Motorcycles And Ex-Boyfriends


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Scene Title Motorcycles and Ex-Boyfriends
Synopsis Twins separated at birth meet back up and discuss transportation a an ex-boyfriend (hers not his). One side of the conversation is more comfortable than the other.
Date July 31, 2009


With little more than a knock to announce, the front door had opens and someone steps into the temporary safehouse set up to keep the young children. A bike rolled in next to her, and left leaning in the inside wall. Gillian's quick in her movements as she locks the door again, says a few words to those in the front, and then moves toward the back. It seems very much like she's mostly ignoring the children, the Brians and only stopping to say a few words when she has to, before moving on through.

It doesn't take long til she closes a door behind her rather heavily and drops her bag of thing. It's been almost a day since she asked them to leave her and her bike on Staten Island. There's an air that she might want to continue to be left alone, but she had promised she would explain when she made it back.

"How was Gabriel?" Brian asks tersely.Shouldering his way into the room, he plants a dead gaze on her once moved in. A pot is in one hand, a rag in the other. He is idly scrubbing and drying the moist pot as he watches her closely. Bringing the pot away he glances over his shoulder. Two of the children trying to get his attention. "I'm in the kitchen." He says before kicking the door closed behind him. It's true, another of him was in the kitchen, one much more willing to help out with the kids.

"You're late." He adds in, tilting his head at her. But keeping up the angry act for a moment he softens after a little bit. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Gillian says a little more harshly than she might wish to as she drops her bag down on what would function as a bed. Not a very good one, but better than sleeping on the floor. Small, bouncy, uncomfortable looking, it's going to be a long night, but at least this time she'll be here. "I slept in at the safehouse, it took a while to catch a ferry that was willing to take me across and I didn't want to annoy Cat to use her boat."

Though she likely would have if she had to wait much longer.

A few contents from the bag are dumped out, before she sighs a bit. "I need to go and pick up my things from her place— fuck. I miss being able to be in three places at once." She misses a lot of things. It's inconvenant.

It doesn't look like she's going right now, though. "Gabriel's fine too. He's still got his pride." Whatever that means.

"Do you want to talk about him?" Brian asks, going to set the pot down on the ground. The rag is flopped over it. Leaning against the door he folds his arms over his chest and watches Gillian quietly. "I can go get your stuff Gilli. I can still be in—" Three? Hah."A lot of places at once. So are you here now? To stay? I brought a girl to your apartment at the safehouse. To stay there temporarily. I hope you don't mind."

"She was in trouble." He adds in, shoving off from his post at the door he goes to sit at the edge of Gillian's bed. "Fuck this thing sucks." He grumbles. "We'll have better at the Lighthouse, when it's back and running."

"I can go get my things later," Gillian says, though there's a simple nod about someone else in her apartment— if it could've even been called that. Probably having to take care of Chandra, whoever that person happens to be, but she's sure Dee would've handled it if no one else could. "Or hell, you can, but I need to talk to Cat anyway— going to see if she will give me a donation for the Lighthouse. May ask to borrow your van for it, too. I think I'm going to buy the kids a bookcase full of books." It sounds almost like she's avoiding the topic at hand…

"I used to be a librarian, so books are one of the few things I know enough about to deal with the kids. I can at least make sure all of them read." Everything else… well…

After some hesitation, she does add on, "Gabriel's my ex, but I hadn't seen him since we broke up, so I needed to— fuck I don't even know what I expected."

"We have a truck too. The other Brian.. He bought cars before he died. So we have that big van, a Dodge truck, my car, and an older POS car. Dodge Spirit." Brian explains, tilting his head at her books. "Yeah.. all the books they had. Burned up. Good idea." Brian leans back, spreading his hands out on the mattress. "Want to tell me about him Gilli?" He asks softly, reaching out as if to take her hand.

From the way she nods, Gillian fully expects to borrow one of said vehicles, and likely intends to go on her own for this particular outing. "Too bad he didn't buy a motorcycle. I can drive regular, but it's easier to get around traffic in something smaller." Which would be why she spent what was left over of her money on a bike. Not motorized, but it got the job done.

There's a sigh, before she settles down on the edge of the bed he's sprawling on, turned mostly away from him. "Not sure there's much to tell. I— I… Fuck." There's only so much she can say about the guy that won't make her newly found brother fill with rage. And the last thing she wants is for her OTHER brother to get caught up in the mess to the point where Gabriel would end up trying to kill him. Or worse.

"My taste in men is weird… it's— funny. We'd actually broke up a day or so before I met you. That's why I was walking around in metal form. So I wouldn't cry."

"I like motorcycles." He echoes, "We could buy one of those with what Fulk left over of Linderman's money." Brian explains. "Which was a lot." Placing his hands on his knees he tilts his head at Gillian, reaching out he goes to tug her shoulder so that she may look at him. He sighs softly when Gillian explains her iron attempt to not weep. Giving her shoulder a squeeze he then drops his hand.

"Why did you two break up?"

"Better question would be why didn't we break up earlier?" Gillian responds with an ironic-kind of laugh. The talk of the motorcycle might be more interesting to her, honestly, because it's less personal and heart rendering, but… the hand on her shoulder isn't pulled away from, instead making her glance back at him. No tears fall from her eyes, and she's not weepy looking either. Maybe she's cried out for the moment. Though at the time the one thing keeping that away had been the iron form.

Now she's just got herself, and her own pride.

"He hurt me, I hurt him… It was my fault as much as his. Isn't that the truth of any relationship?" She shakes her head, as if moderately angry with herself. "I wish he would… Fuck, I don't know."

A long sigh is let out as Brian scoots a little closer on the mattress. Slinking his arm around her back he goes to tug her close and bring her into his side. Wrapping his arm around her he goes to lean his head against her head. "We don't have to talk about it, kiddo." Winters says soothingly. "What kind of motorcycle should we get?" He asks, offering her a soft smile

"Something that works, preferably," Gillian says with a laugh, though she leans into the hug and closes her eyes a bit. Sometimes she's willing to accept him as an older brother, and right now might be one of them. Who knows how long that'll last. She can be fairly flighty. "Sorry I didn't stick around. I— I don't even know what I expected when I went back to talk to him." She'd had hopes, but that never seems to work out well. She did find out one important thing, though… He did know how she started to feel about Peter.

"You handle the kids okay?"

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