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Scene Title Mortimer Fan Club
Synopsis Cassidy risks a trip to Staten Island to give the information learned to Dutch. She learns a few startling things that makes her throw her lot into the whole thing as well.
Date May 4, 2009

Staten Island - Coast

The coast of Staten Island is as much of a presence as its inland, with rivers that invade right into its heart as well as cutting off the circulation of transport from the rest of New York City. The coastal regions reflect a lot of this borough's rural nature, with rough shores and plantlife, broken brick, and general abandonment. The harbors are left to the devices of those that freely come and go, a conspicuous lack of official presence - a number of them notably overrun by the developing crime syndicate, but there are still quite a few, particularly on the coasts nearest to Brooklyn and Manhattan, that are accessible to the lawful public.

Its a feelthy little building, on a feelthy little road, with feelthy little windows that kept the interior dark. There was a few little man-sized doors about, but those had been bolted shut from the inside. The only means of access, into this modern day dark and scary iron and steel cave is a half raised garage door. Theres a beat up Dodge sprinter parked just inside, but beyond that there was little sign that anyone was home.

Shots rang in the far distance, as did screams, car horns and car alarms. As night settled on the island, it quickly becomes increasingly difficult to forget how dangerous the place is.

Cassidy starts wondering why she allowed herself to be convinced to come down to that part of town. Badge tucked away and trenchcoat loosely tied close, she hurries her way along the street. She eyes the buildings, trying not to look like she's lost, and like she's suppose to be there. Finding what she's looking for and crouches down to look in while keepign a hand near to the Sig in it's shoulder holster. "Hello?" She calls softly. "Cassidy O'Shea." She identifies herself, leaving off the Detective on purpose.

"Hello Detective"comes a voice from round the far side of the van, Dutch of course. Sporting just an old hoody, board shorts and some ancient vans. "The chain for the door is on the right there, just go ahead and let it drop. "He smiles, lifting the little cup he's sporking at. "I cant interest you in some soup, can I?"

Cassidy glances over at the indicated chain and moves down to let it drop. She doesn't wait for it to fully lift before ducking in. She looks Dutch over as she moves away from the open door. "No thanks, I don't plan on sticking around long." She glances towards the door at the sound of a yelling match. "You… keep an interesting residence." She comments blandly.

Dutch chuckles, working at his soup with his little titanium spork. "Just a joint to hang. I cant exactly risk a hotel room, we've got fucking homesec and nutjobs everywhere with no black and whites."He steps closer, as the garage door clatters shut. Offering his hand and an easy smile "I'm Agent Alois Ohnesorge but uh, ya can just call me Dutch. I really appreciate you chatting my guy up."

Cassidy takes the offered hand and offers a small smile. "It was a little weird walking by the interrogation rooms and being stopped." She smiles spreads a bit more. "Having a file thrust into my hands and told what to ask before being pushed in the room." She doesn't seem to have had a problem with it. Letting go of his hand and reaching into her trench coat to pull out a notebook, she says. "Not sure if it's enough information. But I asked what I was told." She flips open the small note book searching through pages of notes, phone numbers and so on.

Dutch leads back yonder, round the van to a little card table and some folding chairs. "Have a seat, please detective. I'm quite eager to hear what you got from my nutcase."He offers coffee as well, as he settles in with his cup'o soup to offer Cassidy his full attention.

Surprisingly, Cassidy waves away the coffee offer as she follows him, but does move to settle into a creaking folding chair. She set's the little notebook on the card table and runs a finger over a page. "Not sure it's anything you could use, but… I asked him several questions and what I go was this Mr. John Doe only met with Mortimer once. At a…." She runs her finger over the page. "An ice cream palor." There is a touch of amusement when she says that.

Dutch frowns, arm crossing some as he listens. "Did he tell you about the federal government's conspiracy to use brainwashing to make people hate the evolved, and how they made those thirty six kids off themselves?"It was really, the best line he'd gotten. "I half expected you'd tell me they were both abducted by aliens together, and they were here to stop the intergallactic civil war."

Cassidy gives him an odd look and then chuckles. "Really? Wow.. No. He told me he's only met him once at an Ice Cream parlor. A worm rundown place." She glances up form her notes. "Course there is probebly a lot ofthose in Staten Island. He said that Mortimer was taking about how he had a friend that wanted to open one himself. " She gives a little shrug. "Beyond that. He mentioned that Mortimer's lackeys all have numbers..on their helmets. Whatever that means."

"Yeah, the guy I'm after has a big gang. Motorcycle nuts, and they all have numbered helmets. It actually is pretty convient for my side of things, they're easy to find but I cant find Mort for nothing. This dude I sent your way."Dutch lifts a hand, waving generally. "He called me, and tried to make me swollow his line about a conspiracy so I'd stop following Mort. I suspect he wears a helmet, too."

Cassidy hmms softly and nods. "Well, Mr John Doe was pleasant enough, but well.. I don't trust pleasant co-operation." She glances at her notes and purses her lips. "Nothing else really, except that he likes… 'tits'. I wouldn't be surprised if he frequests strip clubs." She says that with a bit of a disdainful wrinkle of her nose. But then she spreads her hands. "I wish I had more. But since we don't have a good enough reason to keep him, he's gonna walk at the end of his 24."

Dutch nods "thats alright, thats perfectly alright. I want him to walk anyway, Mort's making submachine guns."He lifts a finger for a pause, setting his soup aside before he rises. Theres some digging around in the cab of his van, before he produces an SMG with belt feed. He plops it down on the table, clearly displaying the bullet hole which transects the receiver. "I shot this out of Mortimer's hands, he makes them himself. I pulled another one off a would be bank robber awhile ago, it'd cut right through a kevlar vest."

Cassidy's look says it all, she looks worried. "He had that?" She asks in disbelief reaching out to touch it to see if it could possibly be real. "Crap, if these get out of the general criminal public." She shakes her head slowly. "That means…. slaughter for the good guys." She glances at him and asks suddenly. "Are you working this thing on your own?"

"All by my lonesome, and sadly I'm only in it for the guns. So if you want in on this, you tell me and your in. I was never a Detective, I mean I'm not a normal ATF guy. I was patrol, then SWAT and now SRT. I'm not quite the investigator, I suspect you are. So honestly, Cassidy I could use the help."Dutch reaches back into the van, to produce another SMG, and then a pair of gold Desert Eagles. All of which, have been shot. "It does, get worse."

"How can it be worse?" Cassidy asks blandly, pushing the SMG back some as if it's going to bite her. "Those alone would be a 'Very Bad Thing' for all us." But she does eyes the weapons that are being added to the first. She gives an awed look at the weapons. "Lemme guess.. the ammo is pretty nasty too?" She pulls out a pair of vinyl gloves out of a pocket and pulls them on before picking up one of the Desert Eagle handguns. She pushes the small button on the side near the thumb and catches the clip as she slides out.

Dutch shakes his head "Naw its just fifty AE, fucking worthless bullshit. the worse part, is that the guy doesn't buy these things. He builds them, it means we confiscation is pointless. It also means he could be building far worse things, things we haven't run into yet. Rifles, rockets, bombs?"

Sliding the magazine back into place, Cassidy shakes her head. "This is just insane." She sets it back down and takes a deep breath. "I've got three other cases with my partner, but I'll do what I can to help you out with this." She flips through her notebook looking for a blank section. Fishing out a pen she quickly jots a number down with her name. "I don't have offical cards yet. They keep telling me it'll be anyday." She rips the paper out of the notebook and offers it too him. "Not sure how much help I'll be, but don't be afraid to contact me." She motions at the table. "This… I don't want to walk away and know that my help, my keep the good guys safe."

Dutch just waves his hands defensively, offering his cellphone instead "I'll forget I swear, tell your partner and your Captain and nobody else. I think three, is going to be the magic number. Besides I'm just a tactical guy, you'll go mad cooped up with me working this for too long."

Cassidy takes the cellphone with a bit of a smirk. "Alrighty." She adds the number to his cellphone, making note of his own as she does. "Oh, I plan to tell Detective Shelby." She offers a smile and hands his phone back. "I don't like keeping secrets. I don't believe in them. In New Orleans I witnessed what too many secrets does." She takes a deep breath and picks up her notebook to tuck it away. "Speaking or my partner, I need to get back. He is going to start wondering." She gives a smirk.

Dutch nods softly "I'm not fond either, but it helps us in this matter. So keep it on the down low, Please detective. Now thanks again for your aid, I'll give you a call tomorrow and I can brief you and your partner when its convenient for all three of us. "He nods, rising slowly to walk Cassidy back to the doorway. "You want a lift, or are you good?"

Cassidy rises from the chair. "Well, I'm sorry how we had to meet, but it was nice to have met another law enforcement officer." She walks with him back to the door and she arches a brow. "A lift? No, I'm good. I got here, I'm pretty sure I can make it back." She offers her hand again for a quick goodbye shake. "Stay safe and don't bite off too much alone."

Theres a parting wave, as the garage door slams shut once more. Inside, dutch is attending to dinner once more. Soup in a cup "See, and this is why you can't get laid you handsome bastard you."and so with a cheesy grin, Dutch attends to his dinner. Kept company only by the dim glow of a chemlight, and the steam of his soup.

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