My Funny Valentine


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Scene Title My Funny Valentine
Synopsis Yana decides to indulge Magnes on his request for time spent on Valentine's day. Discussions of the teacher and the student staying more platonic than the holiday's nature.
Date February 14

Yana's Vehicle

After seeing Chicago early in the evening, they went out to a pretty expensive French restaurant called Per Se. Usually he'd choose Italian, but he already primarily cooks Italian. He actually took the liberty of learning what everything on the menu meant, so he was able to order and explain what the orders are if she didn't know.

As they head out of the restaurant, he offers his arm in case she wants to take it, heading for her car. He's been on pretty good behavior, the discussions ranging on things from work, to their numerous personal interests (while staying away from comics and such), with the occasional personal question delicately thrown in, in an attempt to learn a bit more about her. He kept the mood pretty light, and paid for everything, even reserved the tickets and the restaurant table. "I hope you enjoyed yourself tonight, I didn't want you to regret agreeing to spend Valentine's Day with me, and really wanted to show you a good time."

Chicago would probably not be her primary choice of shows to go to, but since it was a production and not a movie theater, Yana went along without much protest. Like usual, it was difficult to gauge her enjoyment level. The woman is if anything a constant thing, watching the whole show without much of an emotional response or facial expression. The contemplates everything in her world, sometimes more than just a little bit. Even by the end of the show, there was no indication as to how she felt about it. Though she was gracious to give her applause at the appropriate time. It is the proper thing to do, after all.

The restaurant was probably more suited to her comfortably, even if there looked like there would be a confrontation with the waiter for a second. By the end of the night, the man was paranoid of Yana. She interacted so coldly and direct with him, that he was unsure if he was doing a good job or not. No, it wasn't that Yana was being a bad customer or behaving bad toward him, she actually made him doubt himself rather than her. Might have gone a bit differently if the server were female. Yana is, for all intensive purposes, a maneater.

"Oh, no I don't regret it. I hardly consider Valentine's day a holiday at all, yet I can stand to recognize it and participate on some level for you at least. You are helpful, so I don't mind indulging a request occasionally."

"You're very thoughtful, Doctor Blite. I've just always wanted to spend Valentine's Day with someone else, and what better person to choose for the first time?" Magnes waits for her driver to open the door for her, waiting for her to enter first of course. "I wanted to use tonight to show that I've learned a lot from you, to kind of put all of your hard work into one night."

"You're very thoughtful, Doctor Blite. I've just always wanted to spend Valentine's Day with someone else, and what better person to choose for the first time?" Magnes waits for her driver to open the door for her, waiting for her to enter first of course. "I wanted to use tonight to show that I've learned a lot from you, to kind of put all of your hard work into one night."

Christopher has the door opened and awaiting when she comes from the restaurant like routine. Yana slips into the back of the limo with a practiced gait, taking residence on the side that she has dedicated as hers since she first obtained the vehicle, furthest from the front cab window. "Well, you have come quite a ways in a short time, I have to admit. Mostly I had expected you to be past the age to where it would be difficult to instill new behavioral habits. It takes 30 days for a new behavior to set in properly, and you seem to be adjusting well enough. That is something you should be proud of."

"I still feel like myself, and I still have interests that you'd probably find childish, but on the other hand, the things I've learned from you have improved my life in a few ways." Magnes slips in after her, looking over his pinstriped suit to make sure everything is still in place. "I've had a few slip ups, but being around you is making me a better person overall, I think."

"I'm quite sure that you do." Yana states, matter-o-factly. There is that pause in her response that makes it seem like that is all, before she continues, "Which is fine, when you are around other people that share those same interests and within the environment that would find them acceptable. My initial problem was that you didn't seem to understand that there is a place and time for everything. Not all people are the same, so how you are towards one person, might not work for the other. Am I saying you shouldn't be yourself? No, not at all. I am saying that sometimes you might have to alter your behavior if you want to be around someone. That is your choice." Normally she would probably pour herself a drink, but she has had one or two in the restaurant. "Reinvent, or perhaps try out a new part of yourself instead. Sometimes it is good to have more than one face." Speaking for experience of course.

"That's… in a way, that's what I've been doing, but I didn't think that was a good thing, so I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to bring it up." Magnes raises two hands in front of himself, like weighing scales. "On one hand, I have my geeky self with the band, talking about comic books and Paul McCartney. On the other hand, I have my still kind of geeky but a bit more refined self with you and the people at those parties. I get to show this whole other side where it's perfectly normal to be polite and discuss things like Chopin and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. It's… a little exciting, I really enjoy it."

"That is just diversity. It is always a good thing to have. I have it in spots as well, though not everyone sees the various faces." Yana explains, "Mind you, I have a major one that I try to keep on display, but there are people that I will get around and show a different side of myself with." She sits as pristine and proper as ever, the dress she wore this evening was a deep dark red, about the color of blood, with a long sash which wrapped once around her neck in the middle, and came attached by little loops around her middle fingers, so she could maneuver it about like extremities. "My father was expectant of the girls in my family. We are to uphold a certain image at all times, and keep our private selves private. And after my father, I married a man with the same expectations. I've grown accustomed."

"I don't think I have a lot of expectations for a woman. I'm not saying I have no standards, but I'm not very complicated. Patience, understanding, open-mindedness, I guess those are my big three. And I have to enjoy myself around her." Magnes looks over at her, taking note of her posture, usually having a look of admiration. "Every woman has something different to offer, so I don't like to have one set universal standard."

She didn't really seem interested in getting information from him before. She simply took whatever he offered, and allowed him to ask things of her. Though for a moment, she seems curious and thoughtful, looking at him with a hint of a questioning narrow to her eyes. "You've mentioned at least one woman in your life… Well two counting Dr. Sheridan. What are the women in your life like? I mean of course, not just the romantic relations, but any of importance."

"Well, my first girlfriend was Claire Bennet, you've probably seen her in the news, she was framed for a crime. But she was always tied up in shady relations, getting herself hurt because she's a regenerator. She even made me shoot her in the heart once, so I'd stop worrying about her… The whole relationship ended tragically, and she lost her memories of our entire relationship until recently. Technically I dated once before her, a clinical sociopath, but that was a bit complicated. But taking a break from the romantic women in my life, let's see…" Magnes crosses his arms, peering up at the ceiling in thought.

"My best friend is Sable, I've mentioned her to you before. She's probably the opposite of you in every way. She has a pretty heavy accent, she thinks things like social rules are 'square', you'll probably never find her in a dress, but she's probably one of the most loyal people you'll ever meet. She's a wild person, and I think it's a very endearing trait, it works for her. I'm not sure how to explain." He looks to her, seeing if she might possibly have input.

"Hmm.." Yana brings her hand to her chin, stroking thoughtfully, "Adding me to the equation, and it seems like you tend to go from one extreme to the other. Not surprising, you seem to do that in everyday life, so it only makes sense that it would hold true for the relationships in your life." she holds up a finger and shakes it slowly, "Not a very healthy state of affairs I am afraid, anything extreme isn't good out of moderation. But I guess, in this case it isn't something that can be helped. You've told me a but about your father, but I haven't met the man myself, so I find myself just a bit curious."

"Yeah, my father's always worked a lot, even when you tutored me. And it's not that I go to extremes on purpose with women, I mean, I don't decide who I end up being interested in." Magnes looks over at her again, his eyebrows creasing as he tries to think of a way to explain his father… "He says I get my tendency to screw up from him. But he's a pretty strict man, while also being kind of breezy about some things. He gives me the strangest advice at times, some good, and some outright offensive. You should hear some of the things he says about women…"

"Mm. You misunderstand what I am saying. I mean that you surround yourself with extremes of women. From the sounds of things, every woman you have described— myself included— is either one extreme or the other." she tilts her head one way, then the next to add accent to her point. It isn't a conscious decision, there must be some underlying reason that you have a perchance for it. Now I'm not psychologist, so I can't discern just what that might be." At least she is honest and a bit humble about that. With the description of his father, Yana ahhs, "I think I know just the type. I believe I went to college with someone who had… rather fierce opinions of women."

"I don't think I know any two women who are anything alike, that's true. Though you and a French woman I'll be working for might have things in common. She's a socialite and seems to wear expensive clothes." Magnes stares at her in thought again, lowly hmming to himself for a second. "Well, you have an idea of the women I like and surround myself with, and I guess I have an idea of what you want, but when you describe men to me, it always sounds like you're speaking from pure necessity instead of actual want. Am I wrong in that assumption?" he asks, sounding mostly curious.

Yana siths and considers his words for several moments. "I suppose you might be right. But I look at things, almost all things, from that perspective. What it is that I need, rather than what I want. I put necessity before desire, quite simply because in most cases, it is something that I must do. My ability for instance. If the government were to know the true nature of my ability, what do you think would happen? Surely, my status of freedom would change at the very least. But I do desire to have my ability brought out of the shadows." she sighs softly, and lifts her bare shoulders in a shrug, "Same with men. There are things that I need, which overshadow the things that I actually want. So much so, that I probably couldn't tell you what they are."

"I can understand having to treat some things with necessity, but…" Magnes turns to her, raising his knee up on to the seat slightly so he can face her a little easier. "I don't think that necessity should rule the kind of person you choose to be with. I know I don't know every part of who you are, so I can't give completely informed advice, but don't you think that you've earned being able to want someone, because they're the kind of person you want, and not just need? You may not know what those wants are, but you have them, somewhere in there."

"I think—" Yana peers with narrowed eyes, searching for the right way to express what she is about to say, "Perhaps my way of life could be described as similar to the princesses you read about it stories. You know how they are born into a certain caste, one where necessity becomes first and foremost. She marries into another kingdom, because it is something she has to do. Love for her husband can come later, or not. She may find that she actually desires him, or she never will. That is just the rule of chance that she lives by. And she is alright with this, because she has lived it for years." she turns to look out the window for a moment, "There are the ones that are not so happy in this situation, and you do hear some rather epic adventures following her desirous heart, but.." she looks back at him, "Well, you could guess what type I am."

"It makes me kind of sad, because, well… I don't know, I guess if this really makes you happy, I probably shouldn't feel bad about it." Magnes frowns for a brief few seconds, then his expression becomes more neutral and he reaches out to gently place a hand on her shoulder. "I really wish there was a way to somehow change how things are, I mean there are so many great guys out there who are even socialites. But it's not my place to question your way of life, and I'm sorry if I offended you. I just get concerned, that's how I am, and I genuinely care about you."

Under normal circumstances, it just might offend her. Any implication or question into her personal life could trigger a negative response from Dr. Blite. Though Magnes, it seems has learned how to ask those question at the appropriate times as not to incur her wrath. She is still a little wary with the physical contact though. Not really shying away when he touches her, but she isn't relaxed. "I'm sure you're right, and there are many great men out there that could probably make me happy. But the thing is, at the moment, I don't need a man in my life, so I put any desires for that type of companionship far on the back burner. It is a complex situation to be sure."

"That's fair enough. At least you know what you want, and I think that's more important than anything." Magnes takes his hand back, quiet for a long minute. He stares at his shoes for most of that time, slipping into his own thoughts. "Honestly, I think I can understand the escorts." he finally speaks up, eyes returning to her's without turning as much as before. "I mean, if I could go out to parties and shows with you, and have dinner and things like that, I'd honestly not really feel nearly as alone. At the same time, there would be an emptiness in that you're not actually interested, but I can see how it's still something. Am I at all close to accurate here?"

"Oh, don't give them more credit than they actually need." Yana shakes her head, "Escorts are generally more souless than I am. They are technically mercenaries of intimacy. For the right price, they will play the part of whatever you wish. There is no true emotional connection, and in this they are quite alright with. Little more than glorified accessories for me. And I've been fortunate enough to not once have one that strayed from what is necessary for some wild hearted desire. There are stories about them as well. But heroes rarely last. I'm certain I don't want to waste my time on limited shine and glory. But if you are speaking about how it feels for me, then yes, I suppose that would be a correct assumption."

"It's amazing that a guy can just be paid to date, talk about getting by on looks and charm." Magnes smiles and shakes his head, sitting back a bit. "So, let me ask you this, now that we've been spending a bit more time together. Would you rather be out with me, or an escort? And don't worry, my feelings aren't in jeopardy, I'm just wondering where I am on the scale so far."

"You're still giving them more credit than you should." Yana mentions, "There is really no comparison to the matter. You'd be better off asking me if I prefer to wear this dress with these shoes when going to the theater, as opposed to where I would like to eat for dinner. They're just accessories. Sometimes a girl likes to look extraordinarily well, dressing to impress. It isn't fair to rank you in that category, because it is comparing apples to oranges. You don't belong in the same running. However, I can realize that you are fishing for a compliment with your question, even if you don't realize it yourself." She sounds a little amused as she says this, even if it is very slight.

"I don't know, maybe, you are insightful, so I'm not one to quickly disagree." Magnes has a hint of a smile, a little bashfulness causing him to avert his eyes slightly. "I guess there is no real point in comparing myself to guys you consider to be accessories. But, I don't know… any chance you wanna do something again? And not out of obligation or because you think I'm useful, but I mean, because you want to?"

"Well," she says this with a small sigh that is no real indication as to her mood. It is just simply well placed with her words, "I cannot simply say how I will feel one way or the next at the time. I am sure you suspect how variant my moods are and how they can change at a moment's notice. So either answer A or B at the current time isn't something you could hold to be remotely solid. It is all about timing." In other words, it isn't the right time to ask. She does have a tendency to be a Magic 8 ball.

"We're not even dating and I think this is one of the most complicated relationships I've ever had." Magnes notes with some amusement, taking a look out of the window to see where exactly they are. "Is it weird that I kind of like the challenge of trying to figure you out? It's like, kind of a thrill."

"One extreme, or the next." Yana revisits her initial statement, holding up a finger and ticking it from one side then the opposite. "You're a creature of habit, Magnes. I am beginning to understand just why you have a tendency to crash into disaster." She ponders and purses her lips, "Conversely, I rather question my tendency to attract it."

"Well, at least you know someone experienced with disaster, just in case you attract it again." Magnes is smiling to himself for some reason, initially keeping quiet, but finally adding, "And I guess I'll need to try hard not to be a disaster, wouldn't want your powers of attraction to backfire even more, eh?"

"Oh, believe me. I have absolutely no attraction to disaster. It finds me far too much for that." she brings her fingers up to the bridge of her nose to pinch there while she recalls the situations in which she had become a victim, or had some kind of drama inflicted on her. "Honestly, the urge to cart around rabies and infect the imbeciles that cause those little disasters is incredible. In one month, I had my life endangered 3 times by 3 different people. One of them died as a result of course, and honestly, a quick death by bullet wounds was too lenient of a demise for him."

"The city can be a little dangerous, but nothing's happened on our outings so far, right? So maybe I'm a good luck charm." Magnes casually shrugs, looking over at the window again. "I'm sure this isn't something you'd agree to, because I know it's a fundamental part of you, but you don't have to be poised and polite with me, you can say whatever is on your mind."

"Honestly, I don't really hold back." Yana shakes her head, "I believe I am reasonably straight forward in the things that I say. Poised and proper is just my way. I don't really act that way, I simply am. I'd have thought you might have noticed that by now." a casual lift of her shoulders.

"I know it's who you are, just… I don't know, I guess it's still hard to wrap my head around the fact that you're not just…" Magnes moves his hands around a bit, staring at her while he searches for an explanation. "…Going to stop being perfect. I don't mean 'flawless' exactly, it's just that you're so poised, calm, and collected, it seems like it takes effort."

"I've been this way ever since I was old enough to reason. It is like living in a bi-lingual home. In addition to English, you'll fluently pick up the second language. And it'll become initial nature to you." she shrugs a little, "The same could probably be said with some of the behaviors you have. Good, and bad. Bad behaviors you of course want to try to change, or at least cut them way back. The good.. well if it isn't broken, no need to fix it."

"I guess a part of me is just projecting my flaws on to you. What's difficult to me, I kind of assume someone else might have difficulty with." Magnes motions a hand over, gesturing to her. "Sometimes I have to stop and think about what I'm saying to you, while with many people I say what I'm thinking. With you there's… more of a sense of consequence, when it comes to verbal interaction."

There is almost a smirk on Yana's face, but not quite, when he says this. "I'll let you in on a secret. With me, lots of people do the very same thing. I think.. it is the innate sixth sense of danger that human beings have. On some small level, given the nature of my power, that tingly sense that something is not quite right, that there could be a potential threat, makes them a little more cautious in interaction. In your case, I think it is something similar. Though not with my ability persay, but with you tripping up and having me disassociate myself with you."

"My relationship with you, I think, can be compared to a mouse with cheese, one of the cheeses being attached to an electrode." Magnes, ever the romantic, explains this all with a straight face and a few affirmative nods. "The thought of messing up with you is akin to fearing an electric shock, the electric shock being you disassociating. But when I choose the right cheese, you're nicer, you let me spend time with you, and I have a very good time. If I had this sense with any of my girlfriends, it'd have been the most useful thing ever."

"You said before that you wanted to learn from me. My methods? Unorthodox, I admit to that, I'm not much of a teacher. But the results speak for themselves. When you came to me, you were lost—" she pauses and reconsider her words, "No, lost doesn't quite explain it. You were unsolved, chaotic. Through events, a little guidance and behavioral adjustment, you have turned into an actual puzzle. You now have pieces that could actually work and fit together. Now you just have to solve it. I imagine you have received compliments from others? Your father no doubt being one of them. I gave you what you needed, you devised your own method of correction."

"My father did seem surprised by the way I presented myself and our research project. And it's helped me talk to people that I might not have been able to talk to before…" Magnes' cheeks are flushing a bit as she speaks, causing him to raise a hand and rub one of them. "The hardest advice to follow is to just wait for a woman to come to you, because sometimes you just realize she's more and more amazing, and you know for sure that if you try to do anything, you'll completely ruin any chance."

"That is just how it is." Yana states simply, "These rules and regulations were establish since the beginning of man. They have of course evolved a little since then, but they generally remain the same." A small gesture of her hand, a flip outward, which could indicate a shrug, but not really making the actual shrug itself. "It is the anticipation that is the killer. Not knowing if the next thing you do will be the last, one way or the other. Honestly, quite a few women enjoy watching men squirm. It is a guilty pleasure, when there is nothing more entertaining." softly she sighs, turning her face to look out the window. "But no worries. I'm sure you'll get that part of your life together in one way or the other. I can have a bit of confidence in you at this point. Just try not to blow it out of proportion."

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