Mother's Kiss Kills

FLORIDA — A newborn baby girl may have died when her mother kissed her, an an investigation by Dade County officials have stated.

Jennifer Dawson was 11 days old when her vital organs failed after contracting a rare strain of malaria in January of 2009. The baby's mother, Alison, 25, of Jacksonville, is believed to have transmitted the disease by kissing her daughter or by breastfeeding.

Coroner Dr James Adeley recorded a narrative verdict, and through testing samples of the incubating parasites found in the infant's remains, deduced that the disease was acquired within days of the infant's death.

Investigators were baffled, until the suggestion was made to screen Alison utilizing the detection kits for Evolved ability made available to local governments. Alison tested positive, and through testing authorities were able to discover that Alison is not only a breeding ground for nearly six hundred unique forms of infectious diseases, but she is immune to them all, producing them naturally within her body.

Stunned physicians believe that immunity to Alison's naturally occuring diseases was passed on to the child while in the womb, but days after birth was lost. Samples of Alison's amneotic fluid and blood is being tested for potential applications for disease control and prevention.

Miss Dawson was not charged with a crime for this accidental death, and she was promptly registered with the National Registry of Evolved in accordance with the Linderman Act. Authorities have opted to detain Dawson for further questioning about her ability, and the parentage of the child, however and so that doctors may have more time to study her unique case for the betterment of understanding the origin of her ability and its potential medical application.

Authorities are citing this as a prime example why screening and testing of Evolved is not only a public security measure, but a private health concern as well and are urging people to consider signing up for voluntary screenings at major police stations in their local metropolitan area to avoid such tragedies from happening again.

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