My Little Revolutionary


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Scene Title My Little Revolutionary (meine wenig revolutionär)
Synopsis Niles pays Aria a visit in the hospital. He wants to know how the cops knew he would be at the theatre. He gets his answer.
Date May 4, 2009

St. Luke's Hospital

Aria has been lying in the hospital for two days now without much more to do but sleep and listen to the man hacking in the bed next to her. Although Hacky Joe (as she's come to thinking of him) fell asleep about an hour ago. It's an unpleasant situation, to say the least. But it's about to get worse.

He's here.

Aria's mistake was in thinking that Niles would feel like he's won a victory and leave the members of his former gang free. But she can feel him, somewhere in the building, somewhere within two floors.

Her fears turn out to be founded when a ghostly blue-white apparition crackles to life at the side of her bed. She'd scream out, but the tubes and the stitches in her throat prevent her from. She starts to fumble for the call button, but then the spectre puts a finger to his lips.

"Aria, Aria. I'm just here to talk. No need to panic. Besides, by the time a nurse got here, I would be gone. And by the time you explained it to them via pen and paper, I would be long gone. Now. Why don't you focus on me? I'm in the floor just below you, the waiting area. I know you can. You know my mind."

The telepath reluctantly reaches out, makes an effort to localize the mind of the killer that was once so familiar. Banish your duplicate and then I will talk.

Very well, dear.

The blue-white spectre smiles at her, twiddles his fingers, then vanishes with a faint crackle. Not that he couldn't just put the duplicate back there in an instant anyway, but it gives Aria peace of mind.

What do you want, Niles? Her mental tone comes through sharp and strong.

I want to know how you knew I was coming. And why you're dealing with Die Schweine.// I thought you were better than that, honestly.// His tone is flippant, arrogant. Frustratingly familiar, yet different at the same time.

Aria stares at the wall, imagining the physical, smug Niles Wight was standing across from her, ready to receive the glare. And why would I tell you that? You tried to kill me.

But I didn't kill you. And I didn't kill Gio either. Or any of the cops. You know what I can do. You know I could have. That knife in your throat was a message.

She pulls in a sharp breath that causes pain to arch down her throat and into her lungs. Tears begin to form in the corners from pain and emotional injury. I never did anything to you, meine wenig revolutionär. Aria can't keep the fondness out of her mental tone, no matter how hard she tries. And the old familiar nickname slides out like soft butter. She has feared he was dead for a month now. To know that he lived another ten years gives her odd comfort. Comfort she is ashamed of.

But you will, Ariadne. That's why I came back. You, Thea, the others. You all fought to keep me away so that you could live your lives. Do you know where I am right now? Locked in a government cell, drugged, helpless. And from there they cart me off to prison where I'm locked away for ten years. Niles' tone is bitter, but it's clear he's searching for an apology for something she hasn't yet done.

There is silence on Aria's end of the connection. She tries to decide what to say, fights with her response. Then, A pastor. The Guiding Light Church. He gives people prophecies. One of the people at the theatre was given a vision from him. Of me, dead. A beat, I know you planned to strangle me with your bare hands.

Yes, well. I thought you deserved something more personal than electrocution, dear.

When Aria tries to project out to Niles again to say something else, she finds his mind is no longer within her range. Still, she projects out to him, I have repaid my debt to you for what I might do, Niles Wight. Don't come to me again.

If the time traveler heard it, he doesn't respond.

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