Muffins, Coffee, Evolved...Oh My!


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Scene Title Muffins, Coffee, Evolved…Oh My!
Synopsis Stopping in the bakery for muffins and coffee, Jet runs into Adelaide working on a fictional story. They two get to talking, which leads to the talk of the evolved, and an evolved support group.
Date October 8, 2009

Piece of Cake Bakery

//The front room of the bakery is a long and narrow one. A great glass window covers the wall facing the street, so that anyone outside can see in. The door is glass as well; on bright days the shop is filled to the brim with sunshine. Drop lamps abovehead help at night, casting a warmer and softer light. Classic black and white tiling collects smudges more often than not on the floor and walls. In the back is a hallway which leads further to the kitchen, a small bathroom for customers to use, and a set of creaky stairs that go up to the second floor. The entire building is warm, and the air is redolent with the scents of pastry both savory and sweet, cookies, muffins, chocolate and fruit, bread and more.

A long, waist-high counter is on the left after stepping inside. The top is flat so purchases can be set down, and baked goods of all sorts are on display inside. Down at the far end is the cash register: leaving means walking past all the tempting wares all over again. Though it isn't particularly fancy, a coffee machine next to the register has a sign that reads "Donations": the cups and plain coffee are free, but change dropped inside goes to local charities. Three small bistro tables sit along the right wall; it's a tight fit, but three (or four if they're close friends) people can sit at each to enjoy a bite before going on their way. A bell above the door jangles merrily whenever it's opened.//

Just after the noon hour, the Peice of Cake Bakery is not quite a flurry of activity. It's only moderately busy as people grab snatches of food for lunch and drinks and leave, as they please though a few people linger.

At one of the small tables, Adelaide sits, her laptop out, keys clicking lightly as she works on something. The look on her face is a focused concentration as moves her eyes from left to right across the screen. A pause as she reaches for a cup of something- tea perhaps for its not quite as dark as coffee and the small string and paper hang on the outside of the cup.

And then another joins the few people in the establishment. Walking over to the counter, Jet flashes a smile to the person behind the counter before giving her order. "Can I have a chocolate chocolate chip muffin? And a cup of coffee? No no, just black. Thank you." Her hands clasp behind her back as she waits for her order to arrive, a soft little hum coming from her as she does so. Adelaide is given a glance, but that's all. Fast service that, and soon she's walking over to the table next to Adelaide, sitting next to the female on her laptop. "Afternoon."

Service is quick and light. "Here you go." says the cashier, a plumper woman, perhaps in late 20s. The change is recorded and the items given to their purchaser. Adelaide watches a few seconds looking up from her work and bobbing her head. "Hiya." she says offering the chair closet to her without a a second thought. "Good afternoon isn't it?"

Jet can't help but to smile at Adelaide, her cheerful greeting seeming to rub off on Jet as she settles down in the seat, putting her coffee in that right spot to the upper right of her plate as she fluffs out a napkin to lay it across from her lap. "Thank you." Fork and knife both picked up as she commences to eat her muffin like that. "Don't think I'm nosey when I ask what you're working on, just making conversation."

Adelaide nods. "It's not a problem, few and few people sit down and talk with people they don't know." she says in a sad sort of tone. "Lately I've noticed most people just kind of ignore each other-even on campus, if you don't actually know them its actually difficultto strike up conversation with them, they ignore you." she frowns. "And I am working on a peice of fiction."

"I sit with many stangers, though some aren't very kind." A faint smile to Adelaide at this as Jet cuts into her muffin, taking a small bite before she chews and swallows it. "I'm…" a beat "Juliet. Though Jules is cool. You know, if you wanted." A shrug of her shoulders followed by another bite of her muffin. "So, what type of fictional story are you writing?"

Adelaide grins. "Jules… I like it." she takes another sip of tea. "Adelaide." she introduces herself carefully, "Though if you find a nickname appropriete feel free to use it." she taps ctrl + S on her keyboard before pulling up some other documents clearly related to the peice of fiction she's working on. "At the moment, its probably going to be 'Fantasy'. I am considering something with 'merpeople'/sea folk- their a combination of my own imagination and mythos. Think the "Little Mermaid" type merpeople, but more colorful- their tails ect being more colorful like beta-fish & koi fish."

"Wow. That really is fiction…" a soft chuckle from Jet from her now before she cuts off another piece of her muffin before putting it into her mouth, chewing them swallowing. "I thought maybe you meant Wizards, or the like… though I guess this day and age most fiction has become fact…" Trailing off for a moment, her eyes then snap back to Adelaide's. "I suppose the only one I can think of is Addy. But that's too generic."

Adelaide laughs. "Addy, no- don't you dare." she grins. "And yes the fantasy is out there. I don't like doing generic or derivitive fantasy- its not easy to keep it from being derivitive in some form or another ."

Jet turns her face into her shoulder, offering a muffled yawn as she saws another piece of her muffin off, forking it into her mouth as she chews it slowly. Another swallow followed by a chasing of her coffee. "Laid? Laddy? Adel? Ella." A nod of her head to the last one, "Ella is good, but Adelaide seems fitting." Another bite, another sip. "I think your name is unnickable."

Adelaide says, "Del, or Ella" she adds quietly, "Though I do think my name is unnickable- Del works- I have a friend who calls me that." She begins clicking away at the keyboard. "Feel free to ask questions.""

"I don't really have any questions to ask a perfect stranger," come amused words from Jet as she flashes another smile to Adelaide before taking a few more forkfuls of her muffin. "Do you ever do research or writings on the terrorist groups of New York? I thought about writing an article on all the terrorist groups. For fun."

Adelaide thinks after a little while. "Well I haven't mostly because I run an Evolved support group-its called Evolved Anonymous- and to be honest terrorist groups tend to be pretty diverse. I don't think I could research it effectively."

A forkful of muffin stops halfway to her mouth upon hearing Adelaide's words, Jet just frozen for a very long time before that fork is sat back down on her plate with a hard clatter before her eyes turn to Adelaide's own. "Are you Evolved then? Or do you simply support their efforts?" A bland tone from her, perhaps boarding on tiredness, boredom. Who really knows though.

Adelaide smiles. "Both." she explains. "I am an Evolved, and I do support the efforts of equality."
Jet lifts a finger to her scalp now as she gives a scritching of it. "I don't understand," she simply speaks. "The Evolved will never be equal Adelaide. People fear. Some are harmless, others not so harmless. Would not matter if all that were left was the harmless, child, people fear what is different. Always have been, always will."

Adelaide nods. "You are right about that, but I can dream can't I?" she asks quietly.She grins. "I know that there will always be problems, I mean Civil rights still hasn't completely worked out either."

"So I don't understand," which seems to be Jet's catch phrase for the duration of the conversation. "What does this support group do, exactly? Just… offer support… to um…" A brief waving of her fork, "Lost evolved who feel shunned? Lost? Need help?" A perk of her brow to Adelaide at this, "Can non-registered be.. supported?"

Adelaide nods. "Yes. And yes." she smirks. "Believe me, the group is for learning, talking and expanding your community around you. Being an evolved isn't 'bad', but the world tells us to hide or register. So I wanted to give those who wanted to talk and learn more about themselves and test their powers… ect. To be able to talk in a safe place."

Jet chuckles softly, "A safe place. So you and your people are left alone? From the law? Hard to imagine that, especially with unregisters running around." A flash of a grin to her at this before she finishes her muffin, picking up the napkin from her lap and wiping off her mouth before finishing her coffee. "Do you take non-evolved volunteers?"

Adelaide laughs. "Well its not like I keep a list, or anything its just show up, you don't have to say anything if you don't want to. Its just a place to meet and hangout. And duh, its open to anyone- non evolved -most definately."

Jet's lip quirks a bit to her words, "You just Duh'd me." A shake of her head at this, shaking her red locks for a moment before she stuffs her napkin into her empty coffee cup. "Could I have your contact info? I may stop by, listen in. I look for things to fill my night with. I get bored way too easily."

Adelaide nods. She slids a small card towards the woman. "The meeting times are usually posted in the Suresh Center, or around there and that's usually where they are held the first floor.

Jet picks up the card from Adelaide, looking at the information before nodding her head to the woman. "I'll call you sometime." Another flash of a smile, "If not for this, then for muffins and coffee and talk of the evolved." A snickering chuckle from her before Jet stands, picking up her dirty items and taking her leave, depositing them in the trashcan before she leaves the establishment.

Adelaide goes back to work a smile on her face. Good words spread.

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