Much Prettier and Had Boobs


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Scene Title Much Prettier and Had Boobs
Synopsis Nicole and Roderick take a break from what passes as their respective work and are joined by Tess, who stirs up trouble in typical Zarek fashion.
Date September 23, 2010

The Corinthian Bar and Lounge

Situated on the uppermost floor of the building, the Corinthian Bar and Lounge boasts an arched ceiling whose many small, square panes of glass double as a huge skylight. Of course, the large and open room is also lit by a dozen half-dome chandeliers suspended from that double-height ceiling and several high wall sconces. Brass fixtures gleam in the warm light, while the room's scattered potted palms drink it in with their bladed foliage. A ring of doubled marble columns supports the weight of the skylight dome and defines the two sections of the room: that lofty open space in the center; the quieter, slightly darker and more private edges of the lounge.

The tables are elegant rectangles of fine black glass, the seating a mixture of russet-upholstered couches and comfortably-padded oaken chairs. Most of the floor is covered by carpet shaded in the reds and golds of autumn, save for a runner down the very center of the room which is colored the exact shade of purple found in wisteria blossoms. The bar food at the lounge is much like its decor: expensive and beautifully arranged; but unlike many such spendy places, it's also very good. So is the alcohol.

After first hitting the Chambéry in search of Nicole Nichols, and getting directed elsewhere, Tess walks through the door of the lounge. She's again dressed in faded jeans, this pair with a rip across the knee, and a pale blue tank top, black, fingerless gloves on her hands and a backpack over one shoulder.

She pauses, glancing around, searching for the one familiar face she's expecting to see here, then she just grabs the nearest person who looks like he might work here, catching his sleeve and asking, "Where can I find Nicole Nichols? I was told she was here somewhere."

Nicole Nichols, as the man working the door points out, is tucked away in a corner of the room, where her clear violation of New York's smoking ban can be as unobtrusive as possible. A menthol cigarette sending tendrils of smoke toward the skylight in one hand and a dirty martini in the other, she's got one elbow propped up on the arm of the couch she's sitting on, conversing with the man across the table.

Her posture and expression give an air of the disaffected, but Nicole doesn't seem bored with Roderick Sweeney, at least. "And would you believe he had the stones to look at me and say to my face that I never told him to order the caviare for tomorrow night's menu? He's lucky I didn't fire him on the spot. Ass-covering prick." Though the way she says it, comes out a bit more like arse, suggesting she's been spending more time around her co-workers of British persuasion. And not just Mister Sweeney.

"We have enough to cover reservations, I think. But I just have to hope that we don't get many calls for champagne and caviare for room service." The cigarette is crushed out in a crystal ashtray atop the black glass table. It looks almost antique, and probably doesn't belong to the Corinthian. Nicole rolls her eyes and plucks a speared olive out of her drink. "So how's your day been?"

Leaning forward on the table he's sharing with Nicole, a foreign bottled ale held loosely in his fingers, Roderick is grinning despite the boring subject. "Sounds like a right, horrible day for you, eh?" Leaning back in his chair finally, his gray suit jacket is a bit creased from wear, he doesn't wear a regular shirt under it, but a yellow Beatles t-shirt. With that it's a pair of jeans and boots. This is Roderick dressed up.

Black nails are combed through a slightly messy head of blonde hair, as he gives a bit of a grimace. "My days alright, I suppose." Those fingers slide down to scratch briefly at his scruffy jaw, before dropping away. "But I ain't been given' anythin' interestin' lately." Blue eyes given an exaggerating roll. "Oh… and let's not forget I have to figure out where I put my bloody fancy duds for the ball."

Tess glances to where the doorman pointed, and gives him a grin. "Thanks." She makes her way across the room, and gives the two sitting there a grin as well. "I've been lookin' for you," she says to Nicole, a hand resting on the back of an empty chair. "Wanted to thank you, for the whole meeting thing, even if it didn't really go well," she says, her voice holding the New Orleans accent. Then she glances at Roderick. "Hi, I'm Tess. Hope I'm not interruptin', but, well, can't be helped if I am." And another grin, dimples and all. See how cute I am? You don't mind, right?

"D'Sarthe's? I didn't realise you were-" Nicole holds her thought as the two are joined by Tess. She lifts her head and fixes the girl with an appraising gaze, listening to her perfunctory apology. "So he didn't bolt at the very sight of you, huh? I'm surprised he hasn't come to see me." But that could have something to do with the fact that she's been ducking Kain Zarek's calls.

Dark head is nodded toward the empty chair Tess has her hand settled on. "Have a seat." Then Nicole makes the introductions, "Roderick Sweeney, Tess Winslow." She turns to Roderick with mischief twinkling in her blue eyes. "But if you see her smirk at you, you'll swear she's Tess Zarek." Those eyes then dance back to Tess with her brows raised as if to ask that's it, isn't it?

"Naw… not interruptin' nothin'." Roderick waves off the apology with a wave of his hand, "Just some general bitchin' and moanin' about tha state of things." Eyes travel over the young blonde, until Nicole speaks up and then yeah…. will you look at that. She's right.

A wide eyed look goes to Nicole, the precog straightening in his seat. "No way, please tell me your fuckin' kiddin?" Roderick turns his gaze back to Tess, brows high on his head. "Well, fuck me, Kain's got himself a wee little thing?" Of course, the wheels are already turning in his head and then man gives a chuckle. It sounds rather mischievious. "Oh… girl. Please tell me, is that true? He your da?"

Her first reaction is to laugh, then Tess drops down into the empty chair. "Damn. He sure as hell didn't accept it that easily. He made me give blood for a paternity test! Thinks it's a con. Hell, even that John Logan guy seemed to accept it. But then, I guess it's easier for you guys since you aren't the ones having a full grown daughter," she says, giving that Zarek smirk.

"And yep, it's true," she tells Roderick, nodding. "Knocked mom up twenty years ago, and out I came. He just didn't know about me until he came face to face with me the other day. And damn if he wasn't insultin' about it." Another impish grin. "But that's okay. It'll be fun making him make up for it once he believes it. 'Cause DNA don't lie."

Nicole's lifted brow gaze turns back to Roderick. Did I tell you? Her grin is wicked and sharp. "I'm sure he was thrilled," she surmises from Tess' recounting of her meeting with her absentee father. But when John Logan is brought up, her grin disappears, replaced by a look of wide-eyed interest.

The martini is sipped and then set aside in favour of retriving a fresh cigarette and lighting it up. "You met Mister Logan, did you?" Nicole's lips tighten around the menthol stick in the corner of her mouth enough to keep it from dropping as she speaks. "And what did he have to say?"

Head turning to give Nicole a bright smile, Roddy says rather brightly, "Oh… I like her. She'll fit in aroun' here just fine if ya ask me." But then the smallest Lindergoon, does like to watch Kain squirm from time to time and the the little blood is the perfect answer to that. His focus on the girl, "You are gonna stick around a bit, yeah?" He sounds almost hopeful, what is going through the man's skull.

"I bet his reaction was a good one." Oh how he wishes he coulda seen it, but Roderick keeps that to himself. He studies Tess with amusement. "Logan's an interestin' bloke. Pretty as a peacock that one." Not that he'd dare say that in front of the man, but the two British men are rather unalike in many ways. "What did'ja think?" His question following Nicole's.

"Yep, sure did. He was suspicious at first too, but decided to give me the benefit of the doubt," Tess says with a shrug, relaxing into her chair. "Gave me some information on dear old dad, bit of advice. Nicole, why didn't you tell me he had a boyfriend? It's awesome news. It means if I can help 'em work out their problems that I'll get two dads!" And she sounds excited about it.

Another grin, this time to Roderick. "For a bit, yeah. I moved here, just haven't settled in yet. And his reaction was…well, yeah. Lots of talk about how it was a con and he admired me sticking to it when he knew that the paternity test would come back negative. Hell, he even warned me not to go telling the 'lie' to anyone." Which, of course, she ignored.

"As for Logan…" She shrugs. "Nice enough guy. We seem to have some stuff in common. He was nice enough to agree to escort me to this party thing at some restaurant or club or whatever tomorrow."

Nicole actually chokes on gin and vermouth at the mention of Kain Zarek having a boyfriend. "Tess, dear, I believe Mister Logan is having a bit of fun with you." Even Nicole has to draw the line somewhere, as much as she may delight in the idea that Zarek may be squirming over having a full-grown daughter suddenly coming to call. "Your father most certainly does not have a boyfriend." Last she exchanged gossip with Manny Calavera checked, that was not his thing.

Her train of thought is derailed entirely when Tess informs them she's going to be on Logan's arm at the grand opening of d'Sarthe's. It's the only event Nicole's aware of like that, so it stands to follow. Her face goes a little pale and she brings her cigarette back to her lips to take a long drag. "Well, Roderick, it would seem I'm in need of a new plus one." It's an offer. Somewhat backhanded, but…

Roderick has to laugh out loud at that one. "Oh god… Kainy boy with a boyfriend… Oh… god." Yeah, that seems a bit farfetched. "Oh… that one will be circlin' the halls in no time at all." He's still chucking as he takes a sip of his ale, cause he'll probably make sure that one gets out there.

The bottle pauses part way in the lifts as Nicole makes that announcement, then it dawns on him what Tess said. "But don't you normally…" He trails off, deciding it's wiser to keep his mouth shut. "Well, I ain't found anyone ta go with, and that one chickie at Logan's place? Daisy? Annoying li'l thing, so… I guess you could say I'm still needin' a plus one." He gives a little dismissive wave of his hand, "If you wanna be seen with a schmuck like me. Don't worry none, I do actually clean up nice." Considering his normal state of dress, he decides he needs to point out that last.

Tess's face falls and she gives then both a sad look. "Are you sure? Because I was really getting to like the idea of two dads. I was gonna see if Logan would introduce me to this Richard guy so I could make sure he'd be a good second dad." And then, just like that, the sad mood is gone. She just can't hold onto it for long.

Nicole's comment does have her tilting her head and looking at Nicole curiously. "A new plus one? What, were you gonna go with him? Ooooh. Are you the lady he's hoping to hook up with there?" she asks, giving Nicole a knowing grin. So it's a bit wicked, but Kain is her dad. Better cannot be expected of his spawn.

A pause, then, "So d'ya get now why I wanted to surprise him though? Instead of telling you why? I wanted to be the one to tell him, rather than someone I didn't know. Nothing against you or anything, of course."

"Don't I normally what, Rod?" Nicole's tone is blithe and her look wide-eyed and full of innocent curiosity. "If you have other prospects, I certainly won't cry if you won't take my last minute invitation," she murmurs. She waves her hand, and her cigarette, dismissively before flicking the ashes off the end and settling it in the tray so she can sip on her martini again. Feeling suddenly old at twenty-eight. It's just one of those days.

The colour does return to Nicole's face and then some when Tess mentions a lady Logan's hoping to hook up with. "Yes, dear, I understand why you wanted to surprise Kain, but back up." She tips her chin down so she can fix a pointed look on the blonde girl. "Exactly what did Mister Logan say about a lady at this party?" She is not amused.

"Richard?" Obviously, Roderick knows of who she speaks of, cause he's laughing again. The mental pictures helping that right along. A barely heard sing song tune is murmured under his breath. "Cardinal and Kainy sittin' in a tree…" And he's chuckling again. Oh dear. That might not be the first drink he had or he might just be that weird, he is a precog after all, all of them seem a bit off their rockers.

"And, Nicky-dear… you would be much betta' company." Roderick points out with a grin, brows lifting just a touch as if asking her to prove him wrong. "Besides, we don't spend nearly enough time together." His smile turning a bit impish. "By the way… When I can getcha alone, mate. I have something I want to discuss." A glance going to Tess, that deviant smile returning, even as his words continue to be for Nicole. "Got me an idea, thought you might want in on it."

A finger shakes at Tess know, white teeth flashing in that wide grin. "You are his girl for sure. Sneaky… it'll keep ya alive around these parts, I'm sure." Roderick gives a flick of his hand and another sip of his drink. "He'll come around."

Though it's obvious enough that Tess made a boo-boo in mentioning the lady, she doesn't seem the least bit worried about it. Instead she shrugs to Nicole. "That was pretty much it. Sorry." She nods to Roderick then, confirming the name. "Yeah, that's him. Logan said they had a thing but were having trouble or something."

Suddenly she grins. "I dunno how sneaky I am, but glad that there are some people who don't argue that I'm not his kid. What makes you say I'm his kid though? Because you think I'm sneaky?"

"You have the same smile," Nicole points out again. She gulps down what's left in her glass and leans back on the couch with her cigarette to watch the smoke curl upward from the ember at the end. "You didn't answer my question, Rod. Don't I normally…?"

There is a jerk of his shaggy blonde hair at Nicole, while he grins at Tess. "What she said. It's like… if he was much, much… much prettier and had boobs." Roderick swirls the little bit of ale left in his bottle watching it in action. "And why argue it?" He asks in return, especially since he could have a bit of fun with it.

Of course, some of the fun is leaches out of it and there is a sigh from Roderick as Nicole pushes the question. "Fine… don't you normally go to things like that with Logan." His hands spread a bit, see… nothing important. "Tha's all."

"Yeah, Mom used to say that," Tess says, nodding to Nicole. "Just figured it was something else. But hey, whatever it is, yay. Just more ammo to harass him with whenever the test results come in," she says with another grin. Then she's peers at Nicole. "You know, I think someone should give you the same advice about Logan that you gave me before I told you I wasn't one of Kain's ladies." She laughs. "Amusingly, when I mentioned Kain's name to Logan, his first words were basically the same as yours!"

"Well, Mister Logan obviously prefers his women younger," Nicole reasons. Though the truth in why they were seen together so frequently before had to do only with her lack of control over her new ability. The less problematic that becomes for her, the less his presence is required. "He would rather watch Zarek squirm, and I don't think either of us can blame him." Her smile is thin, but not quite icy.

At least not until Tess decides to offer her advice. Nicole crushes the cigarette in the ash tray and moves to stand. "Yes, well, it would seem that Mister Logan and I are on the same page, then." She straightens her posture. Shoulders back, chin up. "At any rate, I should be getting back to work. Miss Winslow," she inclines her head to Tess. "Mister Sweeney. I'll have my driver swing by to pick you up tomorrow evening. We'll talk about your plans then, hm?" The corners of her lips don't turn upward, but her eyes crinkle a bit in the sentiment of a smirk. But not necessarily a kind one. "Good day to you both."

A hand lifts to fire a salute off to Nicole. "Yes, ma'am. I will be ready and waiting for the pumpkin to arrive." He flashes her a smile despite her icy demeanor, but it fades away quickly enough. A quick glance goes to Tess, his thoughts hidden for the moment. "I'll even comb my hair for it." Fingers rough through his hair briefly.

"Don't work too hard, yeah?" Roderick offers of his co-worker, brows tilting down a little.

Cocking her head, Tess considers Nicole. "So I guess this means that I probably shouldn't jump Logan if I want us to be friends?" she asks, looking and sounding utterly serious and curious. "You'd probably be upset if I ended up dancing in his club too, wouldn't you?" More considering, as she tries to decide if she cares. She does need a job, after all. "Oh well, I'll see you tomorrow night, Nicole. Try to calm down. Life's too short to spend it pissed."

Nicole seems to visibly relax, the annoyance fading from her. "My dear, if John Logan wants to sleep with you, and employ you at his club, it is none of my business. I could not care less what," or who, "you decide to do for a living."

She turns on her heels and walks past the bar, leaving a twenty on its surface to tip the 'tender, being as she and Sweeney don't actually pay for drinks at the Corinthian. "And whatever the young lady wants, too," Nicole instructs as she walks past. She offers a hand up in a wave to the two without looking back.

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