Mothering The Sick


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Scene Title Mothering The Sick
Synopsis Sandra lends her motherly ways to the Ferrymen crew tasked with caring for Staten's sick children.
Date November 16, 2009

Staten Island - A Ferryhouse

It's been a rather long night for those that have been caring for the children, with little sleep for any number of the Ferrymen that stuck it out. While they have been administered medication and one their way to healing, it is a very long road ahead for the children. Word has been spreading through the network, but help is still sparse.

Kaylee was one of those volunteers that has stayed around, catching a nap when she can. Especially now, sitting on a bed, her back against the wall, a small redheaded little girl curled up against the telepath's side. The young woman's head it tilted back against the wall, the lower half of her face covered in a mask and her eyes shut as she tries to rest tired eyes. She's bundled as well, in her leather jacket against the constant chill that hangs in the room of the Staten Island safehouse.

As soon as she heard there were sick children that needed tending, Sandra wanted to go help attend to them immediately. Packing up a few changes of clothes along with some of Mr. Muggles amenities, Sandra got a ride from another Ferryman to the safehouse that the children were kept in. While she's only been at the safehouse for less then a day, she's been busy helping nurse the children slowly back to health, though there's still a while to go. Recently she's been cooking up soup and feeding it to any children who may currently be awake. Having just spend time with a little boy, making sure he finished the soup, she stayed with him until he fell asleep. At present, she and Mr. Muggles making another round with a bowl of soup in hand when she comes upon Kaylee and the child, both of whom appear to be sleeping. She smiles and turns around. Was that the whole house? Is there anyone else who currently needs to eat? She can't help but wonder to herself.

"Hello.." Comes the sleepy sounding greeting from Kaylee before her eyes open, head coming up from the wall. "Sorry.. dozed off a bit. That for this little lady?" She asks, looking down at the little girl curled up there. A hand drops down to press a couple of fingers to the clammy forehead. "Fever feels like it's down. When she wakes she maybe able to eat something now." The blond looks over at the older woman. "How are you holding up Mrs. Bennet?"

Sandra turns back around, almost surprised, at the sound of Kaylee's voice. She puts on another smile as quickly as she can, though. "No need to be sorry. It's been rough taking care of all the children." She says softly. "We all need sleep when we can get it." She walks toward Kaylee and the little girl, Mr. Muggles trotting at her side. "Well, if she's able to eat, I'll leave this here then. If it cools down before she wakes, just let me know and I'll warm it up." She says, placing the bowl of soup down on a tiny side table. "I'm doing fine, dear. Thank you. How are you? Is there anything you need?"

"Yeah.. probably good to leave it." The child stirring some as the adults speak, but then slowly settling down. "This is a walk in the park compared to what I went through over a month ago. So I'm doing pretty good beyond" Easing herself up slowly she chuckles softly, as she lifts a little arm off her. "Of course if you had told me two months ago that I was going to be doing stuff like this, I would have laughed and called you crazy."

Sandra looks like she's about to speak when the child begins to have the makings of waking. She smiles. "Poor dears. Grant it, this is easier than some things, but it still isn't easy taking care of so many." She sight softly. "But it's lucky that there's so many who are willing to look after and care for them." She says in soft tones, as to not wake the girl. "I know the feeling. Only, if you'd told me two years ago that I would have been involved in any of this, I would have thought it impossible."

Climbing to her feet, Kaylee stretches with arms high over her head, before the drop to her sides again. "Oh?" Comes the soft reply, from the telepath. "So far I don't know a lot of the people in this group, I've only just started offering my help… I figure since they housed me, took care of me at my lowest and protected me it was the most I could do… plus…." She nods to the child and looks about the room. "This kinda of thing… I can't turn my back on it."

Bending down to scoop Mr. Muggles up, Sandra gazes at Kaylee. "The Ferrymen have a good system set up, I think, to help and protect those who need it." Mr. Muggles blinks slowly, appearing as if he's about to fall asleep himself. "Sometimes it's hard to turn your back when others need your help, isn't it? Especially children who are so young…"

"Yeah.." Kaylee murmurs softly, watching the dogs eyes droop with amusement. ".. spent all my time partying and and being such an idiot. Never really saw… you know?" Obviously the young woman has had a lot of time to think. There is a soft sound of a yawn, drawing Kaylee's attention again. Little blue eyes blink up at the pair blearily. Kaylee settled down next to the little girl. "Hungery?" At a nod, the blonde telepath pulls the bowl from the stand. "Mrs. Bennet.. Can you get the Children's Tylenol?" She shifts so she can look at the table set up with supplies. "Should be over there, I think I last saw it."

"Well, when you're young you should be having some amount of fun, shouldn't you?" Sandra says to the young woman. She offers a smile to the child as she wakes up. "Well, hi there, how was your sleep?" She says, kneeling down beside the bed, softly placing her free hand on the girl's forehead. She doesn't say anything, and her face, which remains calm, doesn't betray her thoughts. However, her thoughts are full of concern and worry. 'Poor child. I wish there was something more I could do to help her.' She looks at Kaylee, smiling, and nods. "Yes, of course." She stand once more, making sure she's got a firm hold of Mr. Muggles, and goes over to the table with supplies. She finds the Tylenol without much trouble and heads back to the bed with it."

"Maybe we are… but I've been in the middle of so much cr…. stuff." Kaylee glances at the little girl as she censors herself, settling the bowl in the girls lap and watching her spoon it, all shy from the attention "Sometimes I have to remind myself I'm only twenty two…. Course, for awhile, I would have thought I was no older then a teenager, I was treated like one and acted it." She wrinkled her nose a bit and then sighs. Blue eyes watch the progress of the woman. "So.. Mrs. Bennet…" She offers the older woman a smile of thanks as she takes the medication. "… were you wild when you were my age?" She flashes the woman a grin, though it's hidden behind the mask, her eyes express the humor of it.

Sandra joins the two back on the bed, placing her fluffly dog on her lap, scratching him behind the ears. "We all become adults at our own pace, I believe. It takes time for anyone." She doesn't speak for a moment, just thinking through the days of her youth. "

Sandra joins the two back on the bed, placing her fluffly dog on her lap, scratching him behind the ears. "We all become adults at our own pace, I believe. It takes time for anyone." She doesn't speak for a moment, just thinking through the days of her youth. "Well…when I was your age, I was still in school, finishing off my major. Not to say I didn't have fun, I did…well, okay. Perhaps I did have a bit of a wild side." There's a short pause there as she thinks of her daughter. "It was around then as well that my husband and I received our daughter as well, though. Once we got her, there wasn't much time for being wild."

Kaylee gives the woman a grin. "Yeah.. I was going to college.. but I couldn't decide what I wanted at a major.. plus my lift got pretty darn complicated. But between all that I parties out here on Staten Island and rode my motorcycle." Not that she looks the type for such dangerous things. She reaches out to steady the little hand as it shakes from the illness. "Not sure I'll ever really do the kid thing, I mean helping is one thing, but having my own." She rolls her eyes at the idea, she has to find someone worthwhile first… and her luck with men sucks."Not gonna happen I don't think."

Sandra smiles softly at Kaylee. "Well, it can be difficult to decide. If I hadn't known what I was interested in, it would have taken me longer." She attempts, and fails, at stifling an on coming yawn. "Well, don't be so quick to say no to having children. My own children have certainly been highlights of my life. Just be certain that you're ready, that's all I'll say."

"I am far from ready. Just too much craziness in my life." Kaylee admits readily, glancing at Sandra noting the yawn. Stifling her own, she manages to say, "You should go lay down Mrs. Bennet. I'm sure me and the others can manage while you and Mr. Muggles gets some shut eye." She slowly reaches out to try and scratch the fluffy dog behind the ear. "He looks like he's had a rather big day as well." She smiles a bit, "Makes me miss the golden retriever we had when I was a teenager."

Sandra nods in understanding. "Of course. If you don't think you're ready, then it's not time. Though…I don't think a person is ever truly ready." There's another yawn. Mr. Muggles doesn't show much resistance to anyone scratching his ears right now. All he wants is some sleep. Sandra shakes her head. "No, I'll probably end up doing some more cooking." There a soft sigh. "Though I did promise little Tommy that I'd read to him if he was still awake. Perhaps I should keep on that promise. Coffee first though." She chuckles quietly, looking down at Mr. Muggles. "The children really like him." She says, looking back up to Kaylee. "Golden retrievers are wonderful dogs. Very kind and gentle."

"Yeah… I'm sure I'll have to wake Doyle here soon and get him telling stories again. Kids love his stories. I should insist on him going and getting his puppets.. The guy is a master at it," Kaylee muses letting her hand fall away from the dog with a little sigh. "They really did like Mr. Muggles, could totally see them brighten up with you brought him in. They did that for the Doctor's dog as well. They've always been good for therapy. Take Maddie my golden retriever.. Got me through some tough times growing up.. She was my first best friend." She flashes a smile behind the mask and chuckles. "You know how us kids can be."

Sandra shakes her head. "Well, whatever helps the children, really." She says softly. "Dogs are great for that. It's the unconditional love. The fact that they never judge." She smiles. "I've been around dogs my whole life as well. My father was a veterinarian. He was always bringing puppies home." She sighs, standing up. "I should go check on some of the other children. Will you be all right here? I'm nearby if you need me for anything."

"I'm good here. I'll cover this end of the room." Kaylee reaches for the Tylenol and starts working at that child proof cap. "Don't over work yourself, Mrs. Bennet. Make sure to get a power nap if you can, plenty of use to cover you." She reaches over to touch the women's hand with the tips of her fingers. "Thank you… I mean, for risking the Island to help."

Sandra smiles and nods. "Don't worry about me, dear. I'll be fine. Nothing a few brews of coffee won't cover." She says softly before turning to leave. At the touch on her hand, she turns her head to look at Kaylee. "There are some things in life worth risking, things that are more important than any one person. I am only all too happy to help." She says softly, before turning and making her way to check on other children.

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