My Baby Did Something Legal


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Scene Title My Baby Did Something Legal
Synopsis Joanna and Tasha spend quality time together while registering to comply with the new law.
Date August 10, 2010

Police Station

Her baby is doing something Legal.

Clearly, she and Vincent did do something right. Standing in line, so very close to the front of where they've gone, to both register as per the new law, Joanna stands tall and proud beside Tasha. "I'm proud of you, you know, doing this. I'm glad you've chosen to register. I really am Tasha. We should go out for something to eat after. I don't need to be in court, I can take a few hours off" Black skirt, red suit jacket and black heels with sharp heels and toes, Joanna looks the part of a district attorney.

When Joanna talks of being proud, Tasha rolls her eyes a touch and shakes her head. One hand is wrapped around a cup of Starbucks and the other is shoved in the pocket of her jean shorts. While there's no doubting they're related, she certainly isn't as regal and professional as her mother. Not that she has to be, at 18 and without an actual job. She wears a yellow t-shirt and her feet are in green Converse. She thought about the fact that her face would be in a photograph, though, so her hair is at least brushed and she even wears a touch of makeup. She's going to have to look at this ID for a long time.

Well, until she makes another one with her fake-name on it, anyway.

"It's not that big a deal, Mom. I just figured there'd be less people in the beginning than closer to the deadline. I hate standing in lines," she says, waving away the praise. "But yeah, we can get lunch after."

"This is a big deal to me" For reasons unvoiced lest her daughter get her ass arrested. "When does Parsons start and is there anything that you'll need for your classes that you don't have right now?" The conversation might well as be like everything else in this station, people coming and going, there's two people between them and the testing. "I hate lines too. At least we won't have to wait in line for lunch. How is Colette and her little friend" Tamara, the one that Joanna has yet to meet. "Has your father been out to your place yet? Seen the set up?"

"I'll get a supply list, I'm sure, either before classes start or on the first day. I don't wanna buy stuff until I know for sure what I need. I start in another month," Tasha says, glad they have something to talk about that's normal. "I probably have most the stuff, but you know, can usually do with new brushes and pencils."

"They're both fine," she adds, then shakes her head at the last bit. "No. And you know he won't." There's a terse tension to the words, before she continues. "Don't worry about it, though. I'm theoretically a grown-up. You shouldn't have to keep fixing shit for me, including my relationship with Dad. Maybe especially my relationship with Dad — I mean, I'm 18 — it's not your job to make that right anymore. Especially when you're not even married to him."

"I"m not trying to make it right, I can't ever make it right, but I can try to make it bearable, and see if maybe you and he can't have what he and I still have" Which is a quiet friendship and understanding that they tried.

And failed.

"A mother can hope and I realize that it's not just you. It's mostly him. Your father isn't the most easy person to get along with. He's… an acquired taste" The two ahead of them go off to be tested and registered, and they move up in spot. "We really should go on a cruise. October I think, delay the warm weather a bit. Maybe Hawaii or something to the bahama's. Without your father. He wouldn't be able to make it and really, I don't think he'd get out of a suit" Joanna lets loose a breath through her nose. "I think I'd like that. A vacation. I haven't taken one in ages"

"You have tried, and it's not your fault he and I fail," Tasha says. "And yeah. I haven't had a chance to talk to Colette about it, but I'll see if she can take time off work for it. I don't know about my classes yet, but I'll talk to my teachers as soon as I start up and see if it's doable."

The clerk at the desk asks to see their IDs before handing them clipboards to fill out and then sends them to the next room for the blood testing. Tasha fills hers out as she walks, before finding another line where they can wait to be pinpricked and bled. "Wonder how many people are gonna show up for this to be registered non-Evo and turn out to be positive after all," she muses, her brows furrowing with worry at the notion — theoretical people, strangers she wants to protect.

"That's a good question, one that i'm sure your father would know the statistics about" Joanna, ever efficient, has her papers already in line. What with where she works and the fact that they were so kindly dropped off in everyone's in-box in an effort to 'make complying with the law as quickly and efficiently as possibly'. So she's watching what Tasha inputs onto her's, checking on her manicure and calculating when she has to next get them done.

"Cut from the same cloth. We all are. It's no wonder we produced you. That's why in the end we all don't get along. But that doesn't mean I won't stop trying. Unless you want me to and then, I will"

"Don't tell him I'm like him. That'll just piss him off. I'm sure he's wondering if someone swapped his real child with me at the hospital, and that somewhere out there, there's a little Lazzaro that would make him proud," Tasha murmurs as she fills out her form, then tucks the clipboard under one arm as she waits for her turn. "Probably in school to be a cop, and a Registered Evolved smoke monster to boot."

"There is no way that there is any other child. You look just like him" Chin up, mildly affronted at the thought that someone might even joke about that. Or that Vincent isn't on some level proud of Tasha. Her arm snakes out and around her daughter, pulling her in to grace her temple with a kiss. "Well I love you, no matter what. Even if you are dating Colette and I might end up with her for a daughter in law. That hair, it's so…" Short. Short, and the girl is so young, both of them are.

"Ugh." Tasha hates being told she looks like Vincent. "Please, I'd rather look just like you." She chuckles as she's kissed and she hugs her mom back. "And her hair isn't that much shorter than mine, really. It's growing out a little," she adds, defensive of Colette, though she knows her mother is trying to be supportive. Suddenly, the person with the needle is gesturing them over, and Tasha gives her mother a little push. "You first." She doesn't like needles.


But she goes forth anyways, producing her hand when asked, forefinger scrubbed with an alcohol pad. There goes the little jab, the only discomfort being the wrinkle of her nose and just like that, it's over. Finger squeezed, drops applied to the three circles, instantaneously it's blue across the board.

Joanna isn't evolved, but she knew that already from when there was an across the board check in her employment. Papers taken, things marked down, she steps to the side so that Tasha can do it next.

She's been tested as well — of course she has, she's Lazzaro's daughter — but the test has to be done here in the presence of the officials authorized to register them. Tasha looks away so she won't see the needle piercing her skin, which is more the problem than the actual sensation. The pad turns blue and her paperwork is taken, the Non-Evolved spot taken. Now just to wait for her shiny new card to prove it to come in the mail.

Tasha rises and links arms with her mother. "See. I'm like you."

"As if I had any doubt" Joanna smiles, lines denoting her age that Vincent so likes to use to jab at her with so very evident. Laugh lines are acceptable. Frown lines are not. "Come, we'll go eat, and possibly shop. I'm in need of a new pair of heels" Something to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Her baby did something legal.

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