Movies And Awesome Pizza


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Scene Title Movies And Awesome Pizza
Synopsis Brian and Koshka catch up over some homemade pizza.
Date February 2, 2011

Confucius Plaza Brian's Apartment

With Samara down in D.C, it has just been Brian and Koshka up in the apartment. Which can be considered good and bad. Good because she's not around to cook. Which leaves all the food preparation to Brian.. Making the meals infinitely more edible than they would be were Sam here and cooking. And since Brian is always here with at least one body, there are meals prepared reuglarly three times a day. Whether or not Koshka is home.

Bad because, Samara isn't here to brighten the place up. So that leaves Brian to try and attempt to entertain Koshka. He has only been minorly succesful so far.

Brian chose to forego the orfdinarfy breakfast time and opt to make a brunch. Which is brunch pizza. Having made it himself, some interesting things were put on it. Shrimp and steak. Diced up shrimp and steak line the melted mozzarella as Brian finishes cutting the pizza. Winters looks at the guestroom door. "Kosh?" He calls out somewhat tentatively. "If you're hungry…?"

She hasn't technically been avoiding anyone, in her mind, Koshka has been keeping scarse in efforts to give Sami and Brian time without an extra body around. Of course, that doesn't explain the last couple of days. But really, she hasn't been trying to be reclusive. In fact, she appears in the kitchen entry even as Brian says her name, pizza smell permeating and calling to her.

Plus, when has Koshka ever been known to turn down food?

"Hi," the girl chirps, casting a grin up at Brian. "Smells good. What'd you make?"

"An experiment." Brian murmurs. Looking down at the pizza. "Shrimp and steak. In Asia.. Like Thailand and Japan. they have all kind of weird pizzas. Like instead of sauce they use mayonnaise sometimes. Which sounds gross. But the shrimp part. That doesn't sound so bad. So I got some shrimp and grilled some steak.. and it's like this pesto sauce." Brian has never been one for traditional breakfast food. And if so, only rarely.

Hamburger or pizza for breakfast is just as good for dinner.

A light smile turns up his lips. "Haven't seen much of you these last few days. You doin' alright?" Brian asks, cutting a slice for her and placing it on a paper towel. "Try it." He insists.

"Mayonnaise on pizza?" Koshka looks slightly doubtful, however she moves closer to the pizza for a better look. Whatever Brian's made, traditionally for breakfast or not, it looks good. "Actually it looks tasty, and smells really yummy," she states.

Taking the slice of pizza, Koshka glances up at Brian and nods. "Yeah, I'm good," she says with a grin, though inspection would reveal a few-days-old bruise under one eye. Nothing terrible, and she's in otherwise great health. "Thought you and Sami would like.. want some alone time and stuff, so… I made a friend, we've been hanging out when I'm not here."

"Nah. We're fine. We know how to stay quiet." That may not come out as Brian means it, but oh well. Arching his brow at her fface, his lips go into a thin line. "Is your friend hurting you?" He asks, leaning over the counter to peer at her eye. "Why do you have bruises on your face?" Winters asks quietly.

He smiles brightly though when she takes a slice and is obviously waiting and watching her expectantly.

That bite is taken, though not to avoid answering any questions. Koshka is, as she so often is, hungry. Yummy sounds are made as she chews on a mouthful of steak and shrimp and bread, head nodding. "It's good," the teenager decides, picking off a piece of shrimp as she smiles up at Brian. "Still, thought you and Sam might like time without… um.. guests?"

The grin remains, only falling a little, when that question comes up. If anything, she seems sheepish, rather than defensive. "No, my friend didn't hit me. It was just… did something stupid and didn't move fast enough. Don't worry, not ever going to happen again."

"What happened Kosh?" Brian asks a little more interested only slightly distracted by the fact that she likes the slice. "That's what the bedroom's for." Winters murmurs, gesturing to the room. "And we're in D.C now so.. We're fine. Don't feel like you can't be here Koshka. Really. And.. For real, what happened? Was your friend with you? Whats her name?"

Koshka rolls her shoulders, then takes another smaller bite of pizza. "I know, I just… I guess don't want to make you two feel like I'm always around." She turns and leans back against the counter, eying a bit of steak. "And it's nothing. Bumped into some guy, he thought I took something. My friend, his name's Daryl, and he was with me."

His own slice is taken. "Don't worry about it. If I didn't want you around. I wouldn't invite you to stay here." He gives a light smile as he takes his own bite from it. A light smile of satisfaction given to his own work. He arches his brow at Koshka. "Did you take something?" He asks over a mouthful of his own delicious creation.

"Daryl isn't a she." He notes plainly. Screwing his brows up. "Is this a boyfriend?"

After a glance up at Brian, Koshka nods. "Yeah, but I gave it back," she says, poking a finger at some of the toppings on her slice. " — I'm sorry, Brian. It was stupid and I'm not going to do it again. Ever." Way too much risk, and she's never been a great pickpocket. "I swear, absolute positively last time I do that." As for Daryl, the girl shrugs. "He's a boy, and… he's a friend."

"Has he tried to kiss you?" Brian asks, sounding somewhat fatherly at the moment. "It doesn't really matter. He will." He arches his brow at her. "How do you feel about that?" As far as the pickpocketing goes, it sounds as if she's learned her lesson. "I'm not going to say anything about it. But you're swearing that you won't ever do it again. So if you do do it again. I will be super pissed for you and for me." He clarifies.

Looking up at Brian, brows knitting together and color rising into her cheeks, Koshka shakes her head. "What.. I don't know. He hasn't yet, but.." The teenager gives another shake of her head, and takes a bite of pizza. "This is so good. Can you cook all the time? Me and Sami can do dishes or something if you cook all the time."

Brian tilts his head at her. "Is he a loser? Please don't start dating losers while you're young Koshka. It's a habit all girls your age seem to develop. Lucky Sam died and didn't get the chance." He takes another bite. Grinning. "Yeah.. there was some other stuff I wanted to try though. And shrimp is expensive right now around here."

"He's not a loser," Koshka explains to her pizza slice. "Not anymore than I am. He's nice and… I'm not even sure if we're dating. He… wanted to double… with Adisa and one of her guy friends." She pauses long enough to cast a sidelong look toward Brian. "I could help with buy groceries. I've got money. And… I was kinda thinking of finding a job."

"Don't get a job." Brian says quickly. "I'm going to get you a job. At the place we're opening. We're going to need you to work there. Besides.. Where are you going to get a job. You are pretty illegal." Winters smirks a little bit before shaking his head. "I'll get you a job." As to this Daryl boy. "Well Daryl is a dumb name. How old is he? Sixty? I hope he doesn't look like a Daryl. Every Daryl I know is overweight and balding. Adisa? You met Adisa?" He smirks a little bit. "She makes Samara look quiet."

"..Okay." Koshka looks up at Brian, ears still burning and red pooling in her cheeks. "Won't get a job then. But.. I'll still help with groceries. And… Daryl's not sixty, he's around my age. And he's not fat or balding. He's… I could… ask him over… and…" Totally embarass herself further, somehow. It livens the blush already in her face. "I met Adisa, she's …yeah. Talks way more than Sami."

"Way more." Brian agrees heartily. "Umm.. I'd actually prefer you not. I mean if he's just like a.. friend you might not be seeing for a long time. If you get like.. serious okay. But I'm on the like top fifty or whatever Wanted persons in the country. Or a hundred. Whatever. I just don't want too many people in here that we don't know and trust." He smiles gently. "But.. yeah I can meet him. Just don't tell him my real name, okay?"

"Yeah, um.." Koshka squints and sets the pizza down on the counter. "Kinda mentioned names but… no last names. There's like a billion Brians out there, and not all of them are you." She looks back at Brian apologetically. "He doesn't know anything else though. Thinks I'm somehow related to you and Samara and Adisa. But I haven't tried to clear anything up."

"Fox." Brian lets out. "You can tell him my name is Andrew Fox. My middle name is Brian and that's why you call me that.." He gives a little shrug. "That's my most useful cover." Brian smiles brightly. He gives a little nod. "Well what you doin' today? You got plans. I was going to start a movie marathon if you want in.."

With a nod, Koshka smiles. "I don't really have plans right now. Maybe later but.. Right now, nothing." She'd probably have migrated throughout the apartment, gone to the nearest convenience store to replenish a supply of Pez and M&M's, but mostly hung around until afternoon time anyway. "Movies sound good. Movies and awesome pizza."

"Alright. Get some plates out. And start up the TV. I'm gonna pee and we can start." He gives a light smile before abandoning the kitchen and going into the master bedroom. Which has only recently been reclaimed by Brian since Amid bailed out. The door closes.

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