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Scene Title Mud
Synopsis Helena and Tamara have a little, not entirely productive chat.
Date September

Upper West Side

So there was this girl. She's in a swank neighborhood, which only has bus stops because being kind to the environment has become so tres popular. She's been sitting at the rather nice bus-stop, cap on her head, sunglasses on her face, slouched in a dark jacket and shirt with a pair of jeans, casually reading what looks like the newest Stephanie Meyer novel. And of course, waiting for a bus. Except thus far she's ignored all the buses that have arrived. That's a head scratcher.

The 'so far' doesn't bother Tamara in the least. What's past is past, and no longer her concern. It's what hasn't happened yet that brings her here, to occupy the other side of the bench from Helena, hands neatly folded in her lap. Her blond hair is neater than usual, only a bit wind-mussed; she wears a plum-colored knit sweater and black jeans — clothing utterly incongruous with the sandals on the teen's feet. Even if she does wear socks with them. Where most people might politely ignore Helena, given her obvious preoccupation with the book in hand, and busy themselves with watching down the street for the bus, Tamara gazes steadily at the other teen. "That bus was a long ways away."

Helena looks up from her copy of teen trash - err, Breaking Dawn - or at least it looks like she does. She also hasn't turned a page in ten minutes. "Huh?" she says, a little ungraciously.

Helena's confusion is met with a remarkably serene smile. Especially when it's on the face of someone as young as Tamara. "You should go for a walk," she declares, nodding somberly. In absolute contrast with the gravity of that gesture, the girl bounces back to her feet and reaches for Helena's hands.

Helena blinks some more behind her dark shades, though her still confused cast is evident. She lets Tamara take her hands, after all, weirder things happen in New York. "I don't need to take a walk. Thanks, though." Is this girl a Jehovah's Witness or something?

Blond hair flying in a headshake, Tamara promptly disagrees. "Yes, you do. Brooding in the corner just makes it dark and wet." With Helena in her grasp, the younger girl pulls. Not hard, but it's a definite prompt to 'get up'. "Don't worry — you didn't miss anything. And… sometimes it's better to be missed." Her gaze flicks, just briefly, in the direction of the Petrelli mansion.

Helena doesn't move her head, but her eyes flick over to the mansion. "You some kind of prophet?" she teases. "Like Cassandra? 'Cept people believe you, I bet."

When the tug receives no reaction, Tamara releases Helena's hands. She looks up the street as though something has caught her attention, pupils dilating partway despite the daylight. "Do you?" the girl asks, glancing back to Helena. She steps back, away from the other teen. "Are you coming?"

Helena shrugs. She flicks her eyes to the mansion and shrugs. Obviously Claire hasn't been in or out all day, even though she's convinced her friend is there. Rising, she shoves her hands in her jacket pockets and moves along side the other girl. "Where are we going?"

"Away," Tamara simply replies. Because elaboration may be requested, she adds, "With the shadows." Not that, when she turns and begins walking down the street, the chosen direction of travel seems to have anything to do with shadows cast by the sun.

"Doesn't look like shadows are going to be a problem." Helena says, for lack of anything else. God, this girl's worse then Eve, but perhaps more erudite. "And where would we end up, going with the shadows?"

The sidelong glance Tamara gives Helena is mildly frustrated. Wrong question. "The point was never where we end." A light touch to her companion's shoulder, along with a change in Tamara's course, directs her down a sidestreet. Shortly afterwards, the quiet rumble of a vehicle becomes audible in the distance. "Waiting forever just let the river go past. Why did you wait?"

"I'm not waiting." Helena says after a moment. "I'm watching." Well, not anymore. "You don't make very much sense. I'm pretty smart, but I'll cop to dumb as a post talking to you."

Tamara tilts her head, looking at Helena. She doesn't respond quickly, but seems to mull over the remarks for a short time. "It is what was," the younger girl replies, offering a wan smile. "Maybe it did. Maybe he helped you. And maybe it didn't. They're all in the shadows - but better to try than not."

Helena blinks behind her sunglasses. "Clear as mud." she says. "Well. Nice to meet you." she says with a New Yorker's matter-of-factness. "Uh…good luck with that shadows thing?" She manages a brief smile, and then turns, heading back to actually pick up the bus this time.

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