My Favorite Color



Scene Title My Favorite Color
Synopsis … it turned red
Date March 11, 2009

NYPD Forensics Lab

[Note: This scene contains flashbacks. If you are prone to sickness turning flashbacks, please read this scene at your own peril. Flashbacks are written in italics, and have taken place six weeks ago. Proceed with caution.]

Growing up, her favorite color was red.

It's late inside the Forensics Lab, and Rebecca Nakano has spent almost every night for the last six weeks here. Working late. Keeping busy. Anything to get her mind of the inevitable. It seems that every night she replays that scene in her mind.

"Miss Nakano. We need you to test. Mandatory for all law enforcement officials." Rebecca knew this day was coming. But she had no reason to feel that this day would be any different from any other day. They'd take her blood, tell her she was find and move on with their lives.

Her glasses are on the desk, set aside carelessly as she cradles her head in her hands, fingers combed through her hair as she has her head down. She has assumed this pose almost nightly as her head seems to pound. It could be phychological, but it certainly doesn't feel that way now.

"We just need your hand and we'll get this over with." It's just a light prick and there it's done. She turns back to her work and begins to type again as they wait for the results.

She pulls her hand down and looks at the hole in her finger. No one else could see any such thing but for her it's like a bit gaping chasm that will never heal.

"Miss Nakano. It turned red." There is a long eternal pause there as she hears the words, but it takes a lifetime for them to reach her brain. "I.. no. That can't be right. It has to be false. Can we do another?" There is no change in the second test either. This time her eyes remain on the test as it turns red.


What could she have? Will she be a menace? Like the flame thrower or the guy who turns others into stone? Will she have an important gift like healing or protection? What if she can't control it? What if she hurts someone?

"M'am? We have to ask a few questions now.."

"Go ahead.."

"Have you displayed any signs of an ability? Have you manifested any powers?"


This has to be a mistake. She doesn't feel any different. It's been six weeks and there's been nothing.. not a thing. She doesn't know whether to feel thankful, or nervous. She hates not knowing. This is one particular puzzle she cannot solve and she hates that. Why can't it just happen? Why can't she just be over it?

"No. There's.. nothing."

"Miss Nakano. You're being registered under the Linderman Act as an Tier 0 level evolved. Ability Unknown. As soon as your ability manifests you are obligated to inform your chain of command so that it can be updated. Do you have any questions?


He was joking right? She has a million questions and no answers. And the questions she does have, he would not have the answers for.


She pushes from her chair and stands, reaching for her glasses which are pulled back onto her face. She removes her lab coat and hangs it on the hook. She walks over to her locker and pulls out her purse, her keys, her stuff. She walks to the door and flips off the light, leaving only a dim amount of lighting in the room. She slips out of the room, letting the door fall closed behind her.

For Rebecca Nakano, red /used/ to be her favorite color.

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