Much Too Sweet For That


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Scene Title Much Too Sweet For That
Synopsis Smoov's got a plan in mind, but he doesn't tell Hortense who unknowingly yet willingly, goes along with it.
Date February 26, 2011

Dorchester Towers - Smoov's Crib

The party is probably still going on.

But without the host. Once the police came, Smoov decided it necessary to take matters into his own hands in smoothing the feathers of this particular girl he was hanging with. Escorted from the party to Dorchester Towerss past curfew, the camera crew followed them all the way to the top floor. Until the door gave a loud and final slap shut. It is well into the wee hours of the morning. Yet Smoov is wide awake.

Big R spent the entire night taking care of Joshua and passing him off to the police. Then taking his security team to the hospital. Tic was passed out somewhere, booze all over his face most likely. So the man with a constant entourage is alone. Ish. In his kitchen, the sound of a liquid pouring into a glass can be heard. "Alright sweet'eart." Smoov announces. The man in the immaculate suit has stripped down some. His jacket taken off to reveal the designer shirt below. Two glasses are picked up before Smoov makes his way into the bedroom. He put a little more tequila in her glass than his own. After all he's a little drunk already. And if she's not, she will be soon.

"Tequila sunrise." Smoov murmurs, going into his room where he left her. Taking a step in he offers the drink to her. "How you feelin, love?" There's plenty of petnames because he either forgot her name or it's hard to say in his Jamaican accent. One or the other.
While there was a certain desire to have gone back to her boat, that was the other side of town, no taxi's were running and she'd had enough of cops to satisfy her. And there was Smoov. She wasn't a camera whore, that was for sure, not acting up in the hopes of getting on the screen. She'd left that mostly to him but smiled when it was turned on her. Till they were inside his place and the camera's banished to the depths of whatever hell it was that they sunk down to when they weren't following the Studio K star.

She's by the window in his bedroom, back down to her 5'10 once the shoes were shucked. Between the party and now, adrenaline wore off and the possibility that his bodyguards could have been killed had sunk very much in. That she could have been killed. "Pissed at myself" She's tipsy, not that far into the possibility of drunk. "I poked him in the chest. You don't think he knows where I live do you? I mean, he seems the kind of guy who would just.. flip off the handle. I can see the headlines now. "Masseuse, killed on her boat by evolved" She turns away from the window, fishnet tights still on under her skirt as she reaches over for the drink. "Thank you, you know, Your bodyguards, I'm so sorry, please, if any of them need physical therapy, please, free of charge"

"You're fine darling." Smoov insists as the drink is handed over. Taking a sip of his own, he walks over to the dresser, setting his glass down. He gives a soothing smile as he walks over to her. "You can't be thinkin' like that. The man's gone to jail, gone on. Don't be thinkin' that way. You're here, you're safe and fine. He won't be able to touch you none at all." One hand goes to grasp her gently on the wrist, leading her to sit on the edge of the bed. "You're safe here, alright then?" Smoov smiles lightly. "Oh.. You're a masseuse? Maic hands then?" Holding her wrist he turns it over as if to inspect her hands thoroughly.

Her own drink is put to the side, shaking her hands, a deep breath followed by a high and giggly laugh. "You're right, you're right, I'm just totally being a worry wart. I mean, I was at a really great club and party and now here I with you. Smoov." She perches on the side of the bed, hands turned up in his palms, fingers curled in slightly. Fingernails kept respectfully short - you'll find no long jersey nails here - and skin smooth. The hands of a person who does what she says she does and not manual labor or slinging french fries. "You could say that. I'm a private massage therapist. I come to clients homes wherever it might be and service them"

And that's where she fish mouths, the alcohol in her system causing her to giggle again at what she said. "Well I mean not service them like, you know, happy ending or the like, I just, you know. Masseuse. I have a table at the Cambria Salon and Spa too, a few hours.. in a week. Why are you interested in my magic hands?"

"Please. Call me Kojo." Smoov insists, smiling warmly at her. Her hand is turned over into his, he gives a light shrug. "There you go, that's better. No reason to worry. We're safe here." He gives her a soothing smile before scooting back on the bed some. But then she declares what she does. Goes to homes and services them. It has his lips drawing apart and brows slightly arched. "Oh." He answers, dipping his chin down.

"Oh. Okay. Not service service just.." He gives a little relieved sigh. He doesn't want to get caught with a known prostitute. Yuck. "Just must be hard work, trying to make everyone relaxed every day. It's your job to relieve everyone after all that stress, all that annoyance. You have to make them feel better." He gives her a sympathetic smile. "When was the last time you got serviced?"

"Not. A Hooker"

She's going to make that clear. "I am not a hooker. I am a massage therapist." She doesn't quite shift back yet, does turn a little with one leg bent, flashing some thigh unintentionally. "I get the odd person who assumes such. I screen my clients very carefully. I'd take you on as a client, I do have really nice hands"

You're in luck, she's not a hooker, just one of many girls who sometimes dress like one when they have a night out. "It's a job. It's one that I like. I can do it anywhere. I can untether my boat form the slip and sail to Jamaica and do it down there. Everyone likes a massage" It's her turn though, to turn her hands over, letting her fingers give a sample, working the pads of his palms. "It's my job, to take away the stress of their day, get rid of their aches and leave them better than I found them. Not a calling, but an agreeable occupation. The last time I got serviced though… " There's a dainty shrug followed by laughter. "Been a while since I've been serviced. What can I say, I'm picky"

"I didn't mean to insinuate you were, love. Y'don't seem like a hooker. Much too sweet for that." As she massages his hands, one comes up to brush her hair past her ear. Smoov inches back just a bit more on the bed. Tugging her gently along to follow him. He smiles gently at her. "So you live on a boat, 'ow's that? And I wouldn't mind you comin around if you were so inclined. Your 'ands are soft."

"It's a good occupation." He smiles gently. "Maybe it's about time someone did something for you, love. Instead of the other way around." Kojo pulls back on her a little more, towards the pillows.

"What every girl wants to hear. You don't look like a hooker!" She takes the hint, she knows what he wants, and frankly, if she wasn't wanting it, this, she wouldn't have gone out with the girls and to an all nighter lock in. "Somehow Kojo, I have a hard time believing that. Kojo the music and movie star would come around to my boat. But yeah, I live on it. Gives a certain sense of freedom. I can skip the traffic to get across to jersey. But if you are so inclined, you're more than welcome "

She goes, where tugged, a wicked little grin on her face that more alcohol might flourish it more. Make it go from ear to ear. "Are you proposing kojo, that I, for once, get the massage and see if you're qualified to give it?"

A light smirk crawls up Smoov's lips. Rolling onto his back, his elbows move back to support his weight. Pushing himself back some, he gestures to come over and join him. "You're a very beautiful girl, sweetheart. You'd be surprised the things men do, for a beautiful girl." He lets out a little hand. "A massage? Well I guess I could try that. But I had my mind on something.. else. A little more intensive. But if a massage is what you want."

"Ahhhh" Pretty much what she thought. Hortense smiles, shifting to her knee's before sliding one overtop Smoo'vs hips, looking down at him. "Ahh kojo, I know a little bit about the things that men do for a beautiful woman, and what a beautiful woman will do for a man" A one night stand, with a movie/music star. A girl can live for one night, the odds of seeing him again other than her screen, pretty good. SO she'll make it memorable. Forget about the disruption at the party that brought her here. Make it fun for both of them, likely leave before he gets up in the morning.

Or at least she'll try to.

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