've been through.. your powers make you able to survive things I just have no ability to pretend to truly understand," she admits. "But if you need to talk, Claire… I'm here. I'll be here. Anytime, day or night."

Arms wrap around her friend hugging her for a long moment suddenly feeling like she needs the comfort, Claire's expression unreadable. "Thanks, Liz." She murmurs as she pulls away and gives her a sad smile. "I imagine when all this is done, I'll have t talk about it.. I mean.. really talk about it."

Suddenly, Claire frowns. "The boat we were on crashed into a bigger enemy one. I followed a old bald guy onto the big boat." Her eyes search the floor as if the memory is there to scrutinize. "He was… a good fighter."

A brief nod, and Liz merely offers what comfort and support she can. "I'm glad you had good fighters with you. God knows, of all of us, you guys needed them the most." She watches Claire quietly.

"No.. Liz.. that's who it was.. that is where I know that name." Claire suddenly seem s certain about it. She brighten a bit, as she was able to put a name to a face. "He.. wasn't with us when we left though." Brows drop int a frown and she starts to weave through people again. "Sorry.. " Claire murmurs softly. "You hungry? I imagine we can grab breakfast before the crowd gets there."

Elisabeth suddenly stiffens and rears back, paling visibly. "What?" she asks almost voicelessly. There's a faint rumble, a sound that's not really a sound, well below human hearing a lost in the general rumble of the ship itself. A vibration more than a sound.

Realizing the older blonde isn't moving with her, Claire turns back to give the woman a confused look. The thing that sucks about lost memories… You don't remember how a friend could react to certain news. The excitement she had over remembering something fades away at the look on the other's face and the way the air around her vibrates.

"Liz?" Claire asks in concern taking a hesitant step towards her friend.

"Emile Danko… was in Madagascar?" Elisabeth asks very carefully. "You…. you need to tell Richard that." Danko is not the threat to her psyche that Doug was, but much like Claire and Sylar in the same room, the idea that Danko was pulled onto this mission puts a sudden stress on Liz that she wasn't expecting. The kind that constricts her breathing and makes her sound off-kilter.

Glancing around, Claire grabs a stool and moves it where Liz can sit down if need be. "Yes…" She confirms softly. "He…." Brows drop, eyes close as she wracks her brain. "He was all that was left of the first Bravo team. He was with us when we attacked the enemy boat… that's all I remember of him."

"I'll tell Richard if you think I should. I need to talk to him about Gabriel anyhow." Claire's words are spoken gently as if trying to be reassuring. "If I had remembered he was there before I would have mentioned it sooner, but I didn't know till you said his name." The regenerator offers softly, sounding apologetic and a bit guilty for not remembering.

Sinking onto the stool, Elisabeth swallows a couple times and works on getting her anxiety in check. Deep breaths. Pull the power under control. Vibrations on an aircraft carrier = Bad. Really. Slow breaths. In. Out. C'mon, relax. It's over. "I definitely think he needs to be aware that Danko was also tapped for this… and potentially offered a pardon, too." Her tone is strained. "He didn't extract with you, so… it's possible he had another agenda. Maybe he'll never show his face again… but maybe he will."

"Okay…" Claire says with a firm nod, hands moving to grip Liz's shoulders to try and comfort her. "Okay… I'll tell him." Her head tilts as she studies the older woman. "Are you going to be okay?" The question is asked softly with concern.

Nodding, her shoulders relaxing as she breathes in and out slowly, Elisabeth replies, "I'm fine." He's not here now, and that's a help. But the thought of Claire being anywhere near that fucker… the idea that he has been cut loose for this? It hits home on personal levels that even Sylar hasn't touched.

The regenerator relaxes as well, "Had me worried there." She admits with a nervous chuckle. Claire gives the shoulders a squeeze before letting her hands slide away. "Now.. you think you can stomach some breakfast?" She even promises, "I'll go try and find Cardinal afterwards."

Elisabeth nods a bit and moves to stand. "Sure… breakfast." She might even be able to eat. She moves to follow Claire.

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