My Many Faces



Scene Title My Many Faces
Synopsis Brian gets his shit together
Date Jan 28 2009

Sea View Hospital

"Stay close." Brian urges, pulling the hand of the little boy closer to him. For a moment he looks over his shoulder at the Sea View Hospital, the snow continuing to fall. Where Elisabeth, Owen, and Minea had left him for the authorities to come and pick up the kids. But he couldn't just leave it alone. His eyes flicker down to the boy at his side. To the bullet hole in his shirt…No home to go to

But where can Brian go, really? So much has happened. He's been captured by Homeland Security, they'll probably go to his apartment. The Old Dispensary isn't safe. And the kid needs some place to go to. So the both of them are orphans out in the blizzard.

His phone slides out, and after the ringing, a message is left on the voicemail. "Kam.. it's me. It's safe now." His voice is shaky. "Please come back." His words sound strained. "I'll see you soon."

Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

//The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge is a double-decked suspension bridge that connects the boroughs of Staten Island and Brooklyn in New York City at the Narrows, the reach connecting the relatively protected upper bay with the larger lower bay. Before the bomb, this vehicle-only suspension bridge spanned the divide between two boroughs as one of the major through-ways, but shortly after the bomb, this bridge, like many others were blockaded by Homeland Security and used as a Government-Personnel direct access route into the city. Only authorized emergency vehicles and government agencies were allowed passage across from Staten Island, as a measure of keeping emergency traffic flow free.

In the months following, the blockade remained despite the lack of necessity in the matter. By the beginning of 2007 it was deemed that the bridge would remain restricted to government vehicles indefinately until the majority of repair to Manhattan was completed. Currently both levels of the bridge are blocked on all but one lane by concrete dividers that, without the assistance of heavy lifting equipment, cannot be bypassed by vehicles. The bridge remains reserved for emergency use only, though in the beginning of 200, pedestrian traffic was authorized on the upper deck of the bridge between Staten Island and Brooklyn. Tresspassers on the lower deck could be detained by Homeland Security indefinately.

Still maintained and kept in solid working order for emergency use, the bridge is now one of the best ways in and out of Staten Island since the Staten Island Railway ceased operations shortly after the Bomb.//

"Anne, please stay with me.. Please.." It's so cold. So icy cold. So hard to stay awake. His arms are clamped weakly around the unconscious teleporter as the pair drift in the frigid water. "Wake up, Anne.." He looks up, while kicking hard with his feet, having thrown any clothing he could off to swim. It might mean hypothermia sooner but at least he will do his best to protect Anne. So much destruction.. Helena snatched up. And what happened to Abby, and Gillian? They could have been killed.

A noise is made in his throat, his head tilting back. It's hard to tell whether it's the water of the river or tears around his eyes. But it doesn't matter, because after a second… He's gone.

Vanished, and melded into the Brian with his stomach down on the docks, his hands tucking under Anne's arms and lifting her up to dry land. "You're going to be okay, Anne." He insists.

In a Helicopter

He leans forward anxiously, trying to ignore the overly loud sound of the chopper. His eyes flick over to Rico, and Deckard every now and then. Once he practically dragged the old man to the helicopter, he has been pretty quiet since. For good reason. A lot of shit has happened today. Shit that Deckard only knows the half of. Brian lowers his head. Two deaths in one day. He must be in shocks, because the overwhelming amount of grief hasn't settled in yet. Once the helicopter lands, Brian looks to Deckard only for a moment. "Find some place safe, then call me." And with that he's out in the field and running, he has Anne to save.. and himself.

In a Boat

He dove after Teo.. But apparently his swimming skills were subpar compared to Hana. And once the boat came to get the three of them, Brian was more of a floppy wet fish than a hero. But still Teo was alive, that much was for sure. They just had to get him to a hospital.. and somehow find Abby, if she was still alive. With the water flicking out of his hair, as the boat hopped along waves, Brian took a hard swallow. Two deaths, one unconcious, and one.. Brian tightens his gaze as if concentrating.. But nothing comes of it. One of his replicates is simply… gone.


Stirring he tries to open his eyes, and finds that is pitch black. Nothing to see. Making a little noise he tries to move, but finds that is also an impossibility. His hands are bound and kept still. Fear starts to crawl up the back of his spine. He's been apparently captured. The last thing he remembered.. Alex. And Cat. The virus? Were they able to stop it? It's all foggy? Or were those really his memories? Or one of his replicates? One moment, walking, and the next. Dead. A sudden pain reaching into his back, then nothing. Is this death? He can't sort out his memories, and anxiety is starting to get to him.

Playing with a smashed bullet that hit a little boy… Which one is he?! This is more than your average loss of identity. Brian for some reason can't figure out which Brian he is.

Teo… Teo was saying something about a fuse.. I grabbed the grenade. "Here!" Then nothing. Is he that one?! Why doesn't he know?! Why can't he move?!

"I know you think you're smart Elvis…" Was that it? Did Elvis just snap his neck or something? Tears start falling from his seemingly useless eyes. The uncertainty is awful. How the fuck did he get here? And where the hell is here?

But finally two things dawn on him, that makes it all that more worse. He can't feel any of his replicates. And he hears the propellors of a helicopter slowing down….

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