Mr. Clarification


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Scene Title Mr. Clarification
Synopsis Elle visits Magnes to check up on how his poor, beaten-up self is doing and ends up being officially asked out.
Date July 6, 2009

Fort Hero

It's still early in the evening, and Carrie hasn't arrived yet, so Magnes lays in the comfortably sized tent alone, staring up at the ceiling. There's a small monitor, about laptop sized, with plenty of games and movies laying around it. There's a few other personal items, but he doesn't seem to be concerned with them, laying in his sleeping bag with a plain white t-shirt on.

Early in the evening, yes, and Elle still has nothing to do. Woe. So why not kill some time by visiting her current bestest best friend — especially with all she's heard about him lately? He'll hear her approaching, probably, the sound of her flip-flops treading through dry grass. Right now, she's in a hoodie and sweatpants, hands tucked into the front pocket, one of which emerges as she nears the tent and extends an arm out to rest on the tent's cover. "Maaags?"

Magnes is suddenly snapped out of whatever daze he was in, eyes immediately darting to that familiar voice. "I ever say you remind me of Harley Quinn? Except, well, you're not crazy and homicidal." He shakes his head, moving a hand from his sleeping bag to motion her in. "My testicle survived and isn't swollen anymore, so I guess that bit of news outweighs the pain of my bruised jaw."

"What're you talking about? I'm like Harley what?" Elle knits her expression in puzzlement as she stoops in the entryway, ducking her ponytail so she can make her entry unobstructed. As far as not being crazy and homicidal — wellll. Best not to answer that, yes? Her gaze fall full-on Magnes, then, and she almost coos in pity as she moves inward into the tent and settles fitfully onto her knees, right above his head. "Oh, look at you— you poor little thing." There's a childish edge to this statement.

"Harley Quinn." Magnes pulls his Volume 1 of Harley Quinn, compiling a few issues, from his sleeping bag. Why is it there? No one needs to know that, but he offers it up to Elle. "So, Elle, I was thinking. I'm not really allowed to go many places yet, and you seem bored all the time. And well, this is kind of a bad lead up, but I was thinking, I could have died today. Minea could have decided to shoot me, and I decided…" Taking a deep breath, staring, he simpy asks, "You wanna go out with me?"

With a thoughtful frown, Elle takes the issue Magnes holds in one hand, gazing down at it as she slowly strokes at the trainee's hair with the other. Magnes can't see her face from the position she's sitting in, perched above him, but a slow and mysterious and enormously entertained smile creeps onto her face. "…I'd love to, Maggie-pie." Any excuse to get her out of Fort Hero and doing things, really.

"Just to clarify, because I totally suck at, uh, words, are going out and you being my girlfriend two different things, or did you totally just say yes to a girlfriend question, which was totally what I meant?" Magnes' cheeks are completely flushed after his question, as expected, staring up at her awkwardly. "And uh, maybe if my testicle doesn't feel like exploding tomorrow, since they're giving me a day off to recover, we could like, I don't know, go do something fun. You're an agent, right? So that would mean I'm supervised…"

"Gosh, what do you think?" Elle questions with a smirking hint of playfulness, still feeling far more amusement than she cares or bothers to hide. Her blonde hair brushes Magnes's shoulders as she briefly leans forward, brushing one hand over his forehead as she leans her face close, smiling — eyes half-lidded downwards and surveying him like he's some delicious thing on the end of a toothpick. Then she does sit back. "You should probably get rested now. I just wanted to pop in and see how you were doing. We'll do something later." And that's a promise, at least by the sound of her words.

"Y-yes?" Magnes answers, then raises his hands to tiredly touch her cheeks. "I uh, Elle…" He swallows, briefly licking his lips, just staring up at her as if his heart were about to jump from his chest. "Should we uh, kiss now, I mean, before you leave?"

Very well. Elle appears to not have heard Magnes at first; she completely disappears from his sight as she straightens up, her breathing all that's audible above him. But then she's right back, stooping to cup his jawline from a different angle and plant a kiss on the gravitokinetic's lips. She even lets several long, lingering seconds pass before the completely gratuitous (but expected — or at least it should be) ZAP comes. One painful, darting eletric-blue streak right from her mouth into his. Oh, he's wounded? Who bloody cares?

"Hope your testicle feels better soon," she offers helpfully, waiting around for just a few moments longer before she vanishes from the tent for real this time.

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