Musical Therapy



Scene Title Musical Therapy
Synopsis Raeven rocks out singing in a local pub.
Date September 23, 2010

The Surly Wench

A punk rock pub through and through, The Surly Wench is dim, cramped, and incredibly popular. It's a small, rectangular venue with a bar bordering one entire wall. Despite this, ordering a drink on a weekend can be an exercise in line-waiting and rib-elbowing. There are a few small tables ringed with high stools for seating, but these are prime real estate. The majority of the patrons are forced to stand shoulder-to-shoulder on any given night. Almost half of the cramped interior is devoted to a low stage for live music. There's no dance floor. If you feel the need, you'll have to thrash in place..

With nothing more than a half hour of notice for the DJ Raeven has supplied a track list so that she can do a liver performance. Granted the majority of the songs are going to be covers, but to appease the crowd that's just the way to do things these days. In the end of the last song playing before her own starts she takes a hold of her mic for the night and slowly dances her way to the stage, perfectly in time for the deep resonating bass guitar to kick in. "Why do you drive me crazy. This distrubing cemetary where you had to go unbury. You brought it up, so listen carefully." Her voice is low and edging along sultry, fitting with the song flawlessly for the chorus. "Prick the needle in, let the ink in, watch it sink in under my skin, driving me crazy." Back to a verse. "You think that I'd have a thicker skin. Since you're underneath it, but I'm paper thin."

"Prick the needle and let the ink it, watch it sink in. Under my skin, driving me crazy." The song draws out here, a bit of an intermission, giving her all the time to dance around on the floor and drawing more and more people in the longer she stays here. The girl knows how to rock while still sounding good. Difficult for a lot of people, even musicians. The bass continues, throbbing heavily through the floor and though the legs into the chest. "You don't know what makes me tick. I almost forgot that you exist. Prick the needle in and let the ink in, watch it sink in. Under my skin, driving me crazy. Intervention."

The music starts to blend in with one another, going from slow to a lot faster and controled mostly by the sound of electric guitars. The little punk rocker starts pounding her head against the air, matching the beat and throwing her devil horns into the air with her free hand. "Everything is different today. I like it, like it. I feel very different today. I like it, like it. I'm not gonna be in your parade, 'cause I don't like it. You think I'm a dirty little game. You think I like it. You made up this fantasy with me, but I don't like it. I want you to get away from me. That's how I like it. How do you like it?" Chorus. "Today I'm gonna fly, there's nothing that can keep me on the ground. Touch the sky, I'm free inside." There is no pause. The young performer continues, keeping up with the pace of the song and the crowd. "You think you're the master, I'm the slave. You think I like it. You don't even know me anyway. That's how I like it. I'm am getting ready to move on, but you don't like it. You can kiss your fairy tale away. I like it, like it. How do you like it?"

The more she continues, the more lost she becomes in her music, dancing and flying around on the little stage, bouncing off people and building up a mini-mosh pit in a pub that can barely handle it. "I'm free to do what I like. I'm celebrating my life. I'm free to be what I like. I'm celebrating my life. I'm gonna get what I like. Gonna celebrate till I die. I'm celebrating my life. Today I'm gonna fly. There's nothing that can keep me on the ground. Touch the sky, I'm free inside."

The next song to hit the speakers is rough and and dark, and flat out horrifying if the wrong sort of person were to walk in on it. The word "Guilty" resonates through the pub, several times over again, and it isn't until they're finished until the girl starts singing. "Now I've woken, been reborn. Though I have just until dawn. I remember every face, spirits show me every place. First one sleeps inside his bed. Place my fingers to his head. To each temple push and smother, till my fingers touch each other." Next verse. "Next one makes love to his wife. Only wish to take his life. For his family's done no wrong, place his children on the lawn. Tell the Mrs leave the room. less she wish to witness doom. Grab the squirmy, filthy goat, and shove the dresser down his throat. I must quickly use my gift. Next two work the midnight shift. Drinking coffee in the back, I will listen to them chat. Hear them speaking of my death. Hear the laugher in their breath. But the laughter quickly dies when their heads colide." 'You're gonna die' hums throughout the room, several times over and over and over again. Many people have stopped to stare at her, wondering what the hell she's singing about. Others simply don't care and enjoy the music for what it's worth. "Now my anger's growing worse, next one's working as a nurse. Have to make a doctor's call, drag my body down the hall. Grab a scalpel and a blade. Time to play the nurse's aid. Operate and strap her down. Carve her face into a clown. Killed another, then three more. Now we're down to only four. This man drives a taxi cab. Nother wicked life to grab. Screaming that he thought I died, let's go for a taxi ride. In the wreck of of twisted steel the stearing wheel becomes his meal."

"This man watches his TV, scanning channels endlessly. Stops at station fourty-four. It's the wicked clown show. Watch me juggle, watch me dance. In 3D watch me enhance. Watch me crawl out from the screen and squeeze your neck until you're green." Once again the same chorus rings through the speakrs, the everlasting voice of 'you're gonna die' repeating itself a full sixteen times. Raeven never looses herself in the song, able to keep her composure as well as putting on a show worthy enough of the song. It was meant to scare people while drawing them in at the same time. "Even though there's just one left I feel my bones becoming stiff. And now I wander endlessly, the spirits have abandoned me. My limbs are falling piece by piece, my ears and fingers in the street. But still you see no morning sun, and here's my victim's early run. Quickly grab him from behind, round his neck with fishing twine. Keep him still and pull the string. Watch his head go bobbling. Listen to my riddle song, even though my crime was wrong. Murder me just for your law and I'll be back for all of y'all."

Once again the music picks up into a faster pace, apparently she's trying to draw in each type of crowd all at once, rather than wait until the ending of her show for them to hear what they want. As always, her songs are perfectly synchronized with the guitar, drums, and bass, and then comes her voice. "You're red soaking wet. I'm right next to you. You're red soaking wet. Let's writhe. Let me see you trip. One move that will keep you wet. Let's fall in a long sadistic trance. Put the keys in our hands. GUNS! RAZORS! KNIVES! Fuck with me! GUNS! RAZORS! KNIVES!" Alas, the girl's a screamer! No sexual reference intended… "You're red soaking wet. I'm right next to you. You arrive soaking wet. Let's sail in this sea of charms. Let's drown underneath the stars. Let's drink with our weapons in our hands. Let's sleep in this trance." The guitars go fast and crazy, impressing the occupants with just their sound alone as the singer takes a break to swallow a good mouth of water before her next bit. "GUNS! RAZORS! KNIVES! Fuck with me. GUNS! RAZORS! KNIVES! You're red soaking wet. I'm right next to you. You're red soaking wet. I'm right next to you. You're red, soaking wet…"

The next sounds to vibrate through the crowd is, once again, filled with base. And when she sings, it's a girly sound that comes out from behind those lips. "I will break into your thoughts. With what's written on my heart. I will BREAK! BREAK!" Another screaming song! And this one she really gets into, her head bashing around with hair damp from all the moisture building up on her skin. "I'm so sick, infected with where I live. Let me live this empty bliss, selfishness. I'm so sick. I'm so sick." Her smaller voice comes out, that taunting sound echoing through the dozens of people crowding around her. "If you want more of this, we can push out, sell out, die out. So you'll SHUT UP! And stay sleeping. With my screaming in your itching ears."

"I'm so sick, infected with where I live. Without this empty bliss. Selfishness. I'm so sick. I'm so sick. Hear it! I'm screaming it! You're heeding to it now… Hear it! I'm screaming it! You tremble at the sound…" Raeven combines both screaming and singing into a single verse, her voice cracking here and there from the sudden differences. But she couldn't care less about it, rather enjoying the sound it creates than being ashamed of it. "You sink into my clothes. And this invasion makes me feel worthless, hopeless, sick. I'm so sick, infected with where I live. Let me live without this empty bliss. Selfishness. I'm so sick. I'm so sick."

It's now 2:20am and the bartenders are announcing their last call for the night. Which means one final song. And as such there's no better way than ending the night with one last intense sound vibrating through your head, and yet slow at the same time. A wind down, if you will. "The rebel inside, a mind of my own. I haven't felt right since the moment that I gave up. I challenged my limits. I'm feeling I'm becoming limitless. I take it all in and inhale. I'm wide awake. Open my eyes and the sky's so blue. All of a sudden I know that I treasure my life. I find myself wide awake like you." This song seems to have a particular hold on her. The motions of rocking out fading, although while still enjoying herself enough to keep going for the sake of the crowd. "The struggle within now I understand. Freedom begins when you get out of the cage you built. It looks like I'm crazy but I'm not the only one to believe in myself. Believe in myself. I won't become undone. 'Cause I feel like I'm wide awake. Open my eyes and the sky's so blue. All of a sudden I know that I treasure my life. I find myself wide awake like you."

She takes another sip for the duration of the bridge of her song, savoring the liquid sensation in her throat before it's time to get started up again. "I'm wide awake. Open my eyes and the sky's so blue. All of a sudden I know that I treasure my life. All of a sudden I know that I treasure my life. Like you…" It's the last few notes ringing through the pub, finalizing the night, when her mic drops down to her side. It's been a good way to vent out any pent up energy, as well as get some things off her chest without having to go insane trying to do so. She walks back towards the DJ, turns in her microphone, and buys herself one last drink and downing it quickly before taking off into the night.

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