Munin's Down A Well (the remake)


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Scene Title Munin's Down A Well (the remake)
Synopsis The first time Brian did it, the second time he's going to help get her out.
Date February 16, 2011

Upper West Side — Near the tin can.

The little used phone in room 504 hasn't been on the hook all morning, whatever the guest in there is doing, it only pauses to disconnect and then more dialing. Phone records easily show who she is calling, the same two numbers. It's early afternoon before the redhead emerges, armed with her ID, iPad, wheelchair, and an over the shoulder canvas bag containing various sundries.

Wearing a bandana around her head to hide her long hair, a hoodie to keep warm, jeans, and a pair of tennis shoes, she walks through the lobby using the chair for support. She doesn't stop near the plush chairs like she usually does. This time, she's making a break for it. Flu and authorities be damned, she's got a friend in trouble. The redhead isn't the stealthiest of creatures, so it amazes her when she makes it through the doors with little to no notice. It doesn't even occur to her that she's not a prisoner in the hotel, no one cares if she comes or goes.

Out on the sidewalk, she makes a beeline for the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street, then she gets into her chair and begins pushing herself along. She's supposed to be meeting Brian somewhere, she's not as familiar with the area as she used to be. The tin can next to the orange cat with the purple umbrella doesn't mean anything to her until she sees it. A tin can… next to a busker in orange… playing saxaphone next to a stand of umbrellas.

"You're some kind of super secret agent."

One moment Delia was pushing herself, the next there is someone behind her, propelling her along. Gripping the bars of the back of the wheelchair, Winters has Delia rolling by the saxophones soon enough. Glancing over he looks back down to the woman in the chair below him. He had convinced himself he was going to be nice. Still a little prickly about the whole sleeping with the devil thing, Brian has decided to push that down to bridge the topic of troubled friends.

"What's the problem? Eileen fall in a well?" Pushing her past the purple and orange, his shoes slap into a small puddle, water spitting up around the tires of the chair. Turning a corner, he glances over his shoulder. "I hope Logan doesn't disapprove of you leaving like this." Okay maybe the whole being nice thing wasn't going to work out.

"He's not my father," She replies to the quip about the blond Brit, "and it was only one night."

Better hope he's not her father, that would be sort of gross. Regardless, Delia folds her arms over her chest and leans back in her chair, turning her head to look up at Brian. "She fell, she's hurt, and she wants me to find the man that she loves. She said he gave her a watch." Not much to go on from that end. "When I talked to Nick, he said her boyfriend is in the dome… do you— You wouldn't just happen to have a Brian in the dome, would you? Or is that— I guess it wouldn't work anyway, would it?"

Righting her head, she looks straight out and licks her lips to wet them. "She's somewhere close to the Corinthian, I wouldn't have been able to reach her otherwise."

"Oh so you can leave at anytime and not come back, then?"

"Good to know." Though after that little quip, the man starts to sober up. His eyes scanning the horizon as if he could find Eileen right then. "There's no one with her?" His brows furrow some. "Like you think she needs help?" His lips close for a moment. "I have a body camping outside the dome twenty four seven. I have a contact. You know him. Doyle. Doyle's inside the dome." He gives a little nod. "I can ask Doyle to find Gabriel.. But that might not work.."

Shaking his head. "Umm.. But what's the point in finding him? If he's in the Dome? Shouldn't we be more actively trying to think about like.. how to find her?" He wets his lips, frowning lightly. "Can you find her again? LIke.. do you know your exact radius?"

"Okay, if Doyle can find him, let him know that she's hurt and she needs him." The redhead's eyebrows knit together in a frown and she purses her lips into an unhappy frown. "I didn't have time to scan what she saw before she went to sleep… I didn't think about it until it was too late. I don't think there's anyone with her? But I don't know. She said she was waiting for him… but she didn't think he would come."

The question of her radius, she just shakes her head and shrugs. "I can't go far on my own. A half mile maybe? I know it's not far… I had to skip a lot when I was lost. There were a lot of stops between people I knew…. but until the end, I didn't know where I was going. Jasmine taught me how to make maps using people's memories. That's how I figured out how far I could go."

"Are you sure that's a good idea, Deebag?" Brian asks, tilting his head. "Wouldn't that just make him like mad? Or sad? If someone told me Sam was hurt and needed me. And I was trapped in a bubble. And I had a lot of superpowers. It just doesn't seem like a good combo. You know? If he's stuck in the dome. That means he's stuck. He won't be able to do anything for her." He looks down at her.

"Half mile? Okay. That's easy. I can start running around and try to find places where people might.. fall." He closes his mouth. "That doesn't seem too hard. There can't be that many places to fall in a half mile radius." Looking over the horizon, he narrows his brows contemplatively.

"Fine, okay maybe it's not a good idea… but she asked me to find him. She needs him." Perhaps it's the romantic part of the redhead that's insisting it be the man that Eileen loves, maybe. "He still needs to know … because if it was you, wouldn't you be angry that no one told you? Even if there was nothing you could do?"

Puckering her lips, Delia glances backward up at Brian and shrugs. "What if.. he just told Gabriel? That's his name? What if Doyle told Gabriel— uhm…" Biting her lower lip, she scans the sidewalks and takes in a quick breath of air. "Oh! I got it! She said she wanted to tell him that she's sorry… because she didn't take care of herself like she told him she would. What if Doyle told him that?"

"Ookay." Brian starts, eyes widening a little. "But I should probably still look for her. Because if she's hurt.. She could probably die?" Brian is more than a little confused on her insistence. "So I think I'm going to look for her so she doesn't die. Just in case. And I will also tell Doyle to do that.. But I will also tell him that I am doing everything I can to find her. Because that's a good idea."

Pausing in his walk with her, he glances down at her. "Does that sound fair?"

"Well, duh… we're going to be looking for her out here. You, me, Nick, and Sami… because I think Sami might be super useful for looking through things… like ground." It seems logical to the redhead. "Eileen said the earth swallowed her up, so she has to be underground somewhere." There's a bit of a hesitant breath as Delia second guesses herself and looks up at Brian with something of a timid look. "Right? That's right… right?"

She used to be so much more confident.

At least with her reasoning.

"The earth swallowing her…" Brian pauses and looks to the south. "Well that is most definitely, midtown." He gives a shrug. "Unless she fell like in an uncovered manhole but.. Seriously. We would probably be best off looking over there and.." His lips thin out. "Yeah Sam would be super useful. But the ruins Dee.. I don't think taking a wheelchair over there is the best idea." Winters turns his head as if asking her for approval of his disapproval.

"Yeah you're right. It has to be underground." Brian puts his foot on the back of the wheel chair. Pushing down on it to make her pop a wheelie. Holding the wheelchair in its new position. "But first we need to do some tricks."

"Then I'll walk." Delia sounds adamant in her bid to help, refusing to be dissuaded. "I'll use crutches, I don't care, I'm coming to help look. Eileen's my friend."

Her eyes hold some measure of fear in them as she swallows. "Brian— if she's in Midtown…" Looking up at the replicator isn't hard to do in wheelie mode nd Brian can see the expression on the redhead's face as she whispers the rest of her thought. "What if the robots find her before we do?" The question ends in a squeak that has a glimmer of tears forming along her lower lids. "We have to find her.. and we have to get Gabriel out. I'm going to look for her again tonight— hopefully I'll be able to reach her."

Brian's lips tighten. "You can't.. Dee. You're not at your full strength. If a robot comes, you could get hurt." He murmurs quietly, knowing that he's going to fight a losing battle if she chooses to sink her heels in. The wheelchair continues in its wheelie movement, Brian spinning her around on one wheel before setting her back down. And then she's starting to cry. So he sets her down fully.

"We'll find her first." Brian murmurs quietly, looking over his shoulder to the Corinthian. "Well then.. Maybe I should stay with you again. So we can find her as fast as possible."

"You're going to need me there to look, if I'm able to pick out something… You won't know what to look for. Can't we use— Can't we use a vehicle or something? Do we know someone with a truck that could get around the streets there?" For all the time that she's been without her legs, the one thing Delia yearns for right now is her bike. A bike would be perfect, in her estimation.

Brian's suggestion has her following his gaze back to the Corinthian and a furrow of her eyebrows up at him. "Okay… You can stay but if Mister Logan comes by, you have to be nice. I don't care what went on before, you have to be nice to him for me. Or… or use someone he doesn't mind. Because I'm his guest, I don't want to be rude."

"My Chinese friend can stay with you. Logan won't have anything to say to him." He gives a light shrug. He assumes. "I can't promise anything about his behavior. He's kind of a wild card." He gives a light shrug. The ability to stay with her AND be a dick! This will be great. "I had a truck." Winters mouth snaps shut and his head subtely hangs as if grieving. Oh Dodge Ram.

"I think the army owns it now." A light sigh seeps out of his lips. "At least my truck is being all that it can be." A little shrug is given.

"My dad used to have an armored Humvee or SUV or something when he worked for DHS… I think he liked it more than he likes me." Now he's trapped under the dome and she hasn't been able to get a hold of him. Plus he sort of lied to her, again. "Sorry about your truck though.. uhm… I'm glad it's being all that it can be." She doesn't add that it's probably in many pieces and or rotting somewhere on a minefield waiting for a mortar to hit it.

The promise of the Chinese friend coming to stay instead of Brian makes Delia smile a little and she shakes her head. "He gets to spring for takeout though, I don't have any cash. I bet he knows all the good places though, right?" Of course she doesn't have any cash, she hasn't had any cash since August or September… Ah the life of the perpetually impoverished friend. Brian's lucky to have her.

"He owns the good places for take out." Brian smirks a little, going to pop Delia back up into wheelie mode. Pushing her forward he smiles down at her weakly. "I'm sorry I yelled at you. I shouldn't have." He says quietly. "Or called you names.. or whatever I did. I shouldn't have. I'm sorry. I still don't think you're right. You're not. You're super wrong. But I shouldn't have treated you badly."

Pushing her along in her wheel(ie)chair, he tilts his head and smiles weakly. "Forgive me?"

Averting her eyes Delia presses her lips together and nods once. She seems a bit— disconcerted— by the apology and while she doesn't outright refuse to acknowledge it, she's fairly silent about it. Kind of. "You don't have to think I'm right." Is all she has to say about it. The downcast expression on her face and the dull ache inside that's practically visible when she looks up at Brian when she nods her forgiveness are a tell all.

"You don't see what I see," the small admission is made in a low voice, unhappy in its own right. "No one does." Because other than a small handful of people, they can't see what she sees. "Someday he's going to need me, I'm going to be there."

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