Mount Natazhat Complex
Mount Natazhat Complex
Owner The Institute
Employees Institute Operatives
Hours of Operation 24/7
Current Status Operational
People Come Here For… Clandestine Research

Nestled in the windswept, icy peaks of the Natazhat mountain range in Copper River, Alaska, the Mount Natazhat Complex is one of the most closely-guarded secrets of the Institute. Originally purchased by the _company in 1976 from the United States Government as part of a clandestine move by Arthur Petrelli, the Mount Natazhat facility quickly became one of the fringe outposts of isolated Company research and development.

The facility was kept as a closely guarded secret among elements of the Company, and its exact location was kept a secret from many of the agents that participated in research there. Hana Gitelman is one of the known Company agents to be trained at the Natazhat facility, kept there when her ability first manifested and guided to understand her capabilities by Noah Bennet. Further research by Company scientists was carried out here, including the inhumane work of doctor Jonas Zimmerman on Elle Bishop.

Above ground, the Mount Natazhat facility is comprised of two primary facilities with hangar bay doors clearly large enough to house aircraft and an airstrip where they could take off. A smaller helipad and security facility lie south of the hangars, and further beyond that a maintenance garage. A security post is situated to the west of the facility near a twenty foot tall electrified perimeter fence. On the north side of the facility is a satellite relay and communication station.

Below ground, Mount Natazhat is a tremendous and labyrinthine research facility and detention center, containing 300 detention cells, medical facilities, archives, production floors and living quarters for its full staff for year-round presence. The subterranean levels of Natazhat comprises 96,000 square feet of open space and is spread out over 24.46 acres of land in the Natazhat mountains.

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The Mount Natazhat Complex exists in Heroes (un-named) as the Alaskan Facility.


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